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Fijian Chiefs Speaking Up:Dr & I delivered a letter to PM's Office [Fiji].

Friday the 3rd of September will be a day to remember.

At 10:15 am, Dr. and I delivered a letter to the PM’s office at the New Wing Building of Government House. The letter was received by Corporal Sakeo the only Police Officer on duty at the desk by the lift. I requested that I sign the receiving book but there was none as opposed to the last time I went there,when there were at least a dozen military and police personnel on duty providing security.

I told M. afterwards that it was a different atmosphere this time. Corporal Sakeo smiled and greeted me as a welcome visitor. I joked to M. that when I was there last April, it was as though I just jumped into a cage with a dozen Rottweilers, looking a bit peeved-off with my sudden intrusion into their otherwise uneventful morning. Yesterday, we forwarded a copy to Suli and I hope he will publish the letter here soon.

What is significant is that two of our paramount chiefs, have finally got together, to speak on our behalf, raising our concerns to the authorities running Fiji today.This a great moment for us in Fiji and we must seize the moment and continue the struggle with vigour and with great hope for the future.

Each one of us must play our part with that extra zest in our step, for we know we have chiefs who are not afraid to speak the truth.

Ratu Naiqama has spoken as the Tui Cakau, and paramount chief of the Tovata, Confederacy.

The Gone Marama Bale, Na Roko Tui Dreketi has spoken on behalf of the Burebasaga Confederacy.

While Kubuna is not represented, I will leave that for my chiefs to have the last say. I can only say I am deeply saddened that we are so fragmented and disillusioned.It is in our moment of weakness that we have allowed the regime to rule over us.

M. had earlier asked me on Wednesday who was going to take the letter to Voreqe, I replied I will. As a Kai Kubuna, I will be the messenger for my two chiefs, I will serve as a blood and vanua relative to both Ratu Naiqama and Ro Teimumu.

There are still Kai Kubuna people fighting for truth, justice and the rule of law in Fiji today!Friends, this letter must be distributed to as many people as possible.To our families back in the villages and all over the world.Those who can translate, must translate it for the sake of our Fijian families who don’t read or speak English.Copies have been sent to the Australian, New Zealand and US Embassy. Also to the Fiji Military Council, EU and the NLTB.

We hope to have it delivered to the UN in New York, otherwise it will be sent to their office here.The letter raises genuine concerns for the Land Decree and Reforms touted by the regime and is excellent food for thought. We have a duty now to alert our people of the dangers that await them if these land decrees are fully implemented.

These two chiefs have spoken after being silenced, ridiculed treated with the utmost disrespect form our own Fijian and non-Fijian people.To put it simply, it is as if a visitor came home one day and ordered you on how to arrange things inside the house. That is how I see it anyway.I am not in this for the riches of the world. I love my work. It has allowed me to travel to parts of the Pacific not many people will ever have a chance of travelling to. I have met amazing people like Ratu Tevita Uluilakeba, who related how he was sent to the Solomons by Ratu Sukuna.I have taken part in customary rituals, sharing their food and kava , I would never change this job for another one.People ask why ‘bother V., just look after your work and family.’

Friends something triggered my soul in 2008 during the Fiji Day Celebration at my work place.I looked at the people standing there like lifeless robots. I was crying because it hurt me so much. We had allowed this evil to take over our thoughts and actions and here we were celebrating and singing the national anthem which is about Freedom, Hope and Glory! Ana said yesterday, “you know you could be arrested again for doing this.”I said, if they arrest me for fighting for justice, for truth, freedom and democracy, for fighting for a better Fiji where people will not live in fear, where our children will grow up knowing there land is still there for them, unspoilt and undamaged by greedy ruthless foreigners, then so be it. I have nothing to loose sleep over or have bodyguards 24/7.

Only cowards and weaklings have bodyguards. Jiovah is my strength and my refuge. I’m not the one with guns, I’m not the one with a battalion to back me up, I’m just your average Gone Ni Viti from Tailevu with a pen, or keyboard to be precise!We must continue the struggle, and we must win! For democracy, for liberty, and for freedom.

God Bless You All, and God Bless Fiji.

Naisausau Village

Namara, Bau, Tailevu.Fiji Islands.


  1. Hi! Interesting blog. You write your articles very well. Keep up the good work.

  2. A good article,though I beg to differ with your opinion.I am also a Kai Kubuna,proud of my heritage and everything Fijian. I believe the Land Use program is an opportunity for Native Land Owners to get the maximum benefit from his land.Being Fijians,we have been victimized for a long time by our traditional leaders,in all aspects of society be it Vanua,Lotu or Matanitu.When great ideas are pushed through by those who are in opposition we tend to take a negative look at it.For example,a land use program was put forward by the Labour Party,this was twisted and turned into a threat to the Fijian land ownership;however,as soon as SDL got into Power,through NLTB,it set up the a similiar land use unit based on the idea pushed by Labour govt.Here we have the same case over again,we have two Chiefs;one a Lady chief who has negelected her own people in providing them with basic necessities e.g piped water,sealed roads etc and one Chief who has turned his blind eye to Native Land being reverted to Freehold land and sold to Overseas Companies e.g The Maui Bay case at the Coral Coast in Sigatoka and not forgetting sending out letters to Fijian Landowners gauranteeing them that Schedules A and B lands will be reverted to Native ownership after they voted SDL into power-a promise that these Fijian Landowners are still awaiting e.g.Sigatoka Sand Dunes etc. There are many more examples that I can quote but I believe this is enough to consolidate my reasoning that it is high time we think for ourselves.We are capable now to think and do things for ourselves.If a Yavusa or Mataqali wants to give in a portion of their land to the Land Bank,then so be it.We are fortunate to have a Government come forward and to offer us an opportunity such as this,we Fijians are mainly handicapped when we are given so much land to use but no capital to buy the equipment to till the land.We have that opportunity now,and mind you it does not have a string attached to it as in the last Agriculture Scam by the SDL Leaders.Lastly,stop mentioning G-d,because we never know what he has in store for us....who ever dreamt that Voreqe would be our Interim PM!No one predicted that...but it happened!Just be grateful,that everythings happened and that we are living in Fiji.kena levu.


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