Thursday, January 20, 2011

Is it All About Aquisition, Power, Money& Guns in Fiji : Beware Bainimarama is Playing with Fire!!

For 2011, Komada Voreqe Bainimarama, the coup master has again reinforced his allegiance to China with regards to the Fiji Land Bank deals he istrying to muster amongst the Indigenous Fijians and their Chiefs in Fiji.

As a point of interest, Fiji Broadcasting Commission claimed in article on their site on 15 December, 2010 that High Chief of Namosi, Ratu Suliano Matanitobua and his delegation will go to Bainimarama to show their support. An earlier article by FBC in November Monday 15th, 2010 also stated that Ro Matanitobua had declared his support for the coup master, Bainimarama. What these articles do not say however, are the conditions these Chiefs and their people want in return? Well, in short, what does one expect when Fiji is truly run by thugs who only want to hear their own voices and orders being drummed into ordinary people's lives?

What is now surfacing as the case is for these DODGY FIJI LAND BANK DEALS is the very High Chief that FBC claimed to have supported the coup master is now clearly articulating that Namosi will not accept the new lease deals Bainimarama is trying to execute in return for the Land Bank Deals. The People of Namosi are also vocalising their intent, that in no uncertain terms they will go against their High Chief. We say Bravo to the People of Namosi for remaining Loyal to who they are as Indigenous People and also for knowing fully well that Bainimarama only got to power because of guns and not because of his Birthright!!
This the heart of the matter and no amount of 'gun-willy nilly dealings' by Bainimarama will convince majority of Fijians to lay their 'Yau Mareqeti' or 'Vanua 0 Viti' aside for the sake of some meangre monies given in return. The people will stand by their Chiefs come hell or high water. Although there are some elements who may use the excuse that they have nothing to loose as either they have been churchified and lost their sense of Indigenous Fijian identity or are just too caught up with the scheme of things that they will sell their soul for a dollar or so.

Whatever it is China has made their entry into Fiji and they will be there to stay in a big way. The only solution will be for those that do own Lands in Fiji more so those Indigenous Fijians who own large land areas to examine the deals very closely and stand united. They must not accept easily and let go easily. They must enter into dialogue with their Chiefs and their elders and sought legal advice as well as experts advice as after all they will become the servants in their own land if they given in too easily. In other words Watch These Land Bank Deals as it is doomed to leave large Holes in Your Native Lands and also Leave Holes in Your Heart as well as your future generation will be left to clean up the mess just because of your BAD DECISION.

Below is some articles which we encourage you to read particularly, the link on what China is now revealing to the World at large. It is titled 'CHINA STEALTH GOES PUBLIC'. This alone tells the world that China is indeed equipping itself for war. Would Fiji be a part of this? Would Fiji be a foothold for China if this war does eventuate? Are the Fiji people aware of this? What sort of future will the next generation have in Fiji now that China is looking South to the little island nation?
By: A concern Indigenous Fijian

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