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Fiji Labour Party Stalwarts & Opportunists Lobbying Already: How Pathetic!! Radio New Zealand Appears to be Feeding off this Mr Nobody 'Nik Naidu'!!

Reflections: Who is Nik Naidu to be given so much airtime in New Zealand speaking on behalf of all Fiji people living in New Zealand. We do not know him and have no interest in his part of co-ordinating his Fiji Labour Party movement as it appears to be. If for anthing these hard core Fiji-Indian group sitting up in Auckland with Alton Shameem & Co are the very ones that had propped up Bainimarama & Khaiuyum making Fiji in the mess it is now.

A case in point, lets ask Nik Naidu & Co, who was the Indian business men/women that helped Blue Chips in Auckland struck a deal with Fiji National Provident Fund to proceed with hotel developments in Momi Beach which then became bankrupt? Who was their contact sitting in the Ministry that actually signed the documents agreeing for the release of Fiji National Provident Funds towards the project? These are just some of minute questions we would like Nik Naidu & Co a group of Fiji Indian business men/women that have tried to flag themselves as wannabe leaders just because Roko Ului is hard out trying to resolve the impasse Fiji is in.

Like it or lump it, we do not know you Nik Naidu & we will organise ourselves the way we want to not your way.
If Radio New Zealand gives you airtime for your thoughts and views, we don''t because we have no idea who you are and what you have done for Fiji to be claiming to be a spokesperson for God knows which segment.
By Luvei Viti Think Tank Team.

From: Nik Naidu []
Sent: Tuesday, 14 June 2011 12:31 a.m.
To: Stuart Huggett;
Cc: Jone Baledrokadroka; Tupeni Baba; K.N.Investments Ltd.; Asenaca Uluiviti; Robin Irwin
Subject: RE: Visit of Ratu Tevita Uluilakeba Mara to NZ


Not sure what has brought about all these responses from you? As spokesperson, I am compelled to respond as you have gone 'public' with this.As mentioned to you, we are a Coalition of many groups, view points and people.

Out of the 20 committee members and people who were consulted, 4 have your point of view, 12 agree with what was in the media release, and we have yet to hear from the other 4. Now our decision making process is that we go with the majority view - that is democracy in action! 3 of the 4 that think Mr Mara should be allowed to visit NZ - respect this decision and have accepted it. You are the 4th person - but you have chosen to go public with your disagreement, and lobby against it! However, this is your democratic right and we respect it, but it appears we need to clarify our position further.

Also, as mentioned to you on the phone on Saturday, your thinking around this is understood, but we work on a consensus, and our final media release (after 5 drafts!) is also consistent with and inline with our aims, and what we have been saying since 1987.

And also as mentioned on the phone, your view is also respected, and we feel you should respect the committee's stand. This is how we have worked since 1987, and there are many times when I, for example, have personally had to tone down or compromise what I felt. Can we not agree to disagree on certain things? We cannot have it all our way - that, I think is hinging on a dictatorship? And do we not want the same things for Fiji - equality, respect for human rights, following the rule of law, justice and fairness for all it's people?

The Coalition for Democracy in Fiji does not formulate policy with regards to whether it pleases the illegal military regime in Fiji or not. It stands on principle. We are not a political organisation and do not align ourselves with any political party. We are a human rights organisation.

We believe in a peaceful non-violent solution to Fiji's future - what message do you send if you have a torturer and military person as your 'poster boy'?

And not sure what other movements for democracy you are talking about? There is possibly one other political-party-sponsored group and another ethnically-aligned movement in Australia which supports democracy. And not sure why this issue or disagreement on a matter of principle should 'split' any groups that are in support of democracy? Surely, you should give us all more credit - we will not 'split-up' just because of a disagreement on the granting of entry to an army colonel., who until recently was very much disliked by these other 'significant number of Fiji people' that you mention. Those 3 that do not agree are still with us - and they have emailed back amicably with their views. It is hoped you are still with us? There are much wider and more important issues to debate and work on - such as the future of Fiji, rather than debating amongst ourselves on a 'suspect army has-been'.

This is just a storm in tea cup, and it will go blow over, as have many other similar issues have in the past, but we will still be here. We have made many dozens of statements in the past on upholding human rights, and opposing perpetrators of violence. How come Mr Mara is so special? Plus do we really want this sort of person being a champion of the pro-democracy movement?

And how is it that we are giving so much prominence to a military commander and a person who has committed treason and human rights abuses? And why 'look forward to him standing before a court to answer for them in due course' – why not put him on trial now? Are these the credentials that a (future) Fiji leader should have?

Are we that desperate and that vehement about our dislike for the current regime, that we are willing to compromise our principles and become supporters of a man who only until recently was carrying out gross human rights abuses?

Stuart – we need to stand firm on what we believe in, and not be swayed or tempted by unethical politicking.

By copy of this email, I am also bcc'ing it to the committee and wider-coalition.

Nik Naidu

From: Stuart Huggett []
Sent: Monday, 13 June 2011 5:16 p.m.
Cc: Nik Naidu; Jone Baledrokadroka; Tupeni Baba; K.N.Investments Ltd.; Asenaca Uluiviti; Robin Irwin
Subject: Visit of Ratu Tevita Uluilakeba Mara to NZ

Dear Halia

My name is Stuart Huggett. I am an architect in NZ and Fiji and before the Fiji military coup of 2006 was the chairman of the Public Service Commission in Fiji.

I am writing to inform the Hon Minister of Foreign Affairs that a significant number of Fiji people here in New Zealand do not agree with the stance taken by Mr Nik Naidu in his recent letter to the PM and yourself. Specifically we are disturbed that his recent statement will have the effect of splitting the democracy movement here just at the time when a major effort is required. This, of course is just the sort of outcome that the Fiji regime would relish. I am hoping that the movement here in New Zealand will be meeting during the coming week to provide a more coordinated response to events and I will keep you up to date with our deliberations.

To strengthen this opinion of support for the efforts of Ratu Mara I think it is significant that two ministers of the deposed Qarase government, currently here in New Zealand - Hon Robin Irwin and Hon Rajesh Singh - agree most emphatically with this point of view.

For your information I am copying below the text of my recent email to Nik Naidu on this matter:

Dear Nik

Further to our discussion yesterday evening I have to confirm my disagreement with this request to the NZ government. I think that now is the time for all the Democracy for Fiji movements around the world to stand up with a single voice and Mara, at last seems to be the person able to do this. Barring him from NZ makes this strategy much more difficult and is divisive. Frankly I see no difference between talking to John Samy as you do, and talking to Ului Mara - both are/were supporters of an illegal, treasonous and abusive regime which is steadily destroying Fiji. Mara, at least seems to have seen the light whereas Samy seems still to be part of the 'team'. As for Mara's various human rights crimes I look forward to him standing before a court to answer for them in due course - as he has indicated he is prepared to do.

By fragmenting the various democracy movements - as this proposal; does - pressure on the Fiji regime is diluted and far less effective, in fact, Bainimarama and Kaiyum would right now be hoping for exactly this outcome from Mara's defection.

Please let me know if I can help with any further information

Kindest regards



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