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Fiji: "Crime Rate Alarm!" [Are We Surprise??]

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via Fiji Times Online - Local News by Maciu Malo on 8/16/12

A TOTAL of 3287 crimes were registered by police in the Western Division for the last two quarters.

On Wednesday, August 15, 2012, New Zealand Dominion Post ran a Front Page article on Poverty Close to Home as lifted out of 'Statistics from Oxfam and Unicef'.

Fiji scored a 25% on of 'population living below the National Basic Needs Poverty Line'.

These statistics is adequate to give us a clue as to why there will be a crime rate increase in urban areas in Fiji as can be seen in the above Fiji Times report. Bainimarama and his regime cannot deny that because of the forceful reform they are trying to implement under power of guns, the downside will be Fiji's social ills is on the upward trend.

The elite within Bainimarama's regime inner-circle will not want to address Poverty as it stands. These will be handed over to their favoured Non Profit Groups that play 'yes-man' to the diktator to handle. If the Police are breaking at the seams because of increase Crimes then would it not be wise for this regime to give up their games and quickly return Fiji to normalcy. To be honest, everyone is tired of the dragged out situation in Fiji. Everyone's patience has been exhausted. All one has to do is read blogs and comments on facebooks and listen to conversations to feel what people of Fiji are feeling.

What is becoming evident is the trial and error type of games being played by this Fiji diktator to try and figure out which will be the best solution for the mess they have put Fiji into. No matter what sort of white washing Bainimarama and Khaiyum are doing, the truth of the matter, People are tired of their egoistic plans for a new Fiji.

For all we know, the figures on Fiji's Poverty % could very well be rigged seeing how alledgedly corrupt and brutal these regime has been post 2006 to today.

Anyway, for ease of interpretation, here is the excerpt from NZ Dom Post Wed 15/8/12.."National Basic Needs Poverty Line is a measure of the minimum income needed to buy sufficient food and meet basic requirements such as housing, clothing, transport, school fees etc."~Statistics from Oxfam and Unicef

Just to make sense of what sort of guidance super powers used to guide their way through finding good governance and framing its constitution, we thought to share with you what the Americans did in the hey days and what conversations they had on which way they were to lead their people.

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"Indeed, Aristotle was credited as the original source for many doctrines generally affirmed by the Founders, including the following five:
  1. government should govern for the good of the people, not for the good of those in power;
  2. there is a natural aristocracy, and skilled statecraft arranges things so that this element acquires authority, or, failing that, blends democratic and oligarchic influences in society to approximate to that outcome;
  3. mixed regimes are better than pure regimes, because they are more stable;
  4. the best form of government in nearly all circumstances involves the balancing of aspects of all three pure regimes (kingship, aristocracy, and timocracy);
  5. a pure democracy can easily turn into a tyranny of the majority.
However, the teaching of Aristotle that was most admired by the Founders was his insistence upon the rule of law, especially as stated in a passage from the Politics, where law is said to be reason or intelligence (nous), free from passion, and, as it were, the governance of God.[4] Their imagination in this regard seems to have been captured by several passages that indicate a conception of the institution of the rule of law as akin to the institution of the Kingdom of God. As James Harrington wrote:
But that we may observe a little farther how the Heathen politicians have written, not only out of nature, but as it were out of Scripture: as in the commonwealth of Israel God is said to have been king; so the commonwealth where the law is king, is said by Aristotle to be the kingdom of God. And where by the lusts or passions of men a power is set above that of the law deriving from reason, which is the dictate of God, God in that sense is rejected or depos’d that he should not reign over them, as he was in Israel.[5]" unquote. 
Michael Pakaluk, Ave Maria University

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  1. We have valuable information on the current Fiji government dictatorship and a specific diplomat (Second Secretary Kelera) at the Fiji Embassy in Japan currently involved in kidnapping, child neglect, misuse of diplomatic powers being aided my the Ambassador of Fiji in Japan, Mataitoga, and the Current Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ratu.
    The child kidnapped in this case is believed to be somewhere in Suva or neighboring areas perhaps with a Finau Savu or Tokasa Savu. Th police know this and are doing nothing because its a government cover up.


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