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Our source says Pacer Plus is back on with Fiji being activly involved. Vanu...

Whilst we commend the Government leaders in the PIF in their stance on what Bainimarama's regime is currently doing to Fiji, we do however feel for the people. The ordinary people that are being penalised are those that have lost their jobs because this current Fiji military led regime wants to weed out all those older ones; ie. years of experiences, academic qualifications, wisdom, etc etc.
To the eyes of the younger generations, this may or may not sound great. But to the ordinary Fijians it targets mostly those who are Fijians in their ethnicity with a small numbers of Rotumans, Banabans, Part Europeans, Indians and others. So in essence, when the New Zealand, Hon Murray McCully says the ministerial group monitoring Fiji 'will not soften' its stand, it simply means, 'more sufferings to the rural Fijians & those that have been axed out of their jobs'. This does not affect Bainimarama & his favourites of merry men who are allegedly milking the Fiji coffers. This is the reality. For those of us following the Fiji saga, are aware that this is the ultimate price.
Most of the non Fijians in Fiji are well to do and although their businesses may suffer, they are still the winner at the end of this mad Fiji race that Bainimarama & his cohorts have created. The questions are many; why then does members of the ministerial group monitoring Fiji elect to penalise further a group of people who are trying to get out of the rut they are in? Why not single out Bainimarama & his cohorts and penalise them instead?
Australia has announced that it wants Fiji to have an early election before 2014. This will be great and we ask the ministerial group monitoring Fiji to follow suit with this so that Fiji people can be released off the shackles that have been forced on them since Bainimarama took over forcefully in December 2006.
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Our source says Pacer Plus is back on with Fiji being activly involved. Vanuatu has asked Fiji not to use its reentry to Pacer Plus to score political points.

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No softening of Pacific Islands Forum stance on Fiji after ministers meet

Posted at 04:28 on 14 February, 2011 UTC

New Zealand's Foreign Affairs Minister Murray McCully says a ministerial group monitoring Fiji won't be recommending the Pacific Islands Forum softens its stance on Fiji.

The Pacific Islands Forum Ministerial Contact Group on Fiji has been meeting in Vanuatu today as part of efforts to keep in touch with Fiji and report back to Forum members.

Fiji has been suspended from the Forum since 2009, over its regime's refusal to return the country to democracy.

Mr McCully was one of six representatives from Pacific Island nations who heard from Fiji's interim Foreign Affairs Minister, Ratu Inoke Kubuabola, at the Port Vila meeting.

Mr MCully says the regime's sticking to its 2014 date for the return to democratic elections.

"We're obliged to report to leaders on whether there is progress to elections and while we agree to disagree on when elections should occur, the fact is the Fiji administration's quite open about the fact that elections in their view won't be held anytime soon."

Mr McCully says the group's been invited to visit Fiji for discussions, a move he see as constructive and positive.

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