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Run Bhainimarama & Khaiyum Run: Fijians are Now Tracking You Both!!

"Bose Vanua" or "The Fijian Conversation":

To Support Roko Ului 's Plight !! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!

Ratu Tevita Uluilakeba Mara's Journey out of Fiji's Military Dungeon to the Palace in Tonga

"Na vakavinavinaka cecekia vua na Turaga na Tui Tonga kei na Matanitu o Tonga kei ira na lewe ni vanua ena nodra ciqomi Roko Ului, na Gone Turaga mai na Vanua vakaturaga o Lau."

(Fijian Version)

Our sincere thanks & appreciations goes to the King of Tonga & the Government and its people for receiving & welcoming our young Fijian Chief & former Army Military man Roko Ului at your shores.

Alot has been said and bloggers monitoring Fiji situation has been on point to highlight Roko Ului's journey out of Fiji to Tonga.

As many of us as Fiji people both in Fiji & offshore have seen this as a break from the "CYCLE OF OPPRESSION" the people of Fiji has been put through post 2006 Coup by Voreqe Bainimarama & his side kick Khaiyum A. Saiyed.

It is true that Roko Ului was part of the military elites when the 2006 was executed as many Fiji people have echoed. However, for us as ordinary Fijians who love to see people of Fiji be freed off the shackles of bondage forced upon them, Roko Ului's taking refuge in Tonga is indeed that break.
We will stand united and be prepared to support him for his stand to remove both Voreqe Bainimarama and Khaiyum Saiyed. This is now our fight and collectively we will see that it happens.

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Bula vinaka kei kemuni kece na noda i tokani & Friends of Fiji
We have initiated an online *"Bose Vanua" and/or Fijian Conversation"
to give all of us an opportunity to come up with suggestions & thoughts.

For those that would like to just send an email plse do so via

Some key suggestions received:

Beginning now everyday until Fiji comes for the World Rugby World Cup 2011:

- *Fijian Blue Ribbon* worldwide tagging be it wear blue, in any shape or form or have blue somewhere in yr car window, social sites anything Blue.

- This will indicate our "United Stand" as an outcome for what is happening now to Fiji esp for *Roko Ului* who is being subjected to a Regional man-hunt it seems by Fiji's regime.
- We must send a signal that *Enough is Enough.*
Vinaka na vakalevu,


"On Mon, May 16, 2011 at 2:59 PM, Mr Loruama wrote: I think we should just come together

and disrupt the Fiji Military Forces in their attempt to get Roko Ului to be extradicted to Fiji.
This not going to happen because the Royal Famuily in Tonga will listen to the President of Fiji who is a close relative of both Roko Ului and the Tui Tonga.

We just need to disrupt the Unity in the Fiji Military Forces. Bainimarama is so frightened that he is now afraid of his own shadow.

'Na Dina' Fiji Truth will Prevail in the end.

Fiji Truth Commission Movement.

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  1. Removal Men
    Posted on May 18, 2011 by FijiGirl
    Coup 4.5 deserves full credit for staying ahead of the curve with the Mara-v-regime story, and for breaking the news that the illegal Dictator (and his puppet) are planning to remove the illegal President, AND that the illegal President is about to remove them instead. I don’t know about you, but of the lesser of the evils I would prefer Ratu Epeli Nailatikau over OmniVore/iArse. For all his sins (and there are many), Nailatikau is likely and ready to take us back to elections and democracy.

    Senior officers of our military – This is YOUR CHANCE FOR GREATNESS. Overthrow Bainimarama and iArse. They are only two men who are absolutely useless at fighting. You WILL WIN this one.

    Soldiers – this is your chance to REALLY serve the best interests of our beloved country by bringing down an evil and illegal dictator. Close ranks AGAINST Bainimarama & iArse and you will feel the love and adoration of We The People for doing the right thing.

    Ratu Epeli – if Bainimarama and iArse try to blackmail you with ANYTHING, for God’s sake, don’t listen to them. There is no information that they can spread about you which the entire population doesn’t already know. (This is Fiji, for goodness sake. No-one has secrets – even the bit about the Tui Cakau was known far and wide throughout his province.) Please accept, sir, that we know many of your sins already, and that We The People want rid of this illegal regime even more than you do. This is your chance to correct the mistakes of the past. Return us to democracy, the rule of law and free, fair elections.

    God bless Fiji


  3. Vinaka na veitalanoa & thanks for visiting.
    Yes May God Bless Fiji at this bleak times.
    LV TT Team.


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