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Fiji Citizens Are Being Abused By the Evil Diktator Frank Bainimarama!


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Article posted below by Coup 4.5 is evident of what Frank Bainimarama & his legal advisor Khaiyum Aiyaz Saiyed resort to when things do not go their way.
We all know Fr Kevin Barr was very much aligned to Fiji's Diktator post 2006 coup. Why? Only Fr Barr knows. Like everyone else that joined Fr Barr and believed in what Bainimarama was doing initially, have all fallen by the wayside. Somehting has gone awfully wrong.
Without boring you all with the same old story, one thing is for sure, Bainimarama is hungry for power and wants to hold on to it come hell or high waters. Anyone caught in belittling his plans or exposing him and his cohorts face the same nastiness that had been dished out to Fr Barr. Thats where they all end up or even worse they get bundled up to the Nabua Military Beating camp and get killed or get raped or bashed up. Thats the order of the day under this evil man Bainimarama.
Yet while this is happening some segment of the International Community still wants to play that Rational Do Positive Game and give this Fiji Diktator a platform to run riots and create havoc in an island nation that barely has a million population. In fact in the last count Fiji only had approx 890,057 [CIA]
When will be 'Enough is Enough'; get really carved into these countries that are propping Bainimarama and his regime?

When will those Fijian soldiers and policemen realise that the diktator is now following the very same path that Hitler followed. The only difference, Hitler is from Germany a much bigger Nation than a small island one in South Seas Island. But the 'evil' figments of Bainimarama & Khaiyum's dream of a renewed Fiji is becoming the worst Nightmare for these group of Fiji Citizens and their Island neighbors.
Luvei Viti Think Tank Team.

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via Coupfourpointfive by Coup fourpointfive on 1/15/13

Bainimarama is mouthing niceties in New York where he is chairing the G77 forum but back home where people really know what he's like, it's been revealed he abused former Wages Council chair, Father Barr, via text. One of his text messages was 'Fuck U arsehole'



On the 8th January 2013 The Fiji Sun published I short letter I had sent in to them. The letter noted that a change was to be expected in the Fiji Flag to represent changed realities in Fiji. With tongue in cheek, I asked: "Is the rumour true that the Union Jack is going to be replaced with a small version of the Chinese flag to show that our old allegiance to Britain is being replaced with a new allegiance to China?"

On the morning of the 10th January I was at my desk at the PCN Office when the phone rang and someone who said he was a Colonel in the Prime Minister's Office asked if this was my number. I said it was and he hung up. 

A few minutes later I received a call from the Prime Minister. I greeted him and wished him a happy New Year. Then in a very angry voice he said that I should apologise to the people of Fiji for my letter concerning the Fijian flag in the newspaper. I said that I thought it expressed a real concern with a touch of joking humour.

The PM said it was irresponsible coming from a recognised leader in the community. He stated he was not a Catholic but a Methodist. 

He then called me "a fucked up priest" and said I had become anti-government. He said he used to try and help me but would do so no longer. I said I would be prepared to come and speak with him. Instead he repeated I was a "fucked up priest", threw in a few swear words, told me to go back to where I came from and put down the phone. 

His tone was angry and really over the top.

Our Director (Semiti Qalowasa) and Assistant Director (Savu Tawake) were in the room and were able to pick up most of the angry statements of the Prime Minister. They were rather shocked and remarked that the words about China must have hit a sore spot.

A few minutes later there was a text message on the phone from the Prime Minister which read: "I think you owe the people of Fiji an apology for your childish comments. You give all Catholic priests a bad name." 

It seemed more of a calm message. I replied saying I was sorry if he was upset by my letter and I apologise. However many people were concerned about the influx of Chinese into Fiji. I said I would always be happy to meet with you and discuss issues. I am not anti-government but disappointed with some developments.

I was about to go to lunch when another text message arrived saying: "Fuck U arsehole. Stay well away from me." I texted back: "Thank you Sir for the nice words. If you want me to apologise I will do as you wish."

As I was having lunch another text arrived: "Start saying your goodbyes Father Kevin James Barr, Australian national, work permit as a missionary, expiry date for permit 31/12/2013." 

I did not reply. Then came the final text: "Go and be a missionary in China".

I laughed as there was a touch of humour there.

When I returned home about 4.15 there was an apologetic call from the Ministry of Housing saying they had been directed by government to withdraw my membership as a Member of the Housing Authority and Public Rental Board and that a letter would soon be delivered to me on that issue. 

In some ways I was expecting this vindictive reaction. I also suspect that others apart from the PM were involved. The Land Force Commander is noted for his coarse language and the AG for his vindictiveness.

What surprised me was not only the coarse language used by the Prime Minister but his over-the-top angry and uncontrolled reaction. I have heard that he has treated others in a similar way and aims to intimidate.

Those who heard of the above exchanges were shocked and very concerned that the Prime Minister could act in this way. 

They were also concerned for me. I do not intend to be intimidated.

(Fr Kevin J. Barr)


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  1. truth set people free... im sorry and ashame for lingos used on father barr from someone who call himself a leader.. i guess our faith is tested in some ways we humans can not even imagine..but the outcome of being humble about situations we face is extraordinary in Gods on timing..
    fight for democracy... isa na vanua lomani qo ko viti...


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