Saturday, September 25, 2010

Fijian Soldiers spying in Australia and Politicisation of JRaluni's Death.

FDFM News: Fijian Soldiers spying in Australia and Politicisation of JRaluni's Death.

Subject: Fijian Soldiers spying in Australia and Politicisation of Josevata Rauluni's Death.
The Fiji Democracy and Freedom Movement strongly object to claims made recently by the illegal Permanent Secretary in the Prime Minister's Office of the Republic of Fiji. The official said that we have started to make claims that there are Fijian soldiers in Australia who are spying on the Fijian Community here.

The Movement would like to ask the illegal permanent secretary to indicate where or in which news article we have made such claims.

As far as the Movement is concerned, the claim was made by one Livai Leone to Radio Australian journalist Bruce Hill.

As for politicising the death of Josevata Raukuni, it is the illegal mouthpiece and opportunist Sharon Smith-Johns who has politicise the matter with certain wild claims she has made in a recent Fiji Dictatorship media release.

The President of the Fiji Democracy Movement has never met Josevata Rauluni but only got to know him through his plea for help via telephone while detained at Villawood. That did not stop our President from going all out to try and help him without any political grandstanding; something the Fiji illegal regime is now guilty of.

The truth will set us free and their (illegal Fiji Regime's) lies will implicate them in a Fijian Criminal Court very soon.
FDFM Secretariat.

Fiji Democracy and Freedom Movement

ABN 5614 4956 413

P.O. Box 3194,

Bankstown Square. NSW 2200.


P: +61-2-8078 4546

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Death before deportation
Mary RautoTuesday, September 21, 2010

A bit of imagination ... St Marcellin Primary School Class One students Adi Laite Maidden, Macui Suku and Asenaca Senikau during the school's art exhibition in Vatuwaqa, Suva, yesterday.
A FIJI man died in Australia hours before he was to be deported home.

The death of Josefa Rauluni, 36, has sparked a protest at Sydney's Villawood detention centre.
According to The Australian, immigration authorities were investigating Rauluni's death.
Refugee advocate Sara Nathan said three Tamils had climbed on to a roof at Villawood early yesterday afternoon to protest against their looming deportation.

Earlier, immigration officials said Rauluni had been held in Villawood since August 17.
On Sunday, Rauluni wrote to the New South Wales Ministerial Intervention Unit after receiving notice that he was to be deported. The letter was a plea to delay his return to Fiji and said if he was to be deported to Fiji "then send my dead body".

Ms Nathan said he had been due to be deported to Fiji yesterday but climbed on a roof at the detention centre.

"He was given deportation papers (yesterday)," she said.
"About 15 minutes before he was due to be handcuffed, he climbed the building where he pleaded to be allowed to stay in Australia, even if it is in detention."

Ms Nathan said the incident had upset other asylum-seekers in the facility.
"It is time Australia processed asylum-seeker applications and gave asylum to genuine refugees rather than rejecting them for political gains," she said.
"We cannot afford to play with people's lives."

Refugee Action Coalition spokesman Ian Rintoul said three Tamils were on the roof top of stage 3 at the Villawood complex.

Emergency fire crews were at the site and the Department of Immigration and Citizenship detention services provider Serco had laid mattresses on the ground below the Tamils.
Rauluni's death follows a string of suicide attempts and hunger strikes in Australian detention centres this year.

In March, up to 100 detainees went on a hunger strike in the Villawood centre following the suicide attempt of a Chinese detainee.

NSW Greens senator-elect Lee Rhiannon said the incident proved the federal government needed to "immediately revisit" its refugee policy.

"The tragic death this morning of a young man from Fiji underlines the suffering many asylum- seekers are experiencing because of the inhumane handling of refugee applications by the federal government," Ms Rhiannon said.

"I have spoken to a Villawood inmate this morning (yesterday) and the situation inside sounds tense and distressing."

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