Thursday, November 25, 2010

New Zealand Mourns the Loss of 29 Miners Trapped in Underbelly of Pike River Valley.

New Zealand is in mourning as we listened to the Hon. Prime Minster, John Key, breaking the sad news on the loss of lives of 29 men at Pike River Mine.

We felt the sorrows as we sat glued to the television listening and noting every word said. It is indeed a sad day for New Zealand.

We like to remember those men who lost their lives and whose bodies are still trapped in the underbelly of Pike River Valley. May you all Rest In Peace.

We also pray for all the families and loved ones who now have to comprehend that their grand-dad, dad, uncle, brother, son, husband, loved one, friend, partner whose face and presence will be no longer felt, and no doubt will forever be etched in every loved ones' heart.

Our humble prayer that during these times of sorrow you will all find solace in your hearts.

Luvei Viti ( Children of Fiji) Community.

Thu, 25 Nov 2010 4:34a.m.

By 3 News staff

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Parliament pays respect to miners
2.44pm - Political leaders have paid tribute to those affected by the Pike River mine explosion this afternoon, before standing and singing Whakaaria Mai.

Explosion could have been prevented at risk to miners' lives

2.15pm - Mr Whittall informed reporters this afternoon that yesterday's explosion could have been prevented if the mine was starved of oxygen. "But we weren't prepared to do that because there was still hope of survivors," he says.

"It's not like the mine was a big scary place waiting to kill them. The miners understood the risks."

Pike CEO rested staff overnight

1.55pm - Pike River CEO Peter Whittall told reporters this afternoon that last night he rested his staff; a minimal number was kept on standby. Everyone was exhausted and needed a break, he said.

Mr Whittall also said the conditions underground had not changed and the level of gas near the bore hole is still the same. Families have been told the bodies will definitely be brought back and they expect to make progress on this in the next few days.

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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Fact of The Matter: Fiji Has Been Under Bainimarama's Dictatorship & No Different from a Communist State Since 2006 Coup. Its Wake Up Fiji!!

Posted by Samuela Tawakilai

Your thoughts please. Let us not close our eyes to what is happening in our beloved country. Are we on the verge of becoming a communist country, or what we are witnessing, just a "cry for help:" from a fugitive who is running away from justice?

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Reply by Waisake Bogirua on November 8, 2010 at 12:34am
@ Samu...for Fiji becoming a communist...nah !! dont think so...currently I believe that we are surving just fine...Globally !!! you should ask that question to the great United States of AMERICA...dua na dinau levu me sauma vei Jaina....and UNITED KINGDOM ..dinau talega tu ga vei Jaina...and tauyavu taka tiko e levu na bisinisi kei jaina....what we should be doing is suggesting and identifying our future leaders for the next election....guilecavi FB and lets work towards the future !!!!....GB..wais

► Reply by Samuela Tawakilai on November 8, 2010 at 8:16am
Waisake,I thank you for that response. It is always hard to accept something that we don't want to accept, which is understandable. Who ever thought that the "paradise of the pacific" will one day become a playground of lawlessness, ruled by a dictator with a forked tongues?

Since cession, Fiji's colonial rulers set up a colony that was run almost on communalism, but we call it "The Chifly System." It was a system where the "white master" and the chiefs were co-rulers, and the people were told to live in their villages, tend their "teitei" and serve the chiefs.The change from that system to the present shook the Fijians mostly, because they were not prepared for the sudden shock.Cakacaka vata was the system they were taught, almost a communist system- or am I wrong? I am asking this question because of my concern that anything can happen in the political climate that Fiji is experiencing.While Bainimarama is still at the helm; Fiji's future is still bleak, and is prudent and wise to be prepared for any eventuality that may occur.Vinaka!

► Reply by Szinestro on November 8, 2010 at 11:04am
Yes Sam, we all should be on our guard and expect the unexpected when the time comes.

► Reply by Sireli on November 8, 2010 at 1:06am
China should not replace US in Asia Pacific:US security analyst3 November 2010By ROLAND G. SIMBULAN

► Reply by Joe Bose 1 day ago
Fiji is communist now they're surviving on communist aid anyway. Further more the people have been encouraged to endorse China as a great partner for trade and commerce. Yep it wont be long before mandrin and cantonese are the primary languages of Fiji.

► Reply by Samuela Tawakilai 1 day ago
Joe Bose,Thanks for your observation. I haven't been to Fiji for some time, but I heard that there are Chinese Restaurants in almost every corner of the city streets. We seems to be sandwitched from every sides.Keimami dau kaya mai na Yatu Lau: E vaka me sa jina mai a meca kaii !

► Reply by UKoroi 1 day ago

► Reply by Joe Bose 1 day ago
Brother Samu ni ra lako mai na mataqali qoka, (ni ra tamata makawa) era kauta vatatale tikoga mai na kenai colacola. Money laundering, drug trafficking, prostitution & human trafficking, illegal gambling. E kena front wale tikoga na vale ni kana, na illegal stuff is happening behind the shop. O Viti e vakayagataki wale tikoga me staging post for drug trafficking amongst other things. What they invest into the country is nothing compared to what they're ripping off the country. Vica ga vula sa oti e discover taki kina mai Viti na kakana sa voleka ni oti na kena "use by date" mai Malasia ka sa sega ni vakatarai me volitaki mai Malasia sa mai kune ni volitaki e Viti. Qo eratou qai mai raica tale e Viti eso nai vakalesilesi ka gole mai Malasia. Ya na vanua eda sa gole tiko kina mai Viti.Me vukei keda na Kalou ena veika sa yaco tiko oqo.

► Reply by Samuela Tawakilai 2 hours ago
Joe Bose and Ukoroi,Drau bula na wekaqu, na veitalanoa 'qo e vaka e dua na gunu yaqona; era sa dui galu na lewe ni gunu yaqona, ka sa sega ni dua na tavasa se rogorogo; e so sa kedru sara, ka sa dro o qaravi yaqona; era yadra ga mai ka sega ni dua e vosa era dui curu vakamalua ki tuba - ki vale sara!E rawa ni da vakaraitayaloyalotaka na i vakarau ni bula 'oya mai noda ?Na ulutaga edatou veitalanoataka tiko e bibi toka baleta nida veimaliwai tiko kei ira na "tamata makawa," mevaka e dau kaya na qase o Butadroka: A sega na gauna ni nodra veikanikani; me vakamaumautaki gauna.

Au via kauta cake mai na i vakaraitaki ni vanua ko Maleya (Malaysia today). Era a vala e kea na noda sotia ena 1950"s ni se Colony tu ga na noda vanua. Era a vala kei ira na "Bati Kadi" (Communists) ena vanua 'oya me vica na yabaki, ka mate e kea e vica na noda sotia. O ira na "Kominisi" 'oya e ra kai Jaina, ka ra vala vata kei na matanitu ko Peritania kei ira na "Malay", o ira nai taukei ni vanua; vakataki keda na kai Viti mai Viti.E levu vei ira na kai Jaina oqori era lako mai Jaina, ka ra vinakata me Kominisi na vanua ko Maleya.Ena nodra mai tiko e Maleya; taumada era vakawatitaki ira na marama ni Maleya, ka ra kune kina na Sino- Malayans, se o ira na "kawa BABA".

Ni sa dei na yavadra, era sa qai kauti ira mai na marama ni Jaina mai "Main Land China," me mai watidra. Ni ra sa lewe levu sa tekivu me ra via vakatulewa, baleta ni tiko vei ira nai lavo, ka voleka ni ra taukena na vei Baqe kei na bisinisi lelevu mai Maleya ena gauna 'oya.Qai kena i lutua na nodra dau taleitaka na turaga ni vanua ka Maleya na bula sautu (luxury) ka vakavuna na nodra dinau vakasivia vei ira na vei baqe kai na bisinisi, ka ra taukena tu na kai Jaina. E tautauvata kei na nodra taleitaka eso vei ira na noda turaga na bula sautu ena loma n City; kei ira na kena marama ni bogi! Era sa rai toka na wekada Idia mai Viti; ka ra sa curu yani vakayauyau nai lala mai Jaina. Era raica ni ra sa taura vakatotolo na vei bisinisi ena loma ni City; ka levu vei ira era sa sasaga yani vakatotolo ki vanua tani me ra bula!Na democracy na qito ni lewelevu (numbers).

Ni sa na veisautaki na lawa ni digidigi mevaka e vinakata o Bainimarama me dua na tamatama dua na digidigi (common roll), ka ra sa na tiko e Viti e levu cake na Vulagi mai vei keda na i Taukei ni vanua; era na sega tale ni taura vakaukaua na matanitu; era na veiliutaki baleta ni sa lawa ni matanitu! E vei eda sa na tu kina ena gauna 'oya?Au na tomana tale na vakasama ka'u kauta cake tiko mai, ia au na tini toka mada eke, ka waraka eso na vakasama mai vei kemuni na noda!
Vinaka vakalevu.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Brett and Staff of Ronald McDonald House Wellington Says Thanks: For Us "Its the Thought that Counts & Not the NUMBERS!!

Ronald McDonald House Charities, [Wellington] & You.
Together We can Help Kiwi Kids Lead a Happier & Healthier Lives!

“A strong mind. A strong body. And a safe, supportive place to grow. These are things that every child needs - and deserves. Helping to provide these things is what we do.”

Donate to Donate to
Ronald McDonald House CharitiesYour donation will be used to help support all the Ronald McDonald Houses in New Zealand, plus other projects for children in need.

Fiji Day Debrief:

As a Fiji Day Project, on Saturday 09/10/2010, a few of us from the Luvei Viti (Children of Fiji) Community Group spent the afternoon preparing a BBQ meal for the Families & Children of Cancer Kids that are admitted in Wellington Hospital.

We also had a drop-in program for kids to do some activities such as colourings and drawings.

We thoroughly enjoyed the day just seeing the smiles from the kids and their parents.

Luvei Viti Community Group have for the last ten years organised activities for Children and families each year.

We often operate on a zero budget as most of what we take to RMC are gifts from the individuals that have offered to be a part of the project. Last year a group of us cooked Fijian meals for the families at RMH, Wellington and it has been a joy to do so once again again this year.

We believe the projects we organised each year or whenever are not about NUMBERS as some critics within the Fijian Communities in Wellington like to say, for those of us that avail ourselves, it is simply;


We take this opportunity to thank Brett Taylor, Manager, RMC House, Wellington and Doris, superb Duty Manager when we were there, all the families & kids at RMC House for sharing your time with us.

Last but not least, A BIG ‘VINAKA’ to Rafaele Brown, Elenoa Phillips, Christina, Fijian Youths and all those that just dropped in.

Luvei Viti Team

It all done for the love of our Children & Families & the wider Wellington Communties.

Bula, No'oia, Kia Ora, Warm Greetings, Namaste

Children of Fiji & Friends of Fiji

Children of Fiji & Friends of Fiji
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