Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Moce Anare: A Young Fijian Man Accidently Dies At Sea Few Days Into 2011.

Wellington Fijians will be grieving the Untimely Death of a Fijian man.

Michael Fox and Paul Easton of Dominion Post today 04/01/2011 ran a frontline article on the death of Anare Nayacatoga.
It is a sad day indeed for most Fijians in Wellington seeing its a small community as everyone seems to know each other.
As Fijians we are aware that at this time of the year, the sevens rugby team for Fijian boys in Wellington begins to gather momentum for their training earmarking for the Auckland Fijian Sevens Rugby organised by some Fijians in Auckland. This fun tournament normally preceeds the Wellington Sevens Rugby Tournament early February for the last few years. Anare's sudden death will hang over this plans. One can almost be certain that it may very well dampen the spirits of the young players as well noted in the photo above taken by Dom Post.
Gauging from the stories written in Dom Post, it appears that these Fijian young men may have viewed the sea as somewhat similar to Fiji waters. The questions, we ask, is it the spirit of festivities, that have led these men not taking into account that Fiji water is much warmer than Kiwi waters which is far colder? Or was it just a pure freak accident?
Whatever, the answer, these young Fijian men that loves to play rugby will now have to cope with this tragedy. They, together with Anare's parents and close relatives in Aotearoa and Fiji will feel the grief of this sad loss.
The picture itself depicts some of the Fijian young men that we are familiar with or connected to their families here in Wellington and we share their grief as well.
Moce Anare and May You Rest In Peace!
Luvei Viti (Children of Fiji) Team.
Wellington, Aotearoa

A Fijian Christian Song as our Tribute to Anare & all his mates and close families;


  1. RIP bro...from the squad in raiwai{abel,wams,pex,shark,chic,john,lex,michael,mac,rusty,noa,bano,manoa,nesco,pene,colts,joji,cable,wise,qe}

  2. Vinaka ra cauravou mai Raiwai, na noda vaka nuinui vinaka vei ratou na wekai Anare voleka ka oka kina vei kemuni kece na nonai tokani mai Raiwai.


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