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Is Fiji faced with Structural Adjustments by Coup Leader? Remember Dictator Pinochet in Chile!!

It is timely that by this time tomorrow MDG Summit in New York to discuss the Millineum Goals by Heads of States will be underway. We are told that Komada Vore Bainimarama will be attendance from Fiji and we just hope that the United Nations Forum leaders get to see the damage this man has done to Fiji.

As can be deduced that it is ironic that he is representing the Nation Fiji as someone who rose to power at the point of gun just like what Pinochet and other dictators had done earlier.

What has happened in Fiji in 2006 Coup is no different. Komada Vore Bainimarama and some elements hiding behind 'coconut-fronds' are instrumental in driving the Nation Fiji to where it is today.

Fiji has suffered economically, socially, politically and culturally. It is therefore fitting to be writing this article to alert those leaders at the MDG Summit that Fiji is no longer a 'bed of roses' that once boasted of 'Paradise'.

It is becoming a drug-haven, and a country now littered with Asian migrants mostly from China mainland all now holding Fiji blue passports with little or no English let alone Fijian language. Fiji passports are now being marketed as a commodity. Shame, shame!!

Coconut wireless reports that instead of giving jobs to Fiji people, these Asians Fiji-passport holder COME-LATELY are now being given jobs making roads and infrustructures and more. Is this the plans aligned to decrease Poverty in Fiji as stipulated by MDG goals or these elements are stealing jobs away from Fiji people?

Fiji Nation and its people have witnessed combination of factors such as major economic, social and political ramifications in a big way. By now if one was to measure GNP for Fiji, it will be hitting a low-low as anyone with commonsense can predict.

To sum up. there appears to be a massive drive by the current dictator to carry out 'Structural Adjustments' at the expense of Fiji and the people.

Economically – Fiji has plunged alongside most Third World countries into negative growth and lowered exports.

Socially – Fiji's income Inequality increased as can be seen with the regime re-organising via massive redundancy exercise for all those reaching the age of 50s. A change from retirement age of 55 as earlier been in place before the 2006 Coup by Vore Bainimarama. Government spending was cut and other social programmes pulled back

Politically – Fiji's unstable government as currently led by military dictator continues to ensue social instability by the military intervening in Fiji's political affairs. Fiji as a case in point is now entirely governed by dictatorships with its people trapped in a time capsule that seem to have no end.

Komada Bainimarama is lobbying for massive financial loans from IMF/World Bank. Will these two global money gurus extend monetray aid to Fiji indirectly supporting these structural adjustments as the case were during Pinochet's hold of Chile? Remember how the people of Chile suffered for 17 years while Pinochet enjoyed his reign as a dictator. We now pray that World Bank and IMF together with Commonwealth Secretariat, USA and United Nations Leaders will take heed of the voices of Fiji people worldwide and come to their aid by not agreeing with the mandate of People's Charter which Bainimarama has been preaching since he tok over after the 2006 coup.Luvei Viti Think Tank Team.

Read and article sent from someone in Fiji most recently.

Ni Bula Vinaka,

Through your communications channels may I request the following messages/actions/initiatives conveyed as appropriate for Fiji Day activities.

The transmission frequencies and schedules of the radio station are not being widely distributed on the ground in Fiji and not many of us at ground level DO NOT know its happening.
Can you please tell us how the broadcasts are being marketed and how we can assist in spreading the word?

Can the Freedom movement please write to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth, the Commonwealth Secretariat and the governments of PNG, Australia and NewZealand requesting Jim Ah Koy be stripped of his knighthood, for activelysupporting an illegal Commonwealth government.
This would be a big blow to Jim and the regime.

Through Matavuvale and all other websites can you please start sending messages out to boycott the Fiji Sun. This is not to support the FijiTimes or Motibhai but as a sign of protest against the government’smisinformation arm.

Last but not least can you disseminate in NZ and Oz not to buy land atNaisoso. The land has been alienated from the native landowners andconverted to freehold land. All permits and environmental impact studiesand regulation waived by Khaiyum [Khayum Aiyas SAIYED is currently holding (illegal)Attorney General Post and who is instrumental with all the decress being put out in Fiji under the regime. See the image below where he and Bainimarama are pictured with Arab prince].

You can determine this by digging andfinding that Khaiyum’s mother’s sister, Nur Bano Ali is the financial advisor to Naisoso.

Please use the NZ media reports about the Hilton time shares going bellyup to support democracy and freedom arguments with economic non-viability.

Find out where Khaiyum’s mother lives in New Zealand and stage legal protests, get it on the media and go loud and long to make their positionuntenable.

Nautosolo is going to BNE for Fiji Day to entertain. Oz freedom fightersshould petition the Oz government to deny visas. They are ardentsupporters of the regime and have been praising the passage of decreespublicly from the stage and on television.

If they do come, please isolate and protest against them. In all theirconcerts they praise the government lavishly and some of our people whogo along get so easily swayed.
Vinaka Vakalevu
Edua na cauravou ni Viti, ka mosita tu na veika baleti keda na lewe ni Vanua o Viti.

Read more about the rally in Aussie:

From: FDFM Secretariat <

Date: Fri, Sep 17, 2010 at 10:28 PM

Subject: FW: An Update on Fiji Event

Please refer attached poster on FDFM's next Sydney Activity.

Please pass on to those who you may think should now and attend.



Fiji Democracy and Freedom Movement

ABN 5614 4956 413

P.O. Box 3194,

Bankstown Square. NSW 2200.


P: +61-2-8078 4546

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  1. From:
    Date: Tue, Sep 21, 2010 at 11:00 AM
    Subject: Tukutuku Buta Katakata!!

    Ni Sa Bula

    My two cent-worth reading of the situation is this. While Voreqe and Aiyaz have certainly lost a lot of power and influence the situation is still very fluid as the new and old power brokers put forward their list of nominees for the next lot of leaders. They are not under arrest.

    There is no way they will relinquish any more power without a bankable amnesty guarantee, of the same value as Steve Rabuka’s amnesty. I wonder if Fiji is ready to pay this price for its ransom

    Supposedly those who will take us to democracy and the next elections over the next few months are now being named left and right. Some people
    are naming themselves.

    I just hope the SDL camp does not put up their same old tired and tiresome lot of candidates that led to this situation in the first place.

    If any danger arises it would be from those that stand to lose a lot of money and or power, if there is a return to democracy and supervised

    Also if there is an impasse and they cannot agree and resolve it by the gun. One thing I can say is that it’s very mischievous of embassies, high commissioners and donors etc., to try and put in their nominees.

    Vinaka and God Bless!
    Edua na cauravou totoka ni Viti.
    Unconfirmed report that Bainimarama has been arrested... September 20, 2010 by SWM Team

    Unconfirmed Reports from Fiji from some Solivakasama informants have
    stated that the Fiji’s self appointed PM Frank Bainimarama has been arrested along
    with his top legal dog Attorney General Aiyaz Saiyed Khayum.

    Media organisations in Fiji have not yet released any stories relating to
    the news,but sources say the arrest was made this morning. Reports are still
    sketchy as to when the arrest was made,but our sources say that the events took place earlier in the day and was executed by some senior military officials.

    The latest incident could be a culmination of various decisions taken by Bainimarama in the removal of senior military men namely former police commisioner Esala Teleni and suspended 3FIR commander Ratu Tevita Uluilakeba.
    Both men were seen as key military figures in the 2006 illegal takeover,and are still prominent figures in the RFMF.

    Given the current media environment in Fiji we have been unable to gather more seems that even in his arrest the media is still
    being gagged. Christmas seems to have come early for our beloved nation if the reports are
    indeed true.stay tuned as solivakasama looks to bring you more on this breaking news.> been-arrested/

    This message was sent from Connect.


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