Thursday, October 14, 2010

Bravo!! Chilean Miners Rescue: A Miraculous Event.

CNN has their fingers on the pulse when we watch the full coverage they have minute by minute on the rescue of these 33 miners. They have been trapped and rescued from 'the UNDER-BELLY' to cite what the Chilean Minister for Health had said. It is indeed a mix of miracle with engineering ingenuity.

Families, friends, media and more have camped outside the area where these miners were trapped for the last two months.

Its an awesome story just witnessing as we watch CNN giving the world a great coverage of these miners who are already rescued being met by immediate family members or loved ones before being whisked away for further medical checks. It is a story of a lifetime. Many Chileans were seen to be singing a chant of a Hero's Welcome each time the capsule emerged carrying one of the rescued miners. At the time of writing 31 miners have been brought to the surface.

A stunning story indeed. We wish those miners the very best and speedy recovery for those that have fallen ill of some sort due to the confined space and health risks they had encountered whilst in the UNDER-BELLY of the Chilean hills.

Last but not least, well done for such great coverage and sharing the stories to every corner of the globe.

Luvei Viti Team
images: courtesy international
Time taken to rescue 31 miners: 21.30. 50 approx
02 more to be rescued as yet.
Read more by clicking the links below;
Twenty-eight of the miners trapped in a refuge for 69 days have now been rescued. "We can all feel proud to be Chilean," said President Sebastian Pinera.
An operation to rescue 33 miners trapped underground in Chile since August is nearing completion. Watch as the remaining men are brought to the surface. LAUNCH LIVE PLAYER MESSAGES OF HOPE FULL COVERAGE LIVE BLOG
Chilean Miner Rescue21:03:37 time since start of rescue underground: 04rescued:29

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