Monday, November 1, 2010

Brett and Staff of Ronald McDonald House Wellington Says Thanks: For Us "Its the Thought that Counts & Not the NUMBERS!!

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Fiji Day Debrief:

As a Fiji Day Project, on Saturday 09/10/2010, a few of us from the Luvei Viti (Children of Fiji) Community Group spent the afternoon preparing a BBQ meal for the Families & Children of Cancer Kids that are admitted in Wellington Hospital.

We also had a drop-in program for kids to do some activities such as colourings and drawings.

We thoroughly enjoyed the day just seeing the smiles from the kids and their parents.

Luvei Viti Community Group have for the last ten years organised activities for Children and families each year.

We often operate on a zero budget as most of what we take to RMC are gifts from the individuals that have offered to be a part of the project. Last year a group of us cooked Fijian meals for the families at RMH, Wellington and it has been a joy to do so once again again this year.

We believe the projects we organised each year or whenever are not about NUMBERS as some critics within the Fijian Communities in Wellington like to say, for those of us that avail ourselves, it is simply;


We take this opportunity to thank Brett Taylor, Manager, RMC House, Wellington and Doris, superb Duty Manager when we were there, all the families & kids at RMC House for sharing your time with us.

Last but not least, A BIG ‘VINAKA’ to Rafaele Brown, Elenoa Phillips, Christina, Fijian Youths and all those that just dropped in.

Luvei Viti Team

It all done for the love of our Children & Families & the wider Wellington Communties.

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