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A Fijian Open Lament on Indigenous Issues in Fiji: International Day of the World's Indigenous Peoples - Thursday 9 August

Below is a link to UN Secretary General, Ban Ki-moon's speech to mark International Day of the World's Indigenous People. The UN Secretary General articulated well how Indigenous People are to be respected and viewed with regards to their way of life and most of all in sharing and telling their stories of injustices done to them.

As Fijians and blogging about this, we feel compelled to specifically draw the world's attention to what is happening in our little corner of Fiji world. It is under a military dikatorship under Voreqe Bainimarama and his legal advisor Aiyaz Khaiyum Saiyad. The two are visibly seen and noted to be the source of manipulating and destructing what Fijians [Indigenous] hold dear, our Fijian Culture and Fijian Identity.

Interestingly, no one else is being seen to be so heavily marginalised in Fiji but the Fijians themselves. Their identity of being called Fijians are being stripped from them and handed out freely without even considering their views on the matter. How insulting can this be for a Race in their own home turf? Not so long ago, the current regime forced retirement to all civil servants over the age of 5o years and most of these were Fijians [Indigenous] holding key positions eg teachers, doctors, police, nurses, administrators, surveyors and more. The Great Council of Chiefs was abolished by Bainimarama and Khaiyum, Their lifelong saving of Fiji National Provident Fund siphoned to prop up an ailing Hotel Resort in the Western Division which notably had some Fiji Indian up in Auckland playing the middle man in the money deals with a local New Zealand Company. These retired Fijians went home with nothing after having served Fiji Government for so many years. Is this fair to call it clean up? Or was Bainimarama clearing the way for his Team 2006 Coup maniacs?

Fijians are being beaten up to death and thrown in jail by Fijian army soldiers trained by United Nation for Peace Keeping and causing havoc at home in Fiji. To make matters worse these soldiers are Fijians and seen to be mistreating their own kind, why? Are they just  following orders or have they been brainwashed to turn against their own?

 Furthermore, Chiefly system are being the target of much criticisms, why? Bainimarama and Khaiyum in their arrogant stance, have stripped the very essence of what represents these Fijian people, why? Many non-Fijians and are living in Fiji or abroad are freely giving their views that Fijians are the problems in Fiji, why? Is not Fiji made up of other races that are bringing in their side of social problems to make things complex for the nation? Or are they the perfect race and so the problems lies squarely with Fijians themselves? Fiji's regime have also conveniently convicted one of our Fijian Leaders, Hon Prime Minister Laisenia Qarase and thrown him in prison a few days ago. His sins are ones allegedly committed 20 years ago, why now? This is another strategy we have observed to just weaken Fijians in their power base so when voting comes 2014 election. The Fijian power base has been weakened to the knees. Who are these regime trying to fool? Fijians are patient people and will sit things through especially those that hold Chiefly titles and in Rural Fiji and even most of our educated young ones. This Fiji regime's intent is becoming clearer by the day. 

As Fijians, we are fully aware of the view by the likes of Nik Naidu who recently got airtime with Mr Manning; On Fiji with Selwyn Manning . Whilst the interview ranged widely on issues impacting on Fiji, one thing that flagged our interest is the manner Nik Naidu continued to harp about reducing the power base for Indigenous Fijians. What is Nik Naidu's problem? Fiji is home to Indigenous Fijians just like whats happening in Tonga, Samoa, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands. The Indigenous people in these islands will be the majority in number until cross-breeding takes effect in the the next centuries or so. How about leave Fijians alone to enjoy peace once and for all. Nik Naidu, as we all knew him post Rabuka Coup of 1987 was noted to be making home-made bombs with current illegal attorney general Aiyaz Khaiyum Saiyed and is now Bainimarama's right hand man. To make matters worse, Nik Naidu does not even live in Fiji and for all we know does not even send money back home as they are all known to be. They make money in Fiji and take it out not leave it there. Fijians [Indigenous] are very much aware of what these people like nik Naidu are doing to Fiji. Indirectly they are propping the regime as we it.. Does Nik Naidu and his co-horts know that Fijians have had a blanket ban on Seasonal work scheme in New Zealand? The only ones allowed and not banned are the Halal Slaughterman from Fiji working in Meat works in New Zealand under seasonal scheme? Who gets to become more poorer in Fiji then? The Fijians themselves.

This day today, marks the celebration of Indigenous People around the world. It is our hope that Bainimarama and Khaiyum and those like them that are doing so much to deconstruct the very essence of who we are as Indigenous Fijians will be forced to have a RETHINK! 

Luvei Viti Think Tank Team


Message from the UN Secretary-General, Ban Ki-moon, marking the International Day of the World's Indigenous Peoples on Thursday 9 August. 

This year's theme is:
Indigenous Media, Empowering Indigenous Voices. You can find out more information about the day and its theme at


  1. Quote from Gone i Taukei;

    "For to lay down ones life for ones country is one of the most glorious acts of sacrifice a man can do. For in doing so one does not necessarily die for the country. For one does not die for the land, nor for the houses, the cattle, or fish. One does not die for the chief, the pampered Ratu or the Adi who will dine on roast pork tonight with a sprinkling of european dressing splashed on top to give that saliva dripping effect and a glass of the finest French wine to wash it down – while the rest of the villagers scavenge the bulago from yesterday- nor does one die or should die for the military officer who uses his soldiers as human shields. For one is a gluttonous fool, an overfed piglet with a never ending appetite for sex, wine and swine whose achievements pale to insignificance when compared to that of his predecessors, his fathers of yesteryears, conquerors who led the battles in those glory days of tribal warfare. The other is basically a coward and an idiot whose never ending repetitions of ‘progress’ in his speeches supported by a miniscule list of achievements makes me wonder if I’m still in the 80′s watching a clip from the three stooges. But one dies- and if one dies- for his country and her people, for her children, for her fathers and mothers, for her brothers and her sisters, for her future. For only in sacrifice can the children of this country be provided by the generation of today a hope for tomorrow. One must put aside ones social status, and other materialistic pleasures that are nothing but the devils trappings to cocoon us in a never ending cycle of selfishness and fear.

    For an enemy approaches and I fear is already in our midst disguised as a friend. An enemy never before faced, never before known, never before engaged. A spiritual enemy that has found a place in the hearts and minds of willing vessels, terrorists. Taking the form of a brother, a sister, a mother, a father, it seeks to shatter age old traditions and customs of the i Taukei and render the i Taukei landless. An enemy, that, in its very nature is evil. It dreams, but only of evil. Motivated by greed and hate it seeks only to invade and plunder the wealth of the Owners of this Land. An enemy that, instead of bridging the racial divide, has widened it more. We must not flee in the face of this threat, of this demonic horde, imminent though it may be, we must stand and fight. Neither must we be foolish to throw oneself carelessly into its open jaw. I could never even imagine the thought of my bones being crushed by its rotten teeth. But we must, in all sleekyness and slyness, foxily outwit the enemy with our ideas, small as it may seem but when put together collectively we could make Hiroshima look like childs play. I do not, however, propose that we build bombs and guns and bazookas! Heavens no! Far be it from me to turn my little paradise into a terrorist playground, a wasteland. God forbid that such ideas ever see the light of day. I am simply talking about ideas. Simple ideas. Simply.

    Think about it. A spiritual, intellectual, cultural kind of bomb searing through every fabric of society, ignited by the desire to change and fused with a progressive mindset, breaking every wall and destroying every barricade that for the past twenty years or so has robbed us of our rightful inheritance as children of God, the i Taukei, custodians of this land yet willingly sharing it with those who deserve it. Think. About it. A bomb that could go off tomorrow and with it the racism, the anger, distrust, and pain that has so far succeeded in separating the Indians and Fijians, tearing this country apart and economically slowing down our progress. A bomb that, instead of resentment brings forgiveness, instead of hurt brings healing, instead of hate brings love. Think about it. Is it possible? Maybe. Its only an idea of freedom." unquote

  2. We have valuable information on the current Fiji government dictatorship and a specific diplomat (SS Kelera) at the Fiji Embassy in Japan currently involved in kidnapping, child neglect, misuse of diplomatic powers being aided my the Ambassador of Fiji in japan, Mataitoga, and the Current Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ratu.


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