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"Eda sa qai vaka rau sarava eso na mata ni meke wararasa!! "

Fijian News program last night "Domo i Viti'' 531pi revealed some gut-wrenching insights into what Khaiyum Sayed is doing to Fiji. The report stated Khaiyum's actions in dictating to Voreqe Bainimarama what needs to be done in the running of Fiji has caused some concerns amongst the elites of Fiji Military Council. Not so long ago, Ratu Epeli Ganilau holding a key post in diktator's regime resigned for this same reason i.e Khaiuym Saiyed as illegal Attorney General has been given far too much power to say 'hey or nay' to how Fiji and its people are being governed under this dictatorship.

It is a sad day for Fiji to be made aware that it is being run by thugs like Khaiyum Saiyed. What has he done in previous years towards the building of Fiji? Where did Khaiyum Saiyed spring from to be given such a key role in being the dictator's 'brains' for all the ills & wrongs being done to the Nation Fiji & its people? What reform are they trying to do? Is it Structural Adjustment, Khaiyu-Baini vore style?

Enough is Enough? The more we read about whats happening in Fiji with now Roko Ului 's taking refuge under the Kingdom of Tonga, the more we see Khaium-Baini vore digging their fingers & toes into fundings. These are what is now the driving force. Funds are being siphoned into Fiji supposedly for the benefit of the Nation in Fiji & its people but instead it is going towards a structulism project or cra***ppy Reforms designed by these thugs.

Both these two men Bainimarama & Khaiyum need to be held to account of having put the people of Fiji through so much grief and pain. It is now our turn as citizens, vested interests, friends, and those who just wants to see Fiji revive itself from all these madness.

Tried to search Tongan Matangi: - appears to be still asleep. Perhaps, when they wake up today, it will then hit them that they are Heroes by taking under their Kingdom's wing - Roko Ului, a High Chief & son of the late Sau Tui Nayau kei na Vanua o Lau: Ratu Sir KKT Mara -Fiji's Founding Father, former President & First Prime Minister for Fiji.


  1. The problem with Fiji is that it has never learnt the ills of coups. Mara's defection and escape to Tonga is yet another episode to the whole coup saga. As the saying goes: "No honor amongst thieves". The escape is like an episode of a contemporary drug gang movie when an aggrieved member makes an exit move following a bust-up with his leader! Nothing new about this kind of conflict. History gives us many stories of similar defections. Fiji's coup record though reveals to us that its institutions - democratic, historical and traditional have somehow systematically undergone abuse and destruction when gun trotting military men walk into corridors of power. Its something that the Fijian armed men have in their nature! With some wierd vision or undertsanding of the security assessment they undertake, they keep overthrowing civic leaders voted to power by the people. Basically, Fiji's military coups reveal a very simple picture - its about soldiers come bandits rampaging their way to government and abusing institutions and traditions of the state. They always leave a host of unwanted costs that taxpayers and citizens pick up later - its a dilemma that Fiji citizens have hence the growing frustration with the army and the question that many are now posing - why have a military institution? This coup is the worst yet because it has become the longest undemocratic leadership with all sorts of intitutional reorganisations, decrees and loans from other countries that the citizens do not have a say in! It is nothing more than vanadalism in broad day light. Theft and abuse of state resources, social thuggery and undignified treatment of citizens are hallmarks. Corruption in the form of overnight accmulation of wealth and status by some is a feature of the junta which is what is common in many regimes of this nature. The unfortunate result is that it causes more hardships then progress to the mass. So all who supported the 2006 coup with idea of bringing a fairer and equal Fiji about should be wise to learn. So Uluilakeba's exit to Tonga has many reflections. After all it is not new to see one right hand man falling out with his leader. There are many episodes in political, military, and evangalical history about this. The irony though is Uluilakeba was a party to the initial crime so in a sense he is complicit. He can completely isolate himself from the problem Fiji is in. Can freedom fighters therefore adhere to his call for democracy? Does the fact that his deal of the 2006 coup did not work mean that he should now lead Fji back to democracy? Is he the person to call for regime change just because he feels betrayed by the military junta? (more people have been betrayed including his very own blood relative the Roko Tui Dreketi from his own part in 2006 coup). So Uluilakeba's defection after the abuse and violation of citizen's dignity and freedom and abrogation of the consitution is a conundrum. It will certainly cause huge cracks in the Bainimarama regime. For one defector to assume the charge of leading Fiji back to democracy is not very convincing! That charge is best left to the people who will in their own way identify their leader. Uluilakeba would be wise to remain cautiously patient for the law to decide his fate. That is the best he can do for now......especially when he is in the security of kinly and kingly service of Tonga. His fate and those of others behind Bainimarama should be considered with deep and articulate thought having Fiji's future in mind because the 2006 coup, being the longest yet has virtually distorted most of what Fiji as a nation and its people stand for. Hopefully his kinly ties with Tonga will drive some sensible thinking to him so that he can seek pardon from kinly ties in Fiji too. This to my view is Uluilakeba's serious and immediate call, not leading the charge for regime change as regime change is beyond his reach and can happen without his involvement.

  2. The truth is out there....Bainivuaka & Arse - Sayed should face it now.

  3. Lets do more walk than talk,its time for the people of Fiji to do something, this Muslims will shrink the nation to the core, Baini won't be bothered one bit, and even the army, they all play gagu, pretending not knowing anything, I just could not imagine, how these soldiers worked for a fortnight, without sweating, but torturing people, and they go home to their families on pay day, with money or food and said, here eat or here go buy something, my question, what seed are they planting to their children, or what message are they giving to them, I am sure not all soldiers fall in to the same category but maybe just a hand full of them, my advise to them, one day your own children will turn against you, people of Fiji are crying but you are not listening, the church the vanua, and even the matanitu which you forcefully overthrown.come on people of Fiji,something good and big is about to happen. sa kena gauna qo, tucake, tu vakatagane, VALA. the army can not shoot back at their kai,they would be very very stupid to do that,who knows they might join us, I believe most of them are just waiting for something to happen, because of the fear of curses that will follow them untill their fourth genration.if they still want to be loyal to the dictators. sa qaravi ga na Kalou tani oya esa ravuravu saraga na Kalou, kemuni na sotia, veitalia saraga o ali rikarika tiko ena loma ni vale ni lotu ena siga ni lotu, ke sa qarava ga na kalou tani na nomui liuliu se tui, rusa vata kece, e tu ena nomui vola tabu qai vaka wilika.ia ni sa ravuravu mai na Kalou, e sega walega ni ravuti iko, sa qai ka vaka loloma ni o qai sarava ni na dewa sobu vei ira na na luvemu, kei ira na kuvedra me yacova nai ka va ni taba tamata, e se rawa qo na veisau, biuta na matanitu lasulasu qaravi matakau kalou lasulasu qori, to, ka tu taka na dina mo sereki kina, baleta na drakidrakita ni bula o sa lai tu kina qori soldier boy, esa nomu saraga vatakei na Kalou, e sega tale ni o Bainimarama, se o Kaiyum, sa o iko sraga. e so ena cata beka nio na vakamasuti yani o iko na sotia mo vakamalumalumu taki iko, lesu vale, kua tale ni lako i na keba, you will survive like every one else, I'm sure ni na lesu tale na matanitu ena kena i tutu dina, ena rawa ni na vakalesui tala na nomu cakacaka, o sa na qai marautaka na nomu cakacaka, ka vakauasivi ni o na marautaka na kemu i sau, e ra na qai rairai vinaka na lewe ni matavuvale ni ra sa na lana mai nai lavo dina e buno ka cakacakataki vakadodonu. ni qai kalougata tiko na lewe i Viti.


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