Tuesday, April 26, 2011

When Fiji Freedom was Sweet then!! 1966 Pictures of THE FIJI TIMES - down memory line


When Fiji was once a free land and people get to roam and get on with their daily lives without soliders all armed with guns looking over them.

This is the Fiji we remember. Now its military men dressed in their army attire or hidden under balclava raiding innocent people in their homes. Fiji has never been the same. Children now growing up over the last 20odd years only know Fiji with soldiers marching up and down streets with guns over their soldiers.

Some Fiji people are criticising those of us that are vocal and we question them, why? We too in our own ways are paying our dues through our contribution to the upkeep of the 'vanua', taxes by government on lease land by some of us. So what are these coup apologists going on about then?

Simple answer, we too, whether in Fiji or abroad have the Right to articulate our views. If Indians, Europeans and others are given the right to say what they want, why not us?

Luvei Viti Think Tank Team.


Vinaka Vakalevu

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Children of Fiji & Friends of Fiji
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