Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Fijian Boys & RWC2011: Dictatorship is taking over the Fiji Rugby

The Minister of Foreign Affairs
Dear Sir,
As indicated in the article below, the Fiji Rugby Union has been taken over by the Fiji Military in order to extend its control over the Fiji population.
To date NZ ban on Fiji military personnel and relatives entering NZ has been working very well and is bringing home clearly to the dictatorship in Fiji that the world is not satisfied with Fiji's progress towards the restoration of democracy in the country.
The dictatorship is taking over the Fiji Rugby Union to enable them crack open NZ's ban on Fiji personnel, to enable military personnel enter NZ to participate in the Rugby World Cup. This may be viewed as an attempt to bypass the ban through the backdoor.
We the people of Fiji fully support NZ's ban on military personnel and relatives entering NZ.
So we are asking you humbly Sir to maintain the ban on all Fiji miliatary personnel and relatives entering NZ as we move towards the RWC end of this year.
Hoping for your contunued support to bring back democracy to Fiji.
Below is a recent related media article on the military takeover of the Fiji Rugby Union.
Thanking you

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Fiji rugby goes to the dogs

The illegal regime has officially got its ugly hooks into Fiji rugby with the election today of Colonel Mosese Tikoitoga and Colonel Joeli Cawaki to the Fiji Rugby Union.
Cawaki and Tikoitoga were elected along with the cabinet minister Ilaitia Tuisesi and Rupeni Nacewa, a former private secretary to president Josefa Iloilo who is the new chairman. The president is the MP, Isakeli Tasere.
Also elected today were lawyer Joeli Baledrokadroka as legal director, accountant Napolioni Batimala financial director and businessman Cama Maimuria as a member of the board of trustees.

The illegal regime has been angling for control of the FRU since last year when it demanded the resignation of the union's board and executive members over alleged mismanagement of a Rugby World Cup fundraising lottery.

An investigation by the Fiji Commerce Commission conveniently claimed to have found discrepancies between ticket sales and receipts and alleged some lottery funds had been used to fund overseas trips by directors.

All board members offered to resign but the International Rugby Board insisted the election of new board members could only take place at the annual general meeting.

The IRB warned any violation of the union's constitution could result in Fiji losing its status as a member in good standing, effectively barring Fiji from international rugby.

But the international body has since taken a carefully conciliatory line with Fiji's military regime.

Its chief executive Mike Miller said during a recent visit to New Zealand that he hoped it would relax the travel sanctions against regime members, including Bainimarama, to attend the World Cup matches in September.

Six of the new board members were elected today at the meeting in Sigatoka by delegates from Fiji's provincial rugby union and three by trustees. (Original source AP and FBC)

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