Monday, October 4, 2010

Why is Alton Shameem a product of Indian Diaspora in Auckland Ashamed of His Identity?

A month or two ago we had written about this Fiji Indian man who laid claims that he was an Indigenous Fijian as well as one other of his colleague both of Indian origin. Now he has done it again. When one reads excerpt of article from Scoop website it appears that Alton Shameem has gone it so wrong or he is so ashamed of his own origin that he likes to tag himself pretending he is an Indigenous Fijian leader when in essence he is not.

We advise AS if he is so confused as can be noted by the several tags or labels he has on the article below then he better go and check the Indigenous Fijian "Vola Ni Kawa" WHETHER HE IS ON THAT LIST ON NOT!!

Its a pity that Scoop, such a reputable news link must stoop so low in printing such incorrect, shady information on someone that is trying to fake his identity or fool the public of Aotearoa.

Shame on you Alton Shameem!! It may be an idea if we get to see you in court testifying to what your real identity is?
Bera na Liva.

USA – Fiji Entente
16:02 October 4, 2010Pacific Press Releasesadmin

Press Release – Fiji Club

“The members and supporters of Fiji Club of New Zealand and the Young Executive Club are delighted to hear that USA is eager to engage with the Fiji government and to have Fiji as close partner”, said Alton Shameem JP the indigenous Fijian Leader, …USA – Fiji Entente

“The members and supporters of Fiji Club of New Zealand a......hat USA is eager to engage with the Fiji government and to have Fiji as close partner”, said Alton Shameem JP the indigenous Fijian Leader, Founder and President of Fiji Club of New Zealand (FCNZ) ....

“This entente between USA and Fiji governments....................................................government.
The Fiji government has 85% support of the Fijians and other nations in the Pacific, Asia, Middle East and Europe” said Alton Shameem JP the native Fijian Leader, Founder, Chairman and

“We demand ............................President Barack Obama, the act of engagement and dialogue with all countries and our close neighbor Fiji” said Alton Shameem JP the Community, National and International and Multicultural Leader.

““ What New Zealand & Australian governments should do is set in motion entente cordiale with Fiji and we are ready to help to make it happen” said Alton Shameem JP the native Fijian, Community, ..................


  1. I lived on the Shore for more than fifteen years,I have heard about Alton Shameem,but I know that he represent only a handful of friends.He does things for himself,pictures taken on our Shore Times saying he represent us,but we always wonder who are the members of his Fiji Club.The main body of the Auckland Fiji Community of Auckland sometimes work with the Fiji Association that is Dr Saten and them and we do recognise them.Dr Saten doesnt go around boasting about himself such a humble person,not like Alton Shameem

  2. Thank you very much for this update and we really appreciate your input. It does throw some light as to who's who's at North Shore and we are now better informed as to what Alton Shameem is on about. It is a pity as Alton Shameen tends to use a brush that tarnishes our Fiji image instead of showing a united one as the case should be.
    Vinaka & Bhout Dhan bhaad.

  3. Alton Shameem is a decent hardworking man, born and bred in Fiji, but currently living in NZ

    All wankers jealous of his achievements can go and do what they love to do !!!

  4. Thank you for your comments supporting your wannabe Indigenous Fijian 'Alton Shameem'. If he is genuine why is it that he wants to oust the rightful Fijians and just be pround of who he really is. Stop pretending to be someone else. Just be who you are. What Alton has done is creating an atmosphere of confusion. He is of Indian origin born in Fiji and hence he is an Indo Fijian not an Indigenous one for that matter. Is that so hard to follow. Be proud of your ancestory and not be ashamed as the case seems to be. Cherioo!!


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