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EU Fact Finding Mission to Fiji: "Fijians [Indigenous Fijians] says Tread with Care EU & your Representatives in Fiji!"

Reflections: EU & their representative researching Fiji saga, we ask, please go easy. Fiji has suffered a dry and difficult period of coup de tat cultures for over 25 years. Please do not send Samoa as you are trying to do to speak on our behalf. We are from the South Pacific Islands but our Cultures are so different; one is Melanesia and one is Polynesia. 

Even if Melanesians, we do things even differently. Tread with care is all we ask and respect us for who we are. The days of dishing our your Western thinking is now being challenged. Fijians have a culture that must not be watered down just for ease of administration purpose or mere funding for that purpose.

As Indigenous Fjians we will only accept changes from what the Fijian people and their Chiefs want. No more or no less.

Luvei Viti Think Tank Team.

From Voice Melansesia
ACP – EU fact finding mission want to know the root causes of coup d'├ętat in Fiji
By Online Editor
3:58 pm GMT+12, 24/07/2012, Fiji
The ACP-EU Joint Parliamentary Assembly (JPA) fact finding mission to Fiji says the mission wants to see the island nation return to democratic and parliamentary democracy.

JPA co-President Musikari Kombo says his team wanted to  find out the progress on the process for the restoration of democracy, the holding of free and fair elections, and eventually, effective and truly
representative parliamentary democracy.

"Fiji has been undergoing some political difficulties over the years. So we are here to try and understand the root causes that led to four coups d'├ętat.

"We did not come here to find solutions because that is an internal matter for Fiji. We came here to consult for three days to grasp what is going on in Fiji and will report back to the JPA," he said

Kombo says they held talks with relevant stakeholders in Fiji that make up the political landscape of the island nation.

"We have talked to civil societies, we have talked to the government, past political leaders, former Prime Ministers, we have talked to the Constitutional Commission that is charged with responsibility of making a new constitution. So it's been diverse," Kombo told reporters in Fiji's capital Suva.

He said the JPA mission acknowledges the process for the restoration of democracy depends on the people of Fiji themselves.

"The international community can provide advice, financial and technical support to support the Fijian people to find a solution and create a stable and sustainable democratic system.

In this regard, the process of Constitution making and electoral process is extremely important.

"The process must lead to the establishment of strong and effective institutions of governance, namely, an effective legislature that is able to oversee and scrutinise government action and provide checks and balances to the executive, as well as an independent judiciary," the ACP/EU mission statement said.

While refraining from making specific recommendations for the constitution making process, the JPA mission believes that this must be guided by the general and commonly accepted international norms and values of democratic government and constitutional making, such as consultation, dialogue and inclusiveness.

To be credible and legitimate, the constitutional making process must be widely representative and have the support and confidence of the people of Fiji.

"The process must lead to the holding of free and fair elections, which must be based on an electoral system that is open, transparent and representative.

"The process must promote national reconciliation and the foundation of a democratic and just society firmly established on the rule of law and respect for human rights," the mission stated.

The JPA mission believes that measures must be provided for the people to effectively contribute to the process and civic education will therefore be extremely important in this process.

"In this regard, it is important to guarantee the freedom of the press, freedom of association and respect for human rights, while underlining that the important process of constitution making cannot take place in a climate of fear and intimidation. The JPA mission takes note that the Government is taking steps to help address this.

The mission will submit its full report to the Bureau of the ACP-EU Joint Parliamentary Assembly (JPA) at its meeting that will be held in Brussels in September and will be adopted at the Joint JPA meeting in Suriname in November.

13)Gap Between Rich And Poor Fiji Allegedly Wider Since 2006 Coup
Class differences increasing as residents 'struggle' to get by
WELLINGTON, New Zealand (Radio New Zealand International, July 23, 2012) – The chairman of the Fiji Wages Council, Father Kevin Barr, says the gap between rich and poor has widened in Fiji since the 2006 coup.
In his assessment of the situation in Fiji since 2006 Father Barr says class differences are increasing, and while investors and tourists are provided with attractive incentives, the poor and ordinary people of the country struggle to feed their families.
The president of the Fiji Trades Union Congress, Daniel Urai, agrees with that assessment.
"There are more people outside of employment, and those that have some form of employment face some form of repression to ensure that they are paid the lowest that they can be paid. And the prices of basic good items in Fiji are increasing by the day."
The general secretary for the Fiji Islands Council of Trade Unions, Attar Singh, says trade unions have much less ability to influence change in the workplace and very few workers in both the public and private sectors have seen pay rises since 2006.
Radio New Zealand International:

Fiji Race Card & Identity: This Should Signal Strong Message to Fiji's Regime: "Fiji India Business Council says private sector also suffering."

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The name selected by Fiji Indians living in New Zealand is evident of how they want to be known.  They call themselves Fiji India Business Council. 

These group of people with strong Fiji origins are not even given the opportunity in New Zealand to be categorise as Pacific People. They have to come under Multi Ethnic Affairs which means they are under Asia or Asia Downunder as our young Fiji-Indian Newsman like to call themselves. so what is Bainimarama and Khaiyum going on about to scrap Fijian from Fijians themselves and offer it on a platter for a cost to those living overseas as an assurance of being a Fijian citizen.

In short most of these who have got good jobs and are born overseas do not want to pay $3000 FID as we are told unofficially is the cost for a Fiji Citizenship. They are well settled in their new homeland and just do not want to prop up a fail state. Perhaps go there for holiday and thats all about there is for them.

Good on you Fiji Indian Council for standing your ground as to your identity!

 Luvei Viti Think Tank Team.
Fiji India Business Council says private sector also suffering

via Intelligentsiya by Keep The Faith on 7/23/12

Posted at 19:14 on 23 July, 2012 UTC

The President of the Fiji India Business Council, Swani Maharaj, says that while the gap between rich and poor is widening as the cost of living rises, there is not much the private sector can do because it too is suffering.

Mr Maharaj was responding to comments made by Father Kevin Barr, who says that business interests are being showered with all sorts of incentives while workers wages are kept low and poverty and inequality increases.

Mr Maharaj questions how much the private sector can do as it is also suffering the effects of the worldwide economic downturn.

He says one way to alleviate the burden would be for people to plant their own crops to live off.
"We are encouraging the people to plant their own fresh vegetables and fruits and encouraging the farmers to do multi-cropping with the sugar cane planting which should help, but the problem now is that a lot of people are getting out of farms and not willing to work in their backyard, they just earn wages and do a living from that, that's an unfortunate part."
The President of the Fiji India Business Council, Swani Maharaj.

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NZ, Fiji Hold ‘Positive’ Talks


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Press Release – Pacific Media Watch

Fiji and New Zealand have held talks to rebuild diplomatic relations. Foreign Affairs Minister Ratu Inoke Kubuabola met his New Zealand counterpart Murray McCully yesterday.NZ, Fiji Hold 'Positive' Talks

By Mary Rauto

SUVA (The Fiji Times / Pacific Media Watch): Fiji and New Zealand have held talks to rebuild diplomatic relations.

Foreign Affairs Minister Ratu Inoke Kubuabola met his New Zealand counterpart Murray McCully yesterday.

NZ Prime Minister John Key was quoted by overseas media as saying McCully was in Fiji in his capacity as chair of the Pacific Islands Forum Ministerial Contact Group.

Ratu Inoke, who returned from the opening of Fiji's Embassy in Korea yesterday, went straight into a meeting with McCully. 

He described the meeting as positive saying it would be etched in the history books of both countries.

He said New Zealand was ready to help Fiji with $0.5 million for the work of the Constitutional Commission.

Ratu Inoke said since Fiji was suspended from the Pacific Islands Forum in 2009, the nation's "Look North Plus" foreign policy had been revamped to establish ties with countries that understood Fiji's political and economic situation.

"However, with yesterday's meeting, I am optimistic that relations between Fiji and New Zealand are beginning to normalise, an added impetus towards good governance and democratic elections, all of which were central in Fiji's way forward," he said in a statement.

McCully also met with the Pacific Islands Forum secretary-general Tuiloma Neoroni Slade.

He flew out of Fiji yesterday afternoon


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