Saturday, October 23, 2010

Save The Children Fiji - 'Inspires Unity'.

If all else fails in Fiji, at the very least we have the Children to cater for. The challenges are what do we as parents, grand-parents tell them about the dragged-out situation Fiji is in now post 2006 coup? These part of Fiji's history will be looked upon by many in time to come as one of perhaps 'a bad dream period'.

Each morning many parents in Fiji will be waking up wondering where the next meal will come from for their children.
Is there a break somewhere to the cimate of poverty that Fiji has dived into ever since that so-called bloodless coup of 2006?
The coup have been excuted without blood-shed at the time but there has been reported deaths, beatings, abuse and continuous extensions of Public Emergency Regulations ever since.
This is not a healthy environment for our children. Some may say, we are still better off than other countries devasted by war, earthquake, disasters etc. However, by Fiji standards, Fiji citizens and those with vested interest in Fiji should not and must not be exposed to the ill-will of Bainimarama & his dictatorship. It has not done any good to anyone in Fiji or those with vested interests.

Below is an article by Fiji Times and although they may have capitalised on Save the Children Fiji's initiative, it still does not take away the bitter taste of what the people of Fiji have had to endured since coup 2006.
May God Bless Fiji & those Children that are asking many questions.

Luvei Viti Team.
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Unite for children

Samantha Rina. Saturday, October 23, 2010
Save the Children Fiji organised a two-day forum to inspire unity for stakeholders to work collectively for a safer environment for children.

SC Fiji chief executive Chandra Shekhar said non-government organisations specialising in the field of child welfare and rights had over the years individually done good work to help create a safer environment for the children of Fiji.

He said it was time to f¡o¡cus on working collectively.

Issues discussed on Tuesday included education and the commercial sexual exploitation of children.

"In our 38 years of existence, we have never had such a forum where we get our partners together to collectively address our work. We have never received any feedback from them on how effective our work has been or on how we can improve our service. So this is the first time we are organising such a forum and it is to inform our partners of our work and get their feedback," he said.

Mr Shekhar said there were several organisations doing the same work and each had programs and expertise which was kept exclusive and not shared.

"So this is a platform to open up our work and share ideas so we can help each other. Sometimes organisations have the same programs but our ways of conducting them are different. Today has been successful because throughout the symposium, we have already begun to discuss ideas on how we can work together," he said.

Mr Shekhar said a report would be compiled immediately after the symposium which would contain recommendations from participants.

The two-day workshop was attended by more than 50 people from NGOs, civil society groups, religious organisations, youths and children.

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