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  1. Why were the Fiji Military Council silenced when Bainimarama executed his 2006 coup through to Fiji Election 2014 [& 2016] which has seen the same coupmakers at the helm of Fiji governance.
  2. Who is orchestrating the thinking and crafting the strategies in the backroom?
  3. We all know that overtime, it has become evident that the Sunni Muslim have taken control lock stock and barrell or Fiji's state of affairs. All others dance and skirt around this including Fiji elites and cronies as well as diplomatic corps of some countries. The rest in history.

It is 2016 & Fiji state of affairs is far worse than what it was pre 2006 coup days. Nepotism is high, Corruption is at its worst, Poverty and Health + Education have hit rock bottom.

Crime, Drug Trafficking, Child -Slavery Trafficking + unruly Fiji Citizens behaviour have steadily increased. So what kind of Fiji is now surfacing in the South Pacific?

It is a shade of Fiji that is a miniture version of a troubled Middle Eastern or Asia-like country. It is an island country which has become a dangerous place  & caught in the evil dark underbelly world.


Read an accurate analysis that was done few years ago. We think it is timely to alert all, that Fiji has sunk to an all time low of the lowest in the South Pacific Region.

Prime Minister Come Back After 2014 Election

To Lead The Modern Fiji

The Power base for Prime Minister

Fiji's hope in the global connection is the 2014 election. Fiji is a member of the world family;
that follows moral and ethical code of good discipline leadership. Bainimarama government after
the military takeover in 2006 can arrest and he can detain anyone he wants. PM controls the
government finances and he likes to use it as he wishes. He gives his family the best and he
promotes his family blood ties on government post no one can question. He is proved to be the
richest man in Fiji by collecting 10% of all international companies wanting to set up in Fiji. He
changes chief's positions, he separates provinces and he allocates government funds only to the obedient councils. He has absolute power to hire and fire anyone he likes.

Modus Operandi
Prime Minister is a very weak leader because he ruled Fiji through the mind of a young

  1. inexperienced Muslim lawyer who has never practiced law and occasionally ignoring advice of
  2. the military council and shunning Fijian Institutions which will be vital for his 2014 campaign.
  3. Aiyaz Khaiyum is a window dresser using tax payer's money to pay consultants to put his papers together and he gets the cream and passes on to his boss. He has never proved to be an asset in Fiji;
  4. He is a liability to the nation from day one because he was the one that engineered the withdrawal of members' money to buy:

1. The new airbus worth $1.5billion with members' money of $200million.

2. He engineered the withdrawal of $300million of members' money to buy shares in BMobile a losing mobile company in PNG.

3. He lobbied for a $22million loan for his brother at FBCL.

4. He endorsed the $50million loan of Tappoo from FNPF.

Total FNPF Funds withdrawal without consent:

FJ $ 572 million dollars.

Total National Debt as at March 15

TH 2013 5.2 Billion Dollars

Direct Impact

The pensioners have been at the receiving end with pensions reduced to half and this will play a

major role in affecting Prime Ministers support to 2014 elections

Election Questions to be answered for the people:

The country is heavily in debt.

· He must explain to the people how this loan will repay.

· Where is the money coming from?

Our foreign reserve is questionable because we are living on loans and secured bonds.

The next government after elections and the people will shoulder all the repayments and face the brunt of unemployment and high cost of living.

Free Giveaways

PM is giving out houses to the people. He is giving free welfare. These are all loans. He brings in Chinese to build roads this are all loans.

. Political Scenario
Can Aiyaz Khaiyum Make a Difference in Political Arena with support of Decree after elections?


1. Fijians will determine the winning number in the coming election, not Indians or other races as they have a 56% population majority.

2. Aiyaz is a curse name and all Fijians including the new generation cannot associate themselves with him because he promotes Muslims in top positions and he takes away qualified Fijians from top executive posts and giving them to highly paid expatriates.

3. He is seen as the destroyer of GCC and the Fijian culture even though he is married to one.

4. Aiyaz is remembered as a wicked and evil customer by most Fijians. Fijians remember

bad things for a long time and they forget good things easily in only a short time.

5. Aiyaz is good in making half researched, cut and paste decrees to divide and rule Fiji, he will be doing all this to concentrate power in the new constitution around him and his

6. Aiyaz cannot back Bainimarama campaign as people only know PM. He has never contested any election therefore has no support base, he has never confronted any political debate, and he has never been in parliament to taste what politics is about.

7. Fijians see AG as Hitler destroyer of Fijian culture, identity, business, Institutions and values. Even the army officers hate him.

8. Right now he is not popular amongst the Indian community and businessmen.

9. Aiyaz will be remembered in the history books of Fijians for misleading and torturing the Fijian race when he is gone.

10. Aiyaz will bring defeat to Bainimarama the longer he keeps him in the government.

11. Aiyaz can make Bainimarama win the election through a decree to promote rigging .He can get a professional to do that it is easy in the Muslim world because they are good at it.

12. For Bainimarama to win the election, the quicker he removes him from government the better his chance to win. ( but its a firm believe that AG has so much dirt on PM on corrupt deals that he can't be officially dismissed.)


· He uses the army and the barrel of the gun to gather his strongman tactic. He gave orders to get people arrested, tortured and killed.

· People remember many bad things he did for too long and they forget all the good things he did for only a short time.

· The people of Fiji want a good, clean, honest and fair government where they see freedom living along side them.

· There is no freedom, there is no justice, there is no accountability in the current government.

· The civil servants are all in the NO CARE MODE. They lack the motivation to build trust and loyalty. They grab tenders, government LPO's and 3 quotations formula willynilly and make money for themselves.

· Like the Fiji Road Authority the PM's office is used as a bank to receive commissions.

· All new foreign business set up in Fiji pays 10% commission in Nur Bano Ali trust as cyclone rehabilitation fund. That trust account is for AG family.

· This account is transferred offshore in return she keeps this money in other shelved business names.

· He never audits tax payers money and show the people how he uses from 2006-2012.

· He murders CRW soldiers and supports the brutal torture of the escaped prisoners.

· He approves loans from members FNPF and FDB to the tune of $800 million for failed projects including the casino and Naisoso.

Who can be appointed as Commander RFMF without Fear of a Coup against PM?

1. The names proposed included Mohammed Aziz (Muslim) the $2million Merchant

Finance loan benefactor to buy his own business and his personal house. FIRCA need to inspect his books. He was locked up for 3 days for plotting against Pm with Mara and

Driti. Is in ceremonial role only as COS ( Chief of Staff)

2. Naivalurua the current commissioner of Police, the benefactor of commissions given by the drug dealers, receiving 10% commission on Police tender, supporting the businessmen helping his wife through a $1million soft loan to be paid as and when required.. He never supported the 2006 coup and was on leave.

3. Tikoitoga the current land force commander, a junior officer in 2006. The womanizer and abuser of power. He is seen a lot with Naivalurua to support the campaign to arrest

Bainimarama for crime against humanity when the time is right. These two are working closely with diplomatic corp.

4. Esala Teleni Deputy Commander RFMF, former police commissioner now ambassador in China stands a strong chance to take over because he is a strategic planner, has full navy support from Commander JJ FOX and he was the initiator of the plan through and through, his loyalty is Bainimarama centered and he will be a great asset to

BAINIMARAMA WINNING THE 2014 ELECTION. Has his brother's new Methodist which can be used to unite churches and chiefs for the prime minister.


Bainimarama to and get rid of all the negative moulds and put his entire power house in order.

The 2014 election will be determined by Fijians, their population out numbers all the races.

Form a political party with expert campaigners who are brilliant, thinkers. He is to engage a working taskforce that will walk the political campaign in an intelligent global best practice. The road map to winning the 2014 is tactful campaign and intelligent strategy.

The provinces know the good things Bainimarama did for them, they will only remember well when they receive pocket allowances for food and other things.

For his party to win he needs to work hand in hand with all the chiefs, churches and common people.

The timeline for the election is 18 months need to see the new constitution, the new boundary and the awareness for the people.


Credit: To Those That worked hard to reveal this.
Authors name intentionally withheld.

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​Monday, June 27, 2016

Now that's what I call a big fish
from Fiji Times:
Credit: Babasiga - Wendy & Peceli for sharing this story.

Early morning catch wows crowd at Labasa fish market

Tuesday, June 28, 2016
Update: 10:33AM IT took 14 men to carry a huge Saku fish believed to be around 200 kilograms early this morning at the Labasa fish market.
The catch attracted more than 100 people who rushed to the market to get a glimpse of the fish.

The fish was caught by a group of four young men from Cawaira village in Labasa who went out fishing last night.

Fisherman, Jone Rabonu said they did not expect the huge catch.

"There were four of us in our fishing vessel and all we felt was a heavy load on our big fishing net and to our surprise we found this Saku fish trapped inside," he said.

Bula, No'oia, Kia Ora, Warm Greetings, Namaste

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