Tuesday, December 14, 2010

More 'BLUFF' from Fiji's ?Perhaps Ailing Komada!!

Theres something sinister about this 'BLUFF' that Komada Frank Bainimarama, Fiji's coup master. Now he is picking holes with the United States of America. What for we ask? Just a few days ago he echoes his wish about moving the United Nations HQ to China.

Over the weekend past, media and bloggers widely reported how Komada FB is blaming the Aussies, Kiwis & the Americans for the problems being encountered in Fiji. Now he points his 'crooked fingers' at the USA. What next?
Whispers has it as noted in Coup 4.5 blog that Komada Bainimarama has been again whisked to none other but China-dom for perhaps more much needed medicare??
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Question mark over dictator’s health via Fiji Democracy Now Blog by Fiji Democracy Now on 12/12/10

Fiji freedom blogger Coup Four And A Half has heard from two different sources that the dictator has headed back to China for further medical treatment. No doubt, the exact truth will emerge at some point. But in the meantime we at FDN share Coup Four And A Half’s belief that the dictator has a major health issue. For a start, there were the strange goings on during his first trip to China, capped by a couple of fuzzy photos in which the dictator’s hands were obscured and there was an obvious attempt to hide something on the right side of his neck. Second, a close study of the very few photographs of the dictator since his return from China show a man who has something wrong with him. We will continue to watch this space very, very closely.

Coup Four And A Half 12 December 2010:
Has Bainimarama headed back to China for more treatment?

The lies are exposed By Fiji Democracy Now

It’s clear the dictator is trying to pick a fight with the United States Government. First, the regime’s obliging propaganda mouthpiece, the Fiji Sun reports that US Ambassador Steven McGann was called in to the Foreign Affairs ministry “amid a widening rift between the US Embassy and our government.” Then the dictator weighs in by saying that the United States is following “the bullying tactics” of the Australian and New Zealand Government’s. What next? Will McGann be subjected to anonymous death threats the way the deported Australian Ambassador Jim Batley was? Or will the dictator just cut to the chase and tell McGann he’s no longer welcome in Fiji?

Fiji Sun 12 December 2010: US envoy called in
US Ambassador to brief PM of talks
Shalveen Chand

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

UNITED States Ambassador Steve McGann will, upon his return from Washington, personally brief Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama on the outcome of his discussions on Fiji.

In a statement, the US Embassy said yesterday Ambassador McGann departed on December 5 for previously scheduled annual leave and consultations in the US.

"While in Washington, Ambassador McGann will hold discussions with US officials on issues of continuing concern between our two nations in the context of our policy of increased engagement with Fiji and in appreciation of Fiji's support in international forums," said the statement.

"Ambassador McGann looks forward to personally briefing Prime Minister Bainimarama on the outcome of his consultations in Washington upon his return to Fiji."

Mr McGann's December 5 departure contradicts a news report that he was summoned to the Fiji Foreign Affairs office last week. The impasse became news when, on December 6, Attorney General Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum conducted a press conference to announce the Government's disappointment with the US Embassy for not providing Chief Justice Anthony Gates with a visa to attend a convention in New York. Last Thursday a government statement said Local Government Minister Colonel Samuela Saumatua was not given a transit visa in time to travel to the COP16 meeting in Copenhagen, Denmark.
Source: Fiji Times


  1. Khaiyum Aryarse Saiyed needs to just come clean!! The next think we'll hear he too is off to China-bank to borrow more money to pay Fiji's debt as Bhaini will be too unwell to travel...lol. The stories surfacing are just becoming too funny to believe.

    Save the citizens of Fiji & Friends of Fiji the headache...give Fiji back to the peoplke to elect their own leaders to lead Fiji to the future. Enough of these stupid men in uniforms with their crooked wannabe policians currently inplace.


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