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On Stuff News: "Rabuka- Father of Fiji Coups Appeared Soft Towards Bainimarama's Plan on Fiji. Why?

Below is an excerpt of Rabuka's brief on his interview with Stuff News, New Zealand. Rabuka was invited as one of the speaker at a Forum to discuss Pacific Democracy as hosted by Canterbury University. Yes, why Rabuka? we also asked. In essence its good to see him take the box infront of several experts, academics, New Zealand Political leaders such as Hon McCully, Minister for Foreign Affairs and Sir Don McKinnon and the likes. 

First up Rabuka appeared to have taken a soft approach to what is happening in Fiji. Is he propping up Bainimarama, the current diktator in Fiji? Yes, we think so, as evident from his comments about the upcoming elections and also the role of the army in Fiji. 

There are many reasons why Rabuka has done this and a few we can think of, he is protecting his patch and his interest. Period. Secondly, he is an army officer and he will take that with him to the grave. He has to keep that so called professional army ethics of keeping his mouth tightly shut. Is it good for Fiji? No. Rabuka has to ensure that he recieves his pension in his bank account as  former Prime Minister after he executed the Fiji coup d'etat for the first time in 1987. He mobilised himself and formed a political party which was defeated somewhere down the track. We then saw Prime Minister Laisenia Qarase [bless his soul as he serves his time in prison for crime he allegedly was framed to have committed to allow this current military regime to put him in goal.] Hon PM Qarase was a popular choice for most Fijians so why was he cornered by a bunch of egoistic and greedy soldiers with their hands behind their back receiving 'God knows what' to execute these coups d'etat? Rabuka propabably is beating his chest in the quiet of his home knowing fully well that he caused all these.

Another angle that seem to come through is the drastic increase of Fiji military numbers from what we are told around under 2000 to more than 6,000 plus now all because United Nations and Peace Keeping needs requires this Fijian soldiers to earn their keep by availing themselves to play 'guard roles' at International Peacekeeping locations. Have United Nations assisted in breeding a group of coup-makers in Fiji? Your answer is as good as ours. Fiji people and those with vested interested have had to face the consequences and suffer the economic, political, educational, cultural downturn of what these soldiers in Fiji and their counterparts are claiming  its all for a clean up campaign. We do say, it is for greed and for all the wrong reasons. Fiji people have suffered enough, thank you very much.

Last but not the least, the speakers chosen at this forum in Christchurch from Pacific Leaders seem biased towards East Pacific, wheres the Melanesian angle to this discussion?

In conclusion, we think Rabuka is supporting Bainimarama. The diktator seats comfortably because he is now raking in what really should be given to our Politicians, our Chiefs, Heads of other Ethnic Groups in Fiji, the Business sectors, Religious Leaders, Civil Societies, Non Profit Groups and the ordinary people of Fiji. Enough of dragging the chain Bainimarama & Rabuka, just give Fiji back to the people.   

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Rabuka has doubts about 2014 Fiji elections

Last updated 12:24 19/10/2012


Sitiveni Rabuka
HOPEFUL: Former Fijian Prime Minister Sitiveni Rabuka speaks at the Democracy in the Pacific conference in Christchurch today.
Democracy in Fiji rests on a fragile election that may not happen, former Fijian Prime Minister and coup leader Sitiveni Rabuka says.
If elections do not go ahead, Prime Minister and coup leader Frank Bainimarama, who is not a member of any political party, will remain in power, he said.
Rabuka, who was speaking to gathered academics at the Democracy in the Pacific conference at the University of Canterbury this morning, voiced concerns about the promised 2014 elections - the first democratic elections since Bainimarama sized power in a 2006 military coup.
''I have not seen Mr Bainimarama move in a civilian political party organisation direction, so I don't know whether he will have a party or will join one,'' he said.
''I don't know whether we will have everything in place for the 2014 elections. Whether we can meet all the deadlines and steps remains to be seen. There are still so many detractors but the programme is in place."
While he said he hoped the elections would go ahead, he said "that hope is not based on very good grounds". On Stuff News: "Rabuka- Father of Fiji Coups Appeared Soft Towards Bainimarama's Plan on Fiji. Why?

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