Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Fijians and their 'Vanua" Land: 'So Fiji's Regime Wants more Hold on Fijian Land??"

How can Ratu Inoke be calling for a review when his bakyard is so in a mess. First up this regime has tried to gag up the very people that owns the land and make Government totally in control of land dealings.

A classic example is the Voice &  Protest by the Chiefly people of Namosi. They simple have had enough dilly-dallying from this Fiji regime's cohorts and their deals for Bauxite Mining. What did the Namosi elders and people do? They basically told Fiji's current regime to pull their socks up?

Is this why Ratu Inoke is calling for a review. Perhaps its time to round up the Fijian Chiefs and landowning units to file a lawsuit against this current regime for delving and stuffing up their Indigenous Rights of self Determination.
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Call to review mining laws

Samisoni Nabilivalu

MINING should only be advanced if it does not compromise the sustainability of the environment, Minister for Foreign Affairs and International Co-operation, Ratu Inoke Kubuabola told representatives of the Melanesian Spearhead Group.

The group attended the inaugural Melanesian Spearhead Group Environment and Climate Change Ministers meeting and discussed environmental concerns in MSG terrestrial minerals development.

Ratu Inoke said there was a need to address pressing mining issues relating to capacity building, environmental management, mining waste disposal, and technical skills and equipment. Other issues he raised included land lease and access, social and cultural impacts, access to mineral data and information, value addition, infrastructure, and good governance and transparency.

Representatives were told of the need to review the relevant legislations pertaining to mining with a view to addressing all the key issues, particularly the environment implications even at the prospecting stage.

This, Ratu Inoke said, included laws being amended and being aligned to current laws on environment management and the need for clear and robust regulatory framework and policies to ensure proper compliance with high international standards.

He said MSG countries should also place emphasis on capacity building for mining and environment regulators to ensure proper compliance and the monitoring of mining activities

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