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Fiji Race Card & Identity: This Should Signal Strong Message to Fiji's Regime: "Fiji India Business Council says private sector also suffering."

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The name selected by Fiji Indians living in New Zealand is evident of how they want to be known.  They call themselves Fiji India Business Council. 

These group of people with strong Fiji origins are not even given the opportunity in New Zealand to be categorise as Pacific People. They have to come under Multi Ethnic Affairs which means they are under Asia or Asia Downunder as our young Fiji-Indian Newsman like to call themselves. so what is Bainimarama and Khaiyum going on about to scrap Fijian from Fijians themselves and offer it on a platter for a cost to those living overseas as an assurance of being a Fijian citizen.

In short most of these who have got good jobs and are born overseas do not want to pay $3000 FID as we are told unofficially is the cost for a Fiji Citizenship. They are well settled in their new homeland and just do not want to prop up a fail state. Perhaps go there for holiday and thats all about there is for them.

Good on you Fiji Indian Council for standing your ground as to your identity!

 Luvei Viti Think Tank Team.
Fiji India Business Council says private sector also suffering

via Intelligentsiya by Keep The Faith on 7/23/12

Posted at 19:14 on 23 July, 2012 UTC

The President of the Fiji India Business Council, Swani Maharaj, says that while the gap between rich and poor is widening as the cost of living rises, there is not much the private sector can do because it too is suffering.

Mr Maharaj was responding to comments made by Father Kevin Barr, who says that business interests are being showered with all sorts of incentives while workers wages are kept low and poverty and inequality increases.

Mr Maharaj questions how much the private sector can do as it is also suffering the effects of the worldwide economic downturn.

He says one way to alleviate the burden would be for people to plant their own crops to live off.
"We are encouraging the people to plant their own fresh vegetables and fruits and encouraging the farmers to do multi-cropping with the sugar cane planting which should help, but the problem now is that a lot of people are getting out of farms and not willing to work in their backyard, they just earn wages and do a living from that, that's an unfortunate part."
The President of the Fiji India Business Council, Swani Maharaj.

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