Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Our Wish for Fr Christmas: "It is Time to set our Country Free!!"

From: FDFM Secretariat ;

If we allow the Commodore Bainimarama to illegally rule Fiji till 2014, the University of the South Pacific's Dr Wadan Narsey has calculated that the military would have busted its annual budget to the tune of $700,000,000 if it is allowed to continue as planned till 2014.

That is $700 Million for unproductive periodically coup conducting soldiers. Which Means $700 million less for education, health, social welfare, poverty alleviation, and national infrastructure development – not to mention the enormous damage done to the national economy.

For those of you who can, come let us all much together in Suva on Friday........ of December. Remember the Regime do not have the resources to arrest and detail 10 or 20 thousand people. Please forward email on to people you know in Fiji or beater still, print 10 copies and distribute to the man on the street in Fiji.


Fiji Democracy and Freedom Movement

ABN 5614 4956 413

On lighter Note!!! " Watch Out Wellingtonians!!

To: Rugby Rugby Rugby "Fiji Sevens"

Bad luck for Fiji
Paula TagivetauaWednesday, December 22, 2010
Seremaia Burotu runs away for another try at the Dubai Sevens. LOOKING back at the first leg of the IRB World Sevens Series, I can only conclude that it was bad joss, as the Chinese would say - bad luck, for Fiji.

After Dubai, I said to myself that Fiji had equal chance of winning but there were those errors committed at critical moments that took victory away. One wonders if Fiji had put away England in their pool game. The Poms scored at the death to beat Fiji and qualify for the cup quarter-finals and went on to beat Samoa in the final.

Their path was one of narrow escapes but they had the experience and the pace to match - one thing England had more than any team in the IRB series in Dubai and George. The pace in their backs saved them and that is what Fiji lacks - pace in the backs. No offence to Bole and the other Fiji backs but when it comes to sevens, you need explosive speed off the mark to catch the opposition off guard.

In sevens the element of surprise is vital. It is the main weapon in the game the gods play in heaven. In the game against New Zealand, Fiji had the measure of Tich's men until Nuku went in to tackle the young Kiwi player and got a knee on the head which concussed him and opened the way for New Zealand to score.

It was the turning point, as far as I was concerned. If only Nuku had hit the Kiwi in the abdomen, it would have been a stop-tackled but he went low and caught a knee and - blackout. Then one of the forwards lost the ball in a tackle, the Kiwis gathered and countered to scored the winning try at the death. They were tied 19-all that time and all they shoud have done was slow down play until the hooter and force extra time which would have been anybody's game.

It would have been the wisest thing to do. I wondered if the skipper or the coach had relayed the order to vakamatea na qito to force extra time but it seems there was no order given and the team kept on being adventurous. That is where experience comes in.
In George when the All Blacks were one man down against England, were awarded a penalty and they showed Tich indicating from the side to kick at goal.
Cama took the drop goal and New Zealand won the cup.

That is the leadership missing from the Fiji team. It has been missing since the maestro took his exit and that kind of leadership on the field in those crucial moments that only comes to those who have vision and can read the game better than any other player. As for the lack of pace, I am still looking for people with speed to burn. The last fast man I saw in the Fiji team was Bolavucu. Since then, there has been no pace man to explode from midfield or slice through a half gap and no one would touch him.

The reason, as I see it is that the bulk of the players in the Fiji team are mostly 15s players.

You know, the selectors can argue that they are fit but there is a difference between sevens and the 15s game. People who say there is hardly or no difference do not know or haven't played sevens well to know that you have sevens players and 15s players and sevens players play sevens better than 15s players as most 15s players will play at 15s than in sevens.
Only the exceptional players can play equally well in 15s and sevens - players in the mould of Noa Nadruku and Tabulutu.

Fiji sevens teams of the past were known for their explosive and speedy back, especially the wingers. We have had Vunibaka, Delasau, Bari and Bolavucu but sadly, we have lost the plot.
Why - because we have not been playing more sevens.

When the IRB series was introduced a decade ago, the Fiji sevens calendar remained the same - from November to March.By March, the IRB series would have been at halfway with four tournaments to go and the Fiji sevens calendar would be nearing completion and the cream of sevens players would be at their peak.

But they would be too late because the Fiji sevens team had been picked from players who stood out in the domestic 15s competition and some opf those who were members of the squad last year. We are not doing things right.

The sevens selectors have not done the right thing - to pick players who have sevens acumen.
We just have to look at Tich - how he keeps churning out young players who have stamped their mark on the sevens code on their way to the 15s arena and stardom.

He has a knack of picking players who are good in sevens and he just builds on the natural talent and flair the player possesses. It does not mean that Tich is better than the Fijian coaches and selectors. We have it with us but for a moment back then, we seemed to have lost the plot, like I said. All it takes is a deep soul searching.

We should identify the good sevens players and pick them.It is not use thinking of sevens as just another game of rugby and no diftferent from 15s. I tell you, they are totally different.
Fiji's result in the IRB series tells a lot. We have been there but not right there.
Something is missing. We just need to put the pieces together and we will be back on the winner's podium.

I wish the Fiji team well for Wellington in February and the remaining IRB legs.
We can do it.

Source : Fiji Times

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