Thursday, November 1, 2012

'Miscarriage of Justice' says Adi Tupou Draunidalo, a young Fijian Lawyer. She will Appeal Hon PM Laisenia Qarase's Case.

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 Well done Adi Tupou for standing up for what is 'right and just' in Fiji more so for the caseagainst Hon PM Laisenia Qarase who was convicted of something he allegedly had done 20 years ago. If that was to be the case why did Bainimarama and his regime not convict Sitiveni Rabuka for what he did in 1987?  

There is something sinister in the air each time Bainimarama signs off a decree or orders the people of Fiji as if he is the king-pin. Has he forgotten his roots or something?

Theres is enough evidence coming through from people making their submission to the Fiji Constitution Commission for the people of Fiji local and abroad as well as the International Communities to figure out that there is something so wrong with Fiji's current regime.

Whispers has it that Bainimarama's wife has just bought a house across the road from where they currently live for a substantial amount of money close to $13 million. The house was owned by one of the Lodhia family and used to be rented out to the Representative of the European Union for a large some of money. Could Mary Bainimarama have been able to afford this purchase if her husband was still in the navy? The story gets dodgier by the day and we will wait for the day that Bainimarama and members of his 2006 coup team take the stand. We have had enough of his wanting to control Fiji under gun-power. Now its Hon Qarase's turn and the next will be Bainimarama's turn in jail. 

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Qarase's lawyer to appeal

Nanise Loanakadavu  [Fiji Times Online]
Thursday, November 01, 2012

FORMER Prime Minister Laisenia Qarase's lawyer Tupou Draunidalo is looking at 17 grounds of appeal on the one-year prison term imposed on her client.

She made this known while making a brief preliminary application on leave to appeal Qarase's conviction in the Fiji Court of Appeal yesterday.

Qarase appeared before Justice Suresh Chandra.

In her application, Ms Draunidalo said there was a miscarriage of justice and lawyers were confused in the trial.

She said all of those would be included in her grounds of appeal.
Fiji Independent Commission Against Corruption (FICAC) lawyer Vincent Parera however, said none of the grounds of appeal was arguable because Ms Draunidalo did not specify how justice was miscarried.

He also told the court that FICAC lawyers were not confused in the trial and Ms Draunidalo's applications should be dismissed.

Justice Chandra would deliver his ruling on the application by Ms Draunidalo on notice.

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  1. Current Fijian Diplomat is a Kidnapper!! There is full proof of a coverup!! Why go to the Minister of Foreign Affairs when he is the one aiding the kidnapper to feel that she has done nothing wrong.

    We have valuable information on the current Fiji government dictatorship and a specific diplomat (SS Kelera) at the Fiji Embassy in Japan currently involved in kidnapping, child neglect, misuse of diplomatic powers being aided my the Ambassador of Fiji in japan, Mataitoga, and the Current Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ratu.

    This is the last communication on the matter. This kidnapping took place three years ago and the government has full knowledge of it and so does the police but yet no justice! this is what they said...

    Mr Wright, acknowledge receipt of your email. Major Rokoura has taken action on your case and we awaiting a response from Foreign Affairs. I will forward this email to him again.

    Elizabeth Krishna

    Acting Admin. Officer – Private Office

    Office of the Prime Minister


    Ph. 3211756


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