Monday, September 27, 2010

News from New York: Commonwealth Ministerial Action Group's Views on Fiji's State of Affairs.

Below are specifc articles 6, 7, 8, 9 of CMAG Concluding Statement during CMAG 's recent meeting in New York. It is important to highlight these as it clearly gives us a snapshot view of what the big powers are saying or thinking about the current situation in Fiji.
Whilst it is great that CMAG reiterates its firm position with regards to the lack of progress towards restoration of civilian constitutional democracy it does not however stipulate what line of actions it is planning towards to this end.
Ideally, Fiji citizens would like to see and experience a drastic change from the current stalemate the nation is in. The question though, how will these be achieved?
Over the last week, there had been much talk that the dictator and his side kick had been taken under arrest by the Fiji Military Council. Later news from the ground stated that it appeared alot of power have been stripped from these two key figures i.e Komada Bainibarama & Khaiyum A Saiyed. What does that tells the rest of Fiji and the world? Those closely monitoring the situation will say, theres stirrings on the ground which smells of unrest that has been brewing for a while. Fiji's so-called melting pot is a corner away from bursting.

by Bera Na Liva

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Commonwealth Ministerial Action Group - Concluding Statement
25 September 2010

The Commonwealth Ministerial Action Group (CMAG) held its thirty-fourth regular meeting in New York on 25 September 2010

6. The Group reiterated its serious concern about the lack of progress made toward the restoration of civilian constitutional democracy in Fiji. CMAG agreed, with regret, that Fiji’s suspension from the Commonwealth remained necessary in order to protect the fundamental values of the Commonwealth. The Group reaffirmed its solidarity with the people of Fiji. It expressed its sincere hope that Fiji would take the necessary steps to enable the restoration of its full participation in the Commonwealth as soon as possible.

7. The Group emphasised the Commonwealth’s continued readiness to assist Fiji in appropriate ways on its path back to constitutional democracy, consistent with Commonwealth values and principles. The Group welcomed the Commonwealth’s continued efforts to engage in constructive dialogue with the interim government of Fiji and other stakeholders, particularly through the Secretary-General’s Special Representative, and encouraged such engagement in good faith to continue.

8. CMAG noted the statement made on Fiji by the Leaders of the Pacific Islands Forum at their recent summit in Vanuatu, and reaffirmed the importance of the Commonwealth continuing to work in close cooperation and consultation with other regional and international partners in relation to the Fiji situation.

9. CMAG also reiterated the importance of paragraph 10 of the 2009 Affirmation of Commonwealth Values and Principles, in which Commonwealth Heads of Government called on all Commonwealth organisations to adhere to Commonwealth values and principles in every possible way, including by acting in conformity with the letter and spirit of the decisions of CMAG. The Group requested the Secretary-General to convey its recommendations on this matter to the Accreditation Committee of the Commonwealth Secretariat’s Board of Governors.
New York25 September 2010

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