Friday, April 8, 2011

Time to Bring Out Bera-Na-Liva or Phantom!!: "Fijian Jungles to Be Infiltrated by Indonesian Soldiers."

By Luvei Viti Think Tank Team

Below is an article by FijiVillage articulating the Fiji dictator's plans for co-operation between military regime in Indonesia and Fiji. Can you imagine the down side to this arrangement; perhaps we should do another analysis after the election in 2014 if it happens, is to gauge how many women, girls will fall victim of becoming pregnant from these inbound soldiers from Indonesia.

No so long ago we heard that most Fijian soldiers who are serving in the British Army faces redundancies and will be homeward bound. How will the current regime deal with their unemployment? Will the regime absorb these soldiers back or leave them and their families fend for themselves?

For those in Fiji that may not be familiar with military personnel in Indonesia, they better start doing some homework. This is a region that has been riddled with several ills, one of which its Conflict Reconstruction Mode its currently in, as noted by World Bank, quote;

Post-Conflict Reconstruction The World Bank is one of a handful of international organizations that has been working on development programs in Aceh prior to the signing of the Helsinki peace accord. Following the August 15, 2005 accord, the Bank, together with other donors are working closely with ex-GAM and Government representatives, the Aceh Monitoring Mission to strengthen several aspects of the peace process:

Support to the Aceh Reintegration Agency (BRA): The Bank is providing technical assistance to the BRA, including support to monitoring and evaluation, public information, complaints handling and training. The Bank is also a member of the Joint Forum for Peace, which is made up of representatives from Government, donors, civil society and former GAM.

Support to BRA assistance for conflict victims. The KDP network is being utilized to channel US$60 million of Government resources to every village in Aceh. The Bank worked with the BRA to design the program, hire and train facilitators, develop a public and community information strategy, develop a complaints handling system, and is closely involved in monitoring and evaluation of the program.

Building Constituencies for Sustainable Peace: The Bank has an active program supporting local organizations conducting reintegration programming, and conducting activities aimed at creating an enabling environment in which peace can prosper. Projects include training former combatants in photography and writing, local socialization activities, and utilizing community radio networks for peace.

Improving project capacity to work in a post-conflict context: Work includes developing conflict mediation training for project facilitators and providing assistance to the task teams for tsunami reconstruction projects to ensure conflict sensitivity.

Read more;

The jungles in Fiji are expected to be used as training sites for the Indonesian armed forces.

That was part of the talks between the Prime Minister Commodore Josaia Voreqe Bainimarama and the Admiral Agus Suhartano, Commander of the Indonesia Armed Forces yesterday morning.

According to the Ministry of Information officer, Theresa Ralogaivau who is in Jakarta said Commodore Bainimarama and Commander Suhartano discussed possible defense cooperation between the two governments.

Ralogaivau said the two Army Commanders have agreed that despite there being no formal defense cooperation agreement between the two countries, exchanges in the past from port landings in 1979 by the Indonesian navy in Fiji, and a number of defense education programmes where Indonesian and Fijian army officers have trained together, have provided a useful basis for future cooperation.

They discussed and agreed that cooperation could be focused on education, through Fijian officers participating in Indonesian military academies.

In addition, Commodore Bainimarama suggested to his counterpart that Fiji could be used as a training site for the Indonesian armed forces.Bainimarama invited Commander Suhartano to visit Fiji when convenient to further enhance cooperation between the armed forces of the two countries.

Story by: Tokasa Rainima


  1. Why would Indonesia want to use Fiji's tropical rainforests when Indonesia have tropical rainforests of there own.

  2. @Anon, your guess is as good as ours. Who knows what they will plant in the Fijian forests? Indonesian soldiers have also been known to move into to rural villages and chase occupants out and burning villages. Is this a sign of bad things to come to our rural Fijian villages or sugar cane farmers etc? We remain cautious as always as Fiji's looking bleaker and bleaker each time the regime opens their mouth.


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