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Fiji Refuses Entry to International Union Delegation



Fiji Refuses Entry to International Union Delegation

Brussels, 13 December 2011 (ITUC OnLine): The refusal by the Fiji authorities to allow an Australian and New Zealand trade union delegation to enter the country today shows that the country is "sliding deeper into dictatorship", according to ITUC General Secretary Sharan Burrow.

"The Fiji regime has maintained that it is open to outside scrutiny, but this denial of entry tells the opposite story.  Try as the military authorities might, the spotlight will continue to shine on their violations of workers' rights and other basic freedoms.  Todays' events will only increase pressure on the regime," said Burrow.

The delegation, led by ACTU Australia President Ged Kearney, was refused permission to enter the country on arrival at Nadi airport and deported without any access to consular assistance.  Delegation members' mobile phones were confiscated until their departure.  The New Zealand and Australian unions had planned to meet Prime Minister Bainimarama to seek a fresh dialogue on human and labour rights in Fiji, and had also planned to meet Fiji trade union counterparts, church leaders, and other civil society and business representatives.

The ITUC represents 175 million workers in 153 countries and territories and has 308 national affiliates.

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    I live a few minutes from the Snoqualmie Casino and I guarantee all money received from this tribe is clean as driven snow. However under no circumstances will a heavy investment in a foreign and seemingly unstable country survive. My advice to the Snoqualmie Tribe is - don't walk away from this opportunity but RUN as fast as you can!

  2. Thank you for this valued comments. It is an eye opening one too for that matter. It is obvious that this casino project dreamed up by this regime & its co-horts have not thought it through in detail. There is no evidence of what model it is citing. It is doomed to fail as you have clearly outlined. Visitors numbers to Fiji includes those transitting. Those that stay are as you rightfully said, there for holiday away from the happenings of a busy city life including casinos. Its anything to grab the interest of those silly enough to want to invest at such a time when Fiji has been declared a failed state. How their investment is going to pan out in the end is another story.

  3. If you have comments regarding the Fiji Island casino and want your voice heard by a major US newspaper send an email to:
    Thank you

  4. A Major US Newspaper Wants To Hear From You -

    If you have comments regarding the Fiji Island casino and want your voice heard by a major US newspaper send an email to:

    Thank you

  5. Thank you @ Anon. we have noted the email address given & will reponsd accordingly. We will also gauge recations and comments from our Luvei Viti Think Tank forum. Much appreciated.


    Fiji residents please click on this link for the official response from the Snoqualmie Tribal Chief. Its clear there is a rat involved coming from the investors side. According to this open letter the Tribal Administrator is a "rouge and opportunistic" in the worst sense of the phrase....Genuine US casino investors refuse to spend a dime on Fiji, who from the Snoqualmie Tribe thinks spending millions of dollars on a REMOTE exotic spot in the Pacific Ocean is a good idea. What is his motivation??? Free trips and immunity from blame when the money disappears? When the Tribal Administrators money is not involved of course spending someone elses money is the right thing to do.

    Owning and operating a casino in a thriving market is tricky business. Owning one on Fiji is insanity. Stop Mr. Claunch from stealing money from the Snoqualmie Tribe by revoking the Fiji gambling license today.

  7. Thank you for your response and comments.
    Much appreciated.


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