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Ni Gole Ena Vaka Cegu Ratu Joni Madraiwiwi RIP.

Ni Sa Moce Ratu Jone Madraiwiwi RIP @ Viti Noqu Viti Blog

Ratu Joni Madraiwiwi, Former Fiji Vice president, dies
Credit: Pacific Beat.
Former Fiji vice president and current Chief Justice of Nauru, Ratu Jone Madraiwiwi has died.
It's been reported he died in Suva's Colonial War Memorial Hospital after a brief illness.
Ratu Joni held the traditional title, Roko Tui Bau, and was granted a Tongan noble title as well.
He was Fiji's Vice President for two years until December 2006 when the military coup was carried out by Frank Bainimarama.
Ratu Joni was also know in the wider Pacific region, serving on the Solomon islands Truth and Reconciliation Commission in the wake of the ethnic tension there, and being Chief Justice of Nauru for the past two years.
Fiji historian Dr Brij Lal says he will be remembered not just for his achievements but for his warm personal touch and approachability.

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Updates From Smol Melanesian Na Pasifik Nius Digest

Credit: Philippe Saibir Pako-Tenene @Voice Of Melanesia


1a) PRESS RELEASE (18/9/2016): Fest'Nalenga line-up

An initial selection of string bands has been made for the Fest'Nalenga which will happen on Wednesday 12th October as the opening night of the Fest'Napuan 2016 music festival.

These bands are:
1. Kensul Youth
2. Erawia (Eratap Mamas)
3. Shakura
4. Saumaro (Moso)
5. Reo Re Fenua (Namburu/Makira)
6. Dongo Leo Wia (Lelepa)
7. Fenuariki (Stade/Emae)

Bands on stand-by to perform should time allow are Malnaruru, Mena Muria and Taviru.

Stalls are still on sale at Florabunda florist shop on the ground floor of the ex-Immigration Building. Stalls can sell both food and kava, and the price per stall is 40,000 vatu. ( From - Vanuatu Minister for Lands - Ralph Regenvanu )

1b ) BAF to send team to PNG

Matilda Simmons
Monday, September 19, 2016

THE Biosecurity Authority of Fiji (BAF) has confirmed it will send a team to Papua New Guinea this week to meet its counterpart — the National Agriculture Quarantine and Inspection Authority (NAQIA).

BAF executive chairman Xavier Khan said he hoped to resolve the biosecurity issue surrounding the Ox and Palm corned beef, Trukai rice and other PNG products.

"We can confirm that there's interest from local companies (to import the products) so we are working to open the pathway so the biscuits the Ox and Palm and the Trukai rice can come in."

"Once the conditions are drawn out and agreed upon, which is through the normal mutual process of World Trade Organization conditions, then we'll negotiate the permits."

The refusal by Fiji's biosecurity to allow the products into the country had caused a trade impasse between PNG and Fiji with outspoken PNG Trade Minister Richard Maru questioning the ban.

"In terms of actual trade, our trade relations are in favour of Fiji as PNG imports more from Fiji than what it exports. As parties to the Melanesian Spear head Group Trade Agreement (MSGTA), I would like to see these issues resolved at your level so as not to damage our good trading relations," he stated.

In 2014 PNG imported $31.5 million worth of products from Fiji while it exported $2.8m.

Mr Khan said their plant protection officer and trade compliant team leader would meet the Ox and Palm manufacturer and the Trukai rice company to carry out the necessary risk requirements.

Meanwhile, Minister for Trade Faiyaz Koya said Fiji would carry out its objective in the Melanesian Spearhead Group spirit in respect to MSG matters.

"There are other things that do get exported to PNG and while it's the responsibility of each country to protect the health and safety of human, animal or plant life, it is also imperative that what is undertaken is a proper establishment framework," he said.Fijitimes

2) Positive Steps for ABG
Office of the President

The ABG President Grand Chief Dr John Momis said that despite the negative trends in the national government's attitutes towards Bougainville there are still positive development initiatives by the ABG.
"The Commodity Support Facility (CSF) recently launched and supported under Governance Implementation Fund is a positive development for the farmers of Bougainville and will bring tangible development at the community and village levels whilst allowing Bougainville to explore downstream processing opportunities for products such as cocoa, as evidenced by the recent chocolate festival held in Buin and Arawa" Momis said.
In the area of investments, the ABG continues to foster activities that will bring investor confidence in Bougainville with continued engagements with international organisations such as the Cairns Chamber of Commerce and the continued engagements with Chinese investment interests which the government is confident will result in positive developments to grow Bougainville's economy on a path to fiscal self-reliance.
Despite the financial setback the ABG faces it has been able to rehabilitate many of the road networks in the Autonomous Region of Bougainville both Trunk and Feeder roads.
The sealing of the Buka ring road phase 1 and 2 is a vivid example of these efforts and major road upgrade and sealing in Central and South Bougainville are major economic enablers that will foster economic development through an improved road infrastructure.
The rehabilitation of Nissan, Buin, Boku and Torokina airstrip's will be a catalyst to development in the tourism sector whilst at the same time improving government service delivery in remote districts such as Nissan and Torokina.
The ABG is also close to solving its capacity problems with 239 positions representing key priority positions from all the 14 departments were advertised in July of this year.
To date the selection process has begun with the first department completed last week and the targeted completion of all selections is the end of this month.
An overarching MOU framework has now been drafted and fine-tuned and will be the vehicle through which all additional powers and functions required under the Bougainville Peace Agreement will be drawn down.
The MOU will be signed by both governments after compliance issues to the new Bougainville Public Services Management & Administration Act 2014 are rectified between the National Government and ABG before the end of this month.DawnFM.

3) France grants Vanuatu citizens visa-free access to New Caledonia

France's Ambassador in Vanuatu has confirmed that Vanuatu passport holders will now have free entry into New Caledonia on a maximum three month visit.

Prime Minister Charlot Salwai had earlier questioned why New Caledonia had not kept its promise to allow Vanuatu passport holders visa free access to New Caledonia, after seeking Vanuatu's support for New Caledonia's and French Polynesia's bid to become full members of the Pacific Islands Forum.

Alain Duboispean told Prime Minister Charlot Salwai onboard a French warship visiting Vanuatu that he had just received the visa-free information from France.

Mr Duboispean also thanked the Vanuatu government for its support for the New Caledonia and French Polynesia to become members of Pacific Islands Forum during the recent leaders summit in Federated States of Micronesia.

New Caledonia's president Philippe Germain promised such an arrangement during his last visit to Vanuatu.

Prime Minister Salwai thanked the French Government for keeping its promise.

Vanuatu was a French and Bristish colony until 1980 and New Caledonia has been on the United Nations decolonisation list since 1986.17/9/16 RNZI

4b) Acting PM opens Codex Alimentarius regional meeting on food safety and quality
Posted: September 19, 2016 Author:  | Filed under: The Daily Digest 

Acting Prime Minister Joe Natuman paid a significant tribute to the work of the Codex Alimentarius Commission when he opened their regional meeting in Port Vila today. He pointed out the huge impact Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs) are having in our region today and hoped that the Commission could do more to combat NCDs. Commission representatives spoke on the importance of standards in food production and agreed with the Acting PM that unsafe food can cause chronic disease. Vanuatu representatives expressed their pleasure on learning of the Commission's wish to involve all producers, exporters and importers in the Codex rules through sustainable development goals. Furthermore, outside of the opening ceremony, the Vanuatu Daily Digest was pleased to learn of Vanuatu Government moves to enable primary producers to better respond to present government initiatives to improve standards of production. Full detail was heard on FM 96 evening news today. The VCMB also financially assisted the meeting.
Vanuatu's stance on decolonisation for New Caledonia will not be compromised by the visa-free entrance to the territory by Ni-Vanuatu, argues Daily Post today. Government PRO Hilaire Bule said the Prime Minister made Vanuatu's position very clear when the President of the territorial government visited Vanuatu. Vanuatu's stance on the Kanaks' struggle for independence will not change, he assured the media.
Daily Post today also advises of an Award of Excellence in Law Enforcement in the Asia Pacific region. This has been made to Sergeant Ann Marie Simeon who was nominated by the Vanuatu Police Force through the Australian Council of Women and Policing. She has had distinguished service for over 30 years with the VPF.


5) Tonga government in tight spot

The Tongan Noble Representative spearheading moves to oust the prime minister says the government is split and in trouble.

Lord Vaea's comments follow last week's dismissal of Fe'ao Vakata as Internal Affairs Minister after he reportedly threw a wine glass at a senior civil servant.

Lord Vaea has been warning of a vote of no-confidence for over a month but has been stymied by the adjournment of parliament until the 3rd of October.

Prime Minister 'Akilisi Pohiva said he had the support of his cabinet and the people of Tonga, and could withstand such a motion.

But Lord Vaea said the handling of Mr Vakata's incident had not been a good look for the government.

He said the government could be in for a shock once Parliament resumes.

"There's a bigger storm for them, mainly because they haven't been transparent. So consequently I think the PM is getting an uneven keel within Cabinet and they are going all out at this stage to hold on and it's going to be put to the test in the vote of no-confidence but I feel the government has lost the plot," he said.19/9/16 RNZI

6) Forum expansion unlocks new questions

A political scientist who covers Pacific issues says he wonders if the Pacific Islands Forum realises the implications of including territories as members.

The Forum was set up in 1971 to counter the influence of the major colonial powers, but with French Polynesia and New Caledonia added at this year's summit, France has effectively become a member of the body.

This raises questions about whether other territories in the region, such as Tokelau, American Samoa or Guam should now be included.

The director of the Pasifika Centre at Massey University, Malakai Koloamatangi, said the move had opened a lot of avenues that had seemed closed in the past.

"I think it is a dramatic move that I am not sure the Forum has thought about properly, and the consequences could throw up some things that would be unwelcome by the Forum."

Malakai Koloamatangi said it would be difficult to discuss some issues impartially, such as the decolonisation of New Caledonia and French Polynesia and the continuing impacts of nuclear weapons testing.19/9/16 RNZI

7) Tahitian jailed in France on terror suspicion

Police in France have jailed a 20-year-old Tahitian after he was suspected of wanting to commit a terror act in France.

The man, who lives in the eastern town of Besancon, was imprisoned after an anti-terror judge charged him with being linked to a criminal terrorist group.

French media said under emergency laws now in force, he had been questioned behind closed doors last week.

That cleared the way for his computer to be seized, and established he was a follower of a fugitive French jihadist Rashid Kassim, who encourages terror attacks in France.19/9/16 RNZI

8) Cook Islands Opposition to get day in court

The Cook Islands opposition has successfully applied for a High Court judgement on the legitimacy of a controversial sitting of Parliament in June.

Cook Islands Parliament  Photo: Supplied

At the sitting, the Opposition staged what it called a vote of no confidence and claimed to have removed the government, but this was not accepted by the Queen's Representative.

The court will also issue a declaratory judgement on whether the seat of Internal Affairs Minister Albert Nicholas will be declared vacant.

A submission by the Solicitor General, David James, to have the application struck out was dismissed last week by the Chief Justice, Tom Weston, who said the issues were of national importance.

Mr Weston said he was "greatly" troubled that the High Court would be dealing with parliamentary issues, as under Cook Islands law and the separation of powers doctrine, parliamentary procedures cannot be called into question by the High Court.

Mr Weston said the question of Minister Nicholas' seat was one which the High Court could deal with.19/9/16 RNZI

9) Samoa records first hail storm

The Samoa Meteorological Service reports that it has recorded the country's first hail storm.

Residents of Palauli and other villages in the western part of Savai'i experienced the hail on Friday night.

Callers to local radio reported that the storm preceded lightning flashes, which went on for more than 15 to 20 minutes.19/9/16 RNZI


10) Marshalls' Kwajalein wants better school results

Kwajalein Atoll's public schools include those on Ebeye Island, where about 12,000 islanders live in over-crowded conditions near the US Army's Reagan Test Site, where many Marshall Islanders work.

This year's test results show only 25 percent of eighth graders at schools in Kwajalein Atoll were "proficient" at their grade level.

Plans for an education summit have been initiated by Kwajalein Senator David Paul.

He wants to bring in experts to engage with the public, local educators and students to find ways to improve the results.

The Kwajalein Atoll Development Authority director Carl Hacker said a tentative date was set last Friday for a summit on 9 and 10 November.

The summit aims to look at new approaches and new thinking on the subject.RNZI 19/9/16

11) Nauru defends policies

Pbs/ Pacnews
Monday, September 19, 2016

GENEVA - Representatives from the tiny island nation of Nauru said they were improving conditions at their refugee centre after reports of alleged sexual abuse against child refugees surfaced in recent weeks.

The United Nations Committee on the Rights of the Child grilled representatives from Nauru for a total of nine hours last week during the group's meeting in Geneva.

Nauru houses one of two offshore detention facilities — the other is on Manus island, also in the Pacific Ocean — where people seeking asylum in Australia are held. The refugees come from places such as Iran, Sri Lanka and Vietnam.

Nauru's refugee detention facility has come under increased scrutiny from the international community following the leak of over 2000 incident reports alleging assault, sexual abuse and poor living conditions.

Member of the Nauruan Parliament, Charmaine Scotty, who led the delegation, said in her opening statement, We are doing the best we can given the limited resources available to us.

The delegation touted its new law enforcing the protection of children as well as its partnership with UNICEF to a review its child protection system.

Mrs Scotty said the island had also put in place a 24-hour hotline for victims to report abuse.


12) Australia imas bihainim gutpela pasin blong human rights: Paul Harricknen

Updated 19 September 2016, 15:50 AEST
Caroline Tiriman
Wanpla Human rights lawyer long Papua New Guinea i mekim pinis bikpla askim long Australia long hariap nau na kisim ol asylum seeka na refugees long Manus Island ditensan senta long wonem emi tok stap blong ol long senta i bagarapim tu human rights blong ol.

Paul Harricknen husat igo pas tu long PNG Catholic Priofessional grup i mekim despla toktok tede taem United Nations iwok long holim bikpla miting long New York long lukluk long bikpla wari blong ol refugee em oli wok long ronowei lusim ol kantri blong ol.

Praim Minista blong Australia Malcolm Turnbull wantem Foran Minista Julie Bishop na imigreisan minista, Peter Dutton istap nau long despla miting long New York we bai oli toktok long ol strongpla border securiti loa blong Australia na hau emi stopim ol asylum seeka na ol refugees isave kam long Australia.

Australia igat tupla asylum ditensan senta long Pacific, wanpla long PNG na narapla long Nauru.

Long mun April, Supreme court blong PNG ibin tok olsem oli mas pasim Manus Island ditensan senta long wonem emi brukim mama loa blong PNG, tasol ikam inap nau, ol asylum seeka na refugees istap iet long Manus.

Mr Turnbull ibin tokim ol niusman-meri long New York olsem Australia igat gutpla wok tru long helpim ol refugees.

Papua New Guinea Human rights lawyer Paul Harricknen itok sapos Australia itok imigreisan loa blong en i strong, emi imas autim ol asylum seeka na refugee blongen long Manus Island.

PNG loia, Ben Lomai nau i stap long poret long ol wok long difendim human rights blong ol refugee na asylum seeker long Manus Island na ol kot keis blong ol.ABC


13a) Brèves du Pacifique - lundi 19 septembre 2016
Mis à jour 19 September 2016, 19:26 AEST
Élodie Largenton
1( Aux Îles Cook, la commission sur la pêche à la senne a terminé son travail. 
Son rapport a été soumis au Parlement, la semaine dernière. D'après le journal Cook Islands News, la commission va dans le sens du gouvernement, lui recommandant de mener à bien son projet, de signer un accord de pêche avec l'Union européenne, malgré une forte opposition locale. L'accord doit permettre aux Îles Cook de recevoir plus de 12 millions de dollars en échange d'un permis de pêche quasiment illimité pour les thoniers-senneurs européens, principalement espagnols, pendant quatre ans.
« Interdire la pêche à la senne ou l'utilisation des DCP ne contribuerait pas à préserver l'état de la ressource, et ça nous priverait de bénéfices économiques », déclare Ben Ponia, le ministre des Ressources marines qui se félicite du feu vert de la commission. 
Mais le directeur technique de l'ONG Te Ipukarea Society, Kelvin Passfield, dénonce le travail de la commission : « Le processus était biaisé dès le départ ». D'après lui, ni les pêcheurs locaux ni les citoyens « ordinaires » n'ont eu leur mot à dire, la commission ne voulant interroger que des « experts techniques », raconte-t-il à la radio nationale néo-zélandaise. Et des chefs traditionnels de Rarotonga appellent à l'aide le géant Greenpeace, célèbre ONG de défense de l'environnement.
 2) Des avions australiens ont participé au raid qui a coûté la vie à plus de 90 soldats syriens, près de Deir Ezzor, dans l'est de la Syrie. C'était une erreur, la coalition menée par les États-Unis pensait viser des combattants de Daesh. « L'Australie n'aurait jamais visé délibérément une unité militaire syrienne connue ni soutenu activement Daesh », souligne le ministère australien de la Défense. 
Malcolm Turnbull, le Premier ministre, a exprimé ses regrets : « Nous déplorons les pertes humaines et les blessures infligées aux militaires syriens concernés. » Il évoque un possible manque de coordination et fait remarquer que la situation syrienne est « complexe ».
  3) L'Agence des Nations unies pour les réfugiés presse l'Australie de « trouver des solutions, compte tenu de la situation humanitaire déplorable » dans les centres de rétention de Nauru et de Manus. C'est le message transmis directement par le haut-commissaire de l'Onu pour les réfugiés, Filippo Grandi, au ministre australien de l'Immigration, Peter Dutton, à New York, où se tient le premier sommet mondial sur les réfugiés et les migrants.
Quelques heures plus tôt, le Premier ministre australien, Malcolm Turnbull, s'était pourtant vanté de la politique australienne de protection des frontières, « la meilleure au monde ».
« Envoyer des demandeurs d'asile dans des centres situés à l'étranger pose problème à plusieurs niveaux, nous l'avons toujours dit », répond Filippo Grandi, interrogé par la chaîne australienne SBS.
 4) Une tempête de grêle aux Samoa. C'est pour le moins inhabituel, mais c'est bien ce qui s'est produit vendredi dernier dans l'ouest de l'île de Savai'i, notamment à Palauli. La tempête a duré une quinzaine de minutes, mais les grêlons étaient relativement petits, d'après les habitants. 
Dans le reste de l'archipel, beaucoup ont cru à une blague. Alors le service météo samoan est intervenu : « C'est tellement inattendu que les gens ont pensé que ce n'était pas vrai. On a dû publier des images satellite pour expliquer d'où venait la grêle », rapporte le météorologue Luteru Tauvale. Sur Facebook, il précise aussi que ce n'est pas une première : la localité de Tiavi avait également essuyé une tempête en 2011.ABC




16) Pacific youth targeted in employment support programme

It's hoped an employment support programme for youth will lift incomes and living standards for New Zealand's Pacific population.

The government will spend $4.5m on the Pacific Employment Support Services programme. Photo: 123rf

Since its launch in 2010, the Pacific Employment Support Services pilot programme has seen more than 80 percent of its 1400 applicants placed into employment or training.

The New Zealand government this year allocated $4.5 million to extend the programme for another four years.

Government figures show Pacific people are over-represented among the unemployed, low income and lower-skilled workers.

Minister for Pacific Peoples Peseta Sam Lotu-Iiga is optimistic that the programme will help change those figures.

"If we can get Pacific people into better training opportunities, high levels of education and achievement, then they get paid higher wages and incomes.

"And that has a natural flow-on effect to those housing outcomes and the health outcomes. So it's definitely a positive win-win situation."19/9/16 RNZI


17) Allow more open economies, leaders urged
Losalini Bolatagici
Monday, September 19, 2016

THE Pacific Islands Forum Leaders have been urged by the private sector in their recent dialogue to allow for more open economies in the region, calling for streamlining of business processes and improved mobility for businesses.

"The private sector has been widely recognised as an essential driver for the much-needed economic growth in this region, which warrants leaders' support for innovative approaches to promoting a balanced and inclusive model for sustainable growth," Redley Kilon, President of the Federated States of Micronesia Association of Chambers of Commerce said.

Chairman of the Pacific Islands Private Sector Organisations, Howard Politini, in presenting solutions, has called for leaders to prioritise the implementation the trade and investment agreements, including PACER Plus when concluded.

"Harmonising investment rules and key business procedures across the region, including continued prioritisation of information and communications technology infrastructure and solutions with the long-term perspective is critical for the region," Mr Politini said.

According to a statement from the Pacific Island Forum Secretariat, the private sector is urging freer movement of labour within the Pacific region to help build businesses.

"It is paramount that leaders consider implementing a forumwide Pacific Business Travel Card that allows for businesspersons easier access across Pacific borders," Mr Politini stated.

A call for a paradigm shift in the region's thinking towards deliberate strategic policy efforts to respond to the labour market opportunities in the international market has been made.

"It is time to improve and expand existing programs to build on the comparative advantages that many of the Pacific Islands have in professions such as seafarers, caregivers, security, sports," Mr Politini added.

In concluding their statement at the dialogue, the private sector urged leaders to encourage and promote open economies in the Pacific that could drive investment growth and assist in reducing costs of doing business, and sought solutions to address the challenges expeditiously.Fijitimes





20) Patients diagnosed with Meningitis
A rare and deadly disease has been discovered in the Atori area of east Malaita last week.

Dr Chellion Evan of Atoifi Hospital told the Sunday Star that five patients have been diagnosed with Meningitis.

"Meningitis is a rare disease, but we've found five cases here with villagers of Atori," Evan said.

"The five patients have been rushed to the hospital and were admitted with severe conditions," he added.

Evan said meningitis can kill if patients fail to seek immediate medical attention.

"If you are a day or two late, the disease can claim your life," he said.

He said they are closely monitoring the patients and the situation.

"We are also raising awareness about the disease," Evan added.

He said treatment is expensive.

According to Evan, symptoms of meningitis are fever, vomiting, headache and feeling unwell, limb pain, pale skin, and cold hands and feet often appear earlier than the rash, neck stiffness, dislike of bright lights and confusion.

 Pneumococcal meningitis will occur when the bacteria that have invaded the bloodstream move across to infect the 'meninges' (the membranes that surround and protect the brain and spinal cord), Evan said.

He said that Pneumococcal Meningitis transform from human to human through tiny droplets that we give out when speaking or sneezing.

Evan warned Atori villagers to watch out for the meningitis and take extra care as they are closely monitoring the sickness.

He added that at the moment no treatment is available at the hospital for the patients.

Already, a team from the hospital has begun community outreach awareness.

Evan said meningitis is rare and new in Solomon Islands.

He said the patients have been kept isolated from the public.

By LESLEY SANGA/Solomon Star.19/9/16.

21) State to increase nurses' pay

September 19, 2016The NationalNational
 Article Views: 81

NURSES have shelved their stop-work plan after the Government agreed to increase their pay from next month as per an agreement signed last year.
Health Secretary Pascoe Kase said in a letter to the PNG Nurses Association executives last Friday the new pay rate as per the agreement would be effective from the first pay period next month.
The nurses had planned to go on strike from last week.
Following a meeting with union officials, Chief Secretary Isaac Lupari and Kase met the Government's budget management committee "to work out a satisfactory way forward" in relation to salary increase for nurses.
"We agreed that the award should be paid in accordance with the agreement signed in 2015," Kase said.
"The budget management committee has committed that the new award rate increase as per the agreement will be paid directly into staff salaries on a fortnightly basis commencing on the first pay period in October 2016.
"We understand that this still leaves the matter of back payment from January to September 2016.
"The increase was not budgeted for in the 2016 budget. However, there is an agreed commitment to budget this in the 2017 budget.
"The back payment would be paid as a lump sum in 2017."
Association acting president Steven Nawik said it was a positive result, especially in the situation the country was.
"Given the current financial situation, we must be thankful.
"We cannot ask for more because there is no other person we can go to get approval."


21) PNG universities still waiting for rehab money

The Papua New Guinea Government is yet to handover the $US3.7 million dollars it had promised the University of PNG, to help its resumption of classes.

The money was approved for rehabilitation and reconstruction of property damaged during student protests 3 months ago.

The Post Courier reported the university's acting chancellor Nicholas Mann said they were still waiting for the money.

The commitments were made by the Government for the three national universities to resume classes after students protested over Prime Minister Peter O'Neill's corruption allegations.

Dr Mann said another log of claims by the University's non-academic staff for a 7.5% wage increase was a matter to be dealt by the Department of Personnel Management.

National Academic Staff Association (NASA) president Emmanuel Gabu Gorea said members would strike if their claim was not accepted.

The association has written to the Higher Education Department, asking it to follow-up on the outstanding pay rise issue.RNZI 19/9/16.


22) NFP says Fiji cabinet reshuffle concentrates power

The opposition National Federation Party in Fiji says Frank Bainimarama's new cabinet concentrates power in a handful of ministers and means a conflict of interest in some areas.

Fiji's prime minister reshuffled his cabinet 10 days ago, saying he wanted to reinvigorate the cabinet half way through the parliamentary term.

He has taken on the foreign affairs portfolio and given Lands and Mineral Resources to Faiyaz Koya who's also the Trade and Tourism Minister.

The NFP said the reshuffle proved more than 80 percent of the national budget was controlled by a handful of ministers, creating what it described as a cabinet within a cabinet.

It said critically important decisions on national policies, precious natural resources and governance would be made by only a few ministers.

The party said the prime minister can't give full attention to his other portfolios of i-Taukei Affairs and Sugar with the increased travel required as foreign minister.

A statement from the party said apart from the Prime Minister, Fiji now had three ministers who hold multiple portfolios and can be likened to "super ministers".

"The reshuffle has disregarded issues of transparency, conflict of interest and decision-making based on impartiality," it said.19/9/16 RNZI

23) Case referred to authorities

Malaita Provincial government's illegal borrowing has been referred to relevant authorities for investigation.

The referral was made by a group of Malaitans who investigated the matter in the wake of the scandal.

The provincial executive under the leadership of Premier Peter Ramohia has illegally borrowed more than $5 million from businessmen, some of them members of his executive, since they came into power last year.

These lenders in turn charge the province 20 per cent interest, which were reportedly calculated on fortnightly basis.

The borrowings were made to keep the province going.

After the scandal was exposed, the group of Malaitans took it upon themselves to investigate the dealings.

Their report has been submitted to the Ministry of Provincial Government, Prime Minister's Office, Leadership Code Commission, and others.

The group expects the authorities to investigate the illegal borrowing and prosecute those involved.

in Auki/Solomon Star 19/9/16.

By Aloysius Laukai.

The new member for South Bougainville, TIMOTHY MASIU plans to change the image of South Bougainville in his time as the people's representative in the National Parliament of Papua New Guinea.

He told New Dawn FM that since his election to parliament he realized that South Bougainville has remained stagnant due to lack of priorities of activities that can trigger positive developments in the Southern region which he said has a potential to be a lead player in economic activities on Bougainville.

He said his immediate plan now was to fix the communication system so that the people can be able to know what is happening in the region with regards to the referendum which is set for 15th June, 2019.

MR. MASIU said he was also looking at fixing economic feeder roads throughout South Bougainville to make sure produce from inland can be taken to the markets.

He said for Buin town, he wants to make sure the PNGPOWER is run on a 24hour basis and that water and sanitation is fixed for the town.

MR. MASIU also said once the number of beds are increased in all the Guest Houses and Home Stays in Buin he would like to Buin airstrip to re-open.

He is now encouraging Business houses who are interested in the Tourism business to look at investing in this area.DawnFm.


25) Man in court for illegal land sales

Monday, September 19, 2016

Update: 4:06PM MUKESH Raj Naidu, the man who has been evading police for over a year is expected to appear in the Nasinu Magistrates Court this afternoon.

He is wanted for his alleged involvement in the illegal sale of land lots in Tacirua. He was arrested by a team of officers last Friday and was brought to Suva where he was questioned and has been charged with one count of disobedience of lawful order and three counts of obtaining financial advantage by deception. Police spokeswoman Ana Naisoro said for the three counts, he was alleged to have obtained more than $28,000 from three different people for land lots sold illegally. Fijitimes


26) Fiji pushing to export more to Aus, NZ

Fiji's trade minister has emphasised the trade imbalance it has with both Australia and New Zealand, in a bid to push more of its exports through those countries' ports.

Faiyaz Koya said Fiji was the hub of the Pacific and was 'riding a wave of investment'.

Australasia trade accounted for 27 percent of Fiji's total trade last year, but there was far more potential to export to Australia and New Zealand in IT, manufacturing, mining and food processing, he said.

"The investment from Australia and New Zealand, despite falling behind China, are still considered key contributors to foreign direct investment in Fiji. The Aussie and New Zealand markets provide numerous untapped potential for Fijian exporters and this is evident in the trade imbalance in favour of Australia and New Zealand."

Mr Koya said the trade deficit was $US210.6 million with Australia, and $US250 million with New Zealand.19/9/16 RNZI


27) New governor in PNG's Hela vows to end lawlessness

The newly-appointed governor of Papua New Guinea's Hela Province says addressing prolonged lawlessness and tribal fighting will be his first priority.

The Komo-Magarima MP was this week elected by the provincial assembly in the latest installment of a power struggle for the governorship after former governor Anderson Agiru died in April.

Addressing the assembly on Thursday, Mr Potape announced an immediate US$315,000 for law and order operations in the Highlands province.

The Post Courier reports him saying there needed to be leadership to address the proliferation of illegal weapons, public murders, and tribal warfare.

Mr Potape said he would visit all the province's problem areas with police mediators and local leaders to negotiate peace and reconciliation.

He also made the ambitious statement that Hela would be a land of law and order within 12 months.RNZI

28) Salika points out need for staff training

September 19, 2016The National
 Article Views: 28

PNG is passionate about improving the delivery of training programmes for its judicial and court officers and offers the programmes to other Pacific Island nations, a senior judge says.
Deputy Chief Justice Sir Gibbs Salika told chief justices and judges at the Pacific Judicial Conference in Port Moresby last Thursday about the educational role that the PNG Centre of Judicial Excellence could offer to Pacific countries.
"I have always known that one day we the Pacific Island countries would have to be able to conduct our own training programmes for judges and court officers," Sir Gibbs said.
"I admit we have not advanced much in that regard but we are trying. We have an opportunity now to seriously consider PNG's offer to house the Pacific Judicial and Court Officers Training Centre.
"Different modalities can be worked out by the chief justices of the region if the current model does not suit everyone. For instance, under PJDP (Pacific Judicial Development Programme), training activities were able to be moved from country to country."
Sir Gibbs said similar arrangements could be tailored to suit the training needs of the Pacific Island countries.
He said the Pacific Judicial Education Programme (PJEP), Pacific Judicial Development Programme (PJDP) and now the Pacific Judicial Strengthening Initiatives (PJSI) were funded by the New Zealand government.
He said that funding could end soon which would leave questions about future training.
"A home for judicial and court officer training must therefore be found sooner rather than later," Sir Gibbs said.
He said that judges and court staff who had gone through previous training would not be around forever.

29) Officer receives Excellence in Asia Pacific Region Award

By Thompson Marango

Sergeant Ann Marie Simeon the recipient of the award.

Vanuatu Police Force (VPF) has received Excellence in Law Enforcement in the Asia Pacific region award, another milestone for the VPF through Australian Council of Women and Policing (ACWAP)

to receive for the first time ever an award Excellency in Law enforcement.

The winner of the award is Sergeant Ann Marie Simeon who was nominated within VPF and other Pacific island countries after she met all the criteria.

In the history of the Vanuatu Police Force eight senior female officers and one male, (former commissioner) Arthur Caulton have received Excellence in Policing in the Asia Pacific but this year 2016 Sergeant Ann Marie Simeon is very fortunate to receive an award in Law Enforcement in the Asia Pacific.

The Australian Council of Women and Policing was established in August 1997 and is a growing group of women and men within police service, law enforcement agencies and the community who are working together to;

• Improve the policing services provided to women

• Improve opportunities and outcomes for women within policing and

• Participate in the global network of women in policing

She has served in the VPF for more than 30 years and has served in UN mission in Ivory Coast and other regional missions, RAMSI and Bougainville.

This award was handed over to her on September 12, 2016 at a dinner arranged by ACWAP and Victorian Police at the National Gallery in Melbourne.Vanuatu Daily Post

30) Deportation will raise investors' concerns
Monday, September 19, 2016

Update: 12:39PM THE deportation of the two expatriates without proper explanation is sure to raise the continued concerns of investors and the international community.

Opposition MP and shadow Minister for Works, Transport and Public Utilities Aseri Radrodro in his statement this morning said the deportation of the two MWH Global expatriates and the likely closure of the firm in Fiji was very disappointing. He said it raised a number of questions about Government?s reform programs. "The high handed tactics deployed by the Immigration Department in particular, portrays a very negative picture about Fiji's labour protection laws especially the treatment of expatriates in Fiji," Mr Radrodro said. He also questioned the real reasons behind the possible closure of MWH Global in Fiji and had called on Government to be mindful of the state of workers of MWH Global, who were reported to number over 100 local staff. Fijitimes

31) Sea rise and lack of services behind exodus from PNG outlier

Most of the population on the remote atoll of Takuu, also known as Mortlock, in Papua New Guinea's Bougainville region are said to have resettled in Buka town.

Taaku, also known as Mortlock in Papua New Guinea's Bougainville region. Photo: Wikicommons

From a population of at least 600 ten years ago, only around 50 people remain on Takuu, according to an indigenous Mortlock Islander.

Now based in PNG's capital Port Moresby, Raroteone Tefuarani says most young people have left the atoll.

She says due to the lack of education and health services, many people feel they must leave Takuu.

But climate change is also a factor: Takuu, like other outliers in the region, has been steadily impacted by rising sea levels and declining food crops.

Ms Tefuarani says the unique culture and traditions of this Polynesian outlier are observed faithfully by its people.

"But if everyone starts moving, then we have to worry. It's the old people that are keeping everything safe for us, like our traditions and whatever at home that we have.

They're the ones who are looking after everything. But I do understand why people have decided to move."

The Autonomous Bougainville Government assisted Takuu people, also known as Mortlock Islanders, to be able to rent a small piece of land in Buka town.

Ms Tefuarani said it saddened her to see her people living away from their home island, and struggling to maintain their custom traditions.

However, she said the situation could be different if Takuu had more government assistance, and access to services such as shipping and education.19/9/16 RNZI


32) Mission to modernise agriculture

Monday, September 19, 2016

Update: 12:19PM THE Ministry of Agriculture has a mission of modernising the agriculture sector.

Agriculture Minister Inia Seruiratu said this was to lift the level of efficiency through improved and increased agricultural productivity. "The modernisation plan basically involves the introduction of the technologies that will make agriculture attractive and less labour intensive with maximum return," Mr Seruiratu said. He said one example was rural women diversifying into high value product such as virgin coconut oil (VCO) using machine to produce this product.Fijitimes


33) Plans for Fiji to play in Australian event

Vuniwaqa Bola-Bari
Monday, September 19, 2016

TALKS are in progress to include a Fijian team in the National Rugby Championships as early as next season.

Flying Fijians coach John McKee said the plan was to see the Fiji Warriors play as a team in the Australian competition from next year.

The Fiji Rugby Union is in talks with their Australian counterparts and World Rugby to finalise plans.

The team is expected to be based here at home and play home and away games in a possible expanded NRC competition in 2017. The Fijians side would be made up of local-based players.

Telecom Fiji Warriors coach Senirusi Seruvakula said the plan was to get the Fiji Warriors in the NRC to improve and expose players.

"It's a good idea because it will give the local players a boost in their games since they will play in the Pacific Rugby Championship and go into the Uruguay tour," Seruvakula said.

The plan is understood to be conceived some months ago by McKee, ARU high performance boss Ben Whitaker and World Rugby high performance general manager Peter Horne. World Rugby is expected to fund the teams under its Oceania program.

The NRC is equivalent to the National Provincial Competition in New Zealand.Fijitimes

34) All Blacks win title

Monday, September 19, 2016

STEVE Hansen's side routed the Springboks on Saturday night to win the Rugby Championship with two games to spare

Hooker Dane Coles gave a masterclass in backline playmaking to set up three New Zealand tries as the world champions thrashed South Africa 41-13 to secure the Rugby Championship title.

Coles made the final pass for tries to Israel Dagg, Julian Savea and Sam Whitelock, while Ben Smith, Ardie Savea and TJ Perenara also crossed to secure the bonus-point victory. Beauden Barrett slotted four conversions and a penalty for the home side, who have moved to 20 competition points and all but sealed the Rugby Championship with two games remaining.

Springboks winger Bryan Habana scored his 66th test try, three short of the world record of Japan's Daisuke Ohata, while flyhalf Elton Jantjies added a conversion and two penalties for the visitors.

The All Blacks, who have now won 44 successive matches at home since they were beaten by John Smit's Springboks in 2009, extended their current unbeaten run to 15 games. The hosts only had a 15-10 lead at halftime as they struggled to get any flow, but like they did last week against Argentina, the side kicked away in the final 30 minutes with four tries.

"We were probably a bit guilty of playing too much footy and making mistakes," Coles said. "They played some pretty good footy in that first half and put us under pressure."

The All Blacks' intent had been evident from the beginning of the game as they stretched the Springboks, with scrumhalf Aaron Smith's pass giving them opportunities to operate at pace.

Too many times, however, they dropped the ball or lost it at the breakdown, which allowed the Springboks to clear their lines, just when it seemed like they would be cracked open.

The visitors, written off before the game after an indifferent season, also showed glimpses of the high-paced game they are trying to adapt, turning the All Blacks defenders inside out several times.

"We were in it in the first half when we had ball in hand and when we were in their territory we were effective," Springboks captain Adriaan Strauss said.Fijitimes

35) Lee off to Noumea

Zanzeer Singh
Monday, September 19, 2016

SAM Lee will fly Fiji's flag at the 2016 South Pacific Open Championship which will start at the Tina Golf Club Course in Noumea, New Caledonia from Wednesday.

Lee is one of Fiji's leading professional players. In 2014, Lee, as an amateur, created history by setting a new 36 holes course record at the Fiji Sugar Corporation Rarawai course during the RC Manubhai-sponsored Ba Open Championship.

He eclipsed former world number one Vijay Singh's record at the course by one stroke finishing with a score of one under par 137.

Lee was the lone local qualifier for the inaugural Fiji International at Natadola in 2014 and has qualified for the prestigious event since then.

The 26-year-old, turned professional after earning status on the PGA Tour of Australasia at the qualifying school event in Australia in January 2015.

Lee was the first local-based professional golfer to earn a spot for this year's Fiji International.

At the upcoming South Pacific Open Championship, the winner will receive official world golf ranking points and will become fully exempt on to the ISPS HANDA PGA Tour of Australasia for the remainder of this season and next season.Fijitimes

36) Against All Odds

Vanuatu's Under 20 football team will play the FIFA-sanctioned match against New Zealand today at 2.30pm to find the Oceania Football Confederation's (OFC) Champions.

The boys have already secured a playoff berth at the FIFA U-20 World Cup next year in South Korea.

Today's match will take place at the Port Vila Football Stadium and all Port Vila residents are asked to be patriotic like the boys here singing the national anthem and give their full support to the team in their quest to be crowned the OFC U-20 Champions! 17/9/16 Vanuatu Daily Post

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Boycott 2013 BaiKhai Constitution Because it is Self-serving: Record of Frank Bainimarama Interview on Radio Tarana in 2013.

-----Original Message-----
From: Sanjesh

Sent: Tuesday, 26 March 2013 9:43 a.m.

Subject: Bainimarama

Please find full interview with the Fiji interim PM on Radio Tarana...

1 .Is  your government confident that the draft constitutuion will be
accepted by the people of Fiji?

2.The Prime Minister will also be the commander in chief of the country,
why not the president?

3. No GCC in the new constitution, don't you think they may be some
dis-satisfaction amongst the cheifs?

4. There will be single house Parliament, no senate and 45 member
parliament, why do you think Fiji needs small parliament?

5. You have decided to contest election, what made you change your mind?

6. When are you going to form a party and have you thought of any name
for your party?

Sanjesh Narain

Radio Tarana

 George St

Kingsland, Auckland.

P O Box 5956, Wellesley St

Auckland 1141, New Zealand

News on the Hour + BBC Hindi, BBC Urdu, Fiji News, Sports, Events and

NZ's Number 1 Hindi Radio, where Bollywood rules the airwaves

Public Protest : Fiji Citizens Boycott Constitution Celebration!!

It is important that you as Fiji Citizens are told the truth.
Click the link below highlighted to take you to full articles.

Fiji Received A Total of $1, 600, 314.00 Towards Fiji-YashiGhai-#DraftConstitution2013 That Got Burned

So if this was the case why are people of Fiji asked to celebrate the sunnimuslim agenda?

NaDina Fiji Truth Movement Secretariat.

Date: Wed, Apr 24, 2013 at 11:34 PM
Date: Wed, Apr 24, 2013 at 11:19 PM
Subject: Pricewaterhouse Report on Yash Ghai Draft Constitution 2012.


FLP member Surendra Lal if I remember rightly, in  Labasa asked ASK about the cost of YG's Draft Constitution and his reply was Govt did not know and to date YG had not accounted as required by the decree. I attach Pricewaterhouse Report on YG Draft Constitution 2012 audited accounts.
Now the challenge is on for VB & ASK must respond to the UFDF and disclose incomes, assets, properties acquired since taking over power; monies held in overseas accounts; government accounts and finances plus Auditor Generals Reports as required under the Finance Management Act (2004) since 2006.
This is facts as Mick emphasises, now we can hang him. 

[Name Intentionally withheld.

Bula, No'oia, Kia Ora, Warm Greetings, Namaste

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