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Fiji Citizens Demand Transparency from Fiji's Evil Diktator!

Bula All,
It is obvious that the current Fiji regime is working in over-drive mode to keep itself from collapsing. It is encouraging to see that our Political Parties and Trade Unionist as well as Activists are demanding the diktator and his cronies to answer to the Citizens of Fiji.
Fiji has been the subject of much discussion within the Nation and the outside world. Now its time to really examine and question the spending of the current regime. Where and how funds donated by International source and local businesses are being spent. 
We certainly, are enjoying watching how these regeime is rounding around in circles to right itself whilst the Citizens of Fiji are now putting the pressure and demanding their 'pound of flesh'! Lets continue that pressure and show where this diktator and his goons will go. Come on Fiji!
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Show us what's in YOUR offshore accounts and tell us why you refuse to publish government accounts, especially the Auditor General's report.

Khaiyum's aunt, Nur Bano Ali.
That's the challenge today from the country's main four parties and the trade union, FICTU, who've sent a joint statement to the regime demanding it reveal its books and personal funds.

It follows the release yesterday of the Political Parties Registration, Conduct, Funding and Disclosure Decree, which stipulates political parties re-register within 28 days or otherwise lose their assets to the 'state.'

The decree also threatens political parties who fail to wind down with $50,000 fines.

SDL, the Fiji Labour Party, the United Peoples Party, the National Federation Party and FICTU say Frank Bainimarama and Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum should disclose monies they hold and show transparency in the dealings of family members - a particular reference to Khaiyum's accountant aunt, Nur Bano Ali, who is known to have her fingers in many pies.

The statement is as follows: 

Political parties call for accountability and transparency from the Prime Minister and the Attorney General

1.    In a joint statement issued today Fiji's major political parties have called on the Prime Minister and the Attorney General to disclose their incomes and assets, including properties they have acquired since seizing power.

2.    They should also disclose moneys held by them in their overseas accounts and properties held there, if any.

3.    The statement said that it is a well-known fact that the Prime Minister and the Attorney General and their close family members have acquired several up market properties in Fiji since 2006. They must in keeping with their oft-repeated calls for transparency and accountability declare their finances and assets and liabilities to the nation ahead of asking political parties and their officials to do so.

4.    The Prime Minister must also explain to the people why, as Finance Minister since 2008, he has refused to accede to repeated calls to publish government accounts and finances and the Auditor General's reports thereon, as required under the Finance Management Act.

5.    Why is the Prime Minister flouting the law on government finances? He must also explain why the audited accounts of the Prime Minister's Flood and Cyclone Relief Funds are not published for the information of the people and the donors.

6.    And why, we ask has he continued to block the audit and publishing of the RFMF Regimental Funds?

(Page two of the statement)

1.    If the Prime Minister and the Attorney General refuse to themselves submit to the accountability and transparency requirements they are demanding of the others, then it is plainly obvious that they have much to hide from the people.  

2.    It is well known that official corruption is at an all-time high under the current administration. Indeed, Transparency International has excluded Fiji from its Corruption Perception Index listing 178 countries because of a lack of data and in its last 2010 survey on Budget Transparency it gave Fiji zero out of 100 points saying it is virtually impossible for Fiji citizens to hold its government accountable for its management of the public's money. 
Ratu Jone Kubuabola                                                Mahendra Chaudhry           
Member Executive Committee                                     Leader    
Soqosoqo Duavata ni Lewenivanua Party                   Fiji Labour Party

 Mick Beddoes                                                                Pramod Rae
 President                                                                       General Secretary
 United Peoples Party                                                    National Federation Party

Attar Singh
General Secretary
Fiji Islands Council of Trade Unions

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  1. We have valuable information on the current Fiji government dictatorship and a specific diplomat (SS Kelera) at the Fiji Embassy in Japan currently involved in kidnapping, child neglect, misuse of diplomatic powers being aided my the Ambassador of Fiji in japan, Mataitoga, and the Current Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ratu. The Second Secretary Kelera at the Fiji Embassy in Japan and her Ambassador are in violation of all democratic treaties relating to the rights of children. Kidnapping is Kidnapping. The government is covering up this case.

    1. Can you please update this comments. Keen to know more. Vinaka.


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