Saturday, September 25, 2010

Giving False Hope To Innocent People: Murti an Indian National Charged with Trafficking:

Indian Nationals case transferred to Suva.
Publish date/time: 24/09/2010 [17:11]

The Indian national charged with trafficking in person has had his case transferred to the Suva high Court after an application by the State that the matter be transferred.

DPP lawyer Salote Tagivakatini made the application stating that the offense Kadali Murti was charged with was an indictable offense under the Crimes Decree and therefore needed to be transferred to the High Court.

Murti who appeared in Court in the last hour, is charged with one count of trafficking in person where it is alleged that he facilitated the entry of seven other Indian nationals telling them that were going to work on farms in New Zealand.

It is alleged that Murti allegedly obtained four thousand New Zealand dollars each from seven people to take them to New Zealand however as soon as they reached the Nadi International Airport, Murti told them that they were in New Zealand.

The Court heard that they were arrested on the 10th of this month by Customs officers just before entering the arrival terminal at the Nadi International Airport.

The seven are currently in the custody of the Police Special taskforce while Murti has been remanded in custody awaiting transfer to Suva.

The matter has been set for mention next Wednesday, 29th September in the Suva High Court.Story by:
Paradise Tabucala.

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