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Fiji's Regime Trying to Catch It's Tail it seems!!

In late Novemebr into early December 2012, an article posted by a Fijian woman in a PNG Mining Watch site, saying that the Tui Namosi Ratu Suli Matanitobua appeared to be raking the wealth of this Namosi Mining Deals all to himself. The article even went further to assert that the Vanua of Namosi and its people were aligning with the current Fiji Diktatorship.
How wrong she was? Over time, it is surfacing that this all appeared to be a framed allegations. In essence, the people of Namosi and their Chief Ratu Suliano Matanitobua have always been adamant that there were protocols to be followed by Bainimarama & his regime. Not the other way around. 
As highlighted below in Coup 4.5's article, Pita Waqavonovono has been taken to task for comments he made on facebook. We are all aware that Pita was one of those youths that got bundled up to the Nabua Military Camp and given the run-araound & perhaps beating as we all now know that these victims are suppose ot seal their lips when back out in public otherwise they get beaten up. As we have always stated, Bainimarama & his cronies MUST FACE THE PEOPLE OF FIJI AND BE MADE TO ANSWER FOR ALL THE SUFFERINGS THAT HAS HAPPENED SINCE COUP 2006 TO TODATE.
Interestingly, the regime is now hounding Rajendra Chaudary and those that are connected with him as in this case of Rajendra's 'meimei' being hounded and made to feel intimidated. Perhaps is one of those who is an expert in interpreting the 'Rule of Law' in Fiji and the regime is desperate to get their hands on him to shut him up. We are watching you Baini & Khai!!
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via Coupfourpointfive by Pacific in the Media on 1/6/13

Ongoing police surveillance of citizens but is the worm turning?

Police visited the house of Rajendra Chaudhry, the Fiji lawyer and son of Fiji Labour Party leader, Mahendra Chaudhry, on Sunday and today the intimidation practice was outed on the widely-read Facebook.

A week ago, youth advocate Pita Waqavonovono, also revealed police were harassing him saying he had them at his home at 4am in the morning after he posted on Facebook that 'living in a military dictaroship sucks'.

Controversy under surveillance: Mining in Namosi
Chaudhry says the police were sent to his Suva home last night at 8pm by a special branch officer named Jese Malewa.

 "The goons spoke harshly and rudely to my house maid and she was scared but regained her composure. The goons apparently have orders to arrest and question me on my facebook postings. Some one is not happy. So we must all be doing the right thing eh friends? Lets keep on keeping on till we get democracy in Fiji. Nothing is too hard if we try."

He told Coupfourpointfive the regime seemed upset most about postings about the Constitution review and the hurricane relief funds.

It is the second time in two weeks police have reacted to his postings. 
Morris: falsely accused
Waqavonovono revealed police accused him of trying to lead an exodus of people out of Suva for New Year's after he posted he was going to another town to see in 2013.
"I refused to change anything, requested a warrant, told them to go away, and come back with proper papers and preferably at Godly hours."
It is widely known police and military officers monitor citizens and have a number on a regular watch list. But how reliable is their information?

A surveillance list by Fiji intelligence from late 2011 obtained by Coupfourpointfive said freelance journalist Ricardo Morris was seen posting banners against mining at Nasale Village in Widina, Naitasiri for the Social Empowerment and Educational Programme (SEEP) with another official on December 12 2012.

Morris told C4.5 and posted on Facebook last week that he has never been to Nasele, much less put up banners there with the SEEP officials named by police. He also noted, as did C4.5, that the date was 2012 in the police report when it was still 2011. 
He added, though, that he had posted photos on his  Facebook page of banners and posters in Naitasiri protesting the mining development.
"The photos were passed on to me by a fellow media person who was afraid to post it themselves."
Karunaratne to appear in court again  
Jagath Karunaratne: 24/7 watch
Questions also hover over the charges against the Sri Lankan national, Jagath Karunaratne, who is due to appear in court again this week on Thursday.

Karunaratne, who is now a Fiji citizen, was originally charged last year with several others for writing graffiti. A second charge - urging political violence - was added recently (he was charged alongside trade unionist Daniel Urai) and while he has been allowed out on bail, is on 24/7 surveillance according to information from police sources.

Karunaratne and Urai were charged on the basis of a statement by Taniela Ligairi, the son of the former commander of the CRW (Ilisoni Ligairi) who claimed he was offered $20,000 and $1 million by the pair for 'the assistance' of the special forces and his father. 

It's believed most of the accused said in their caution interviews the planning, dispatching teams for graffiti, funds distribution etc for VRF were done at Ligairi's house and he played a major role. 

Information seen by C4.5 shows Ligairi was taken in to custody but his 73 year old father and former British SAS soldier, apparently made a call to police commissioner, Ioane Naivalurua, and told him that his family should not be touched.

Ligairi, who was also reportedly in contact with New Zealand media on behalf of the VRF group, was allowed to go home every day after questioning while others remained in custody.

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