Thursday, September 30, 2010

Against All Odds in Fiji.

Informal Settlements Upgrading and Network Building in Fiji

The following is a record of upgrading work done together by dwellers in informal settlements in Fiji, the PCN (People's Community Network) in Fiji, and ACHR (the Asian Coalition for Housing Rights), alongside network building with local architects, academics and students.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Preparation for the Lautoka City-wide Forum
It was a busy week in preparation for the Lautoka city-wide forum working with the PCN in visiting settlements, organising sound system, food and stationary ready for the day. There was great support from the communities already involved with the PCN, with members from Navutu helping out in the hall setup, sound system hireage, and many other aspects of the day, while members from Tomuka cooked goat and vegetarian palau for the lunch. Hugo, Heidi and I got maps from the Lands Department of the wider Lautoka area, enlarged them and then printed and put them together as a whole. We identified all the known settlements and what kind of land they're on (by colour, state green and matagali orange), and left space for more details to be added on the day of the forum.

Hugo, Loata and Bui sharpening pencils for the forum participants Photo by Anna

Preparing the map of Lautoka squatter settlements Photo by Anna
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Sunday, September 19, 2010

City-wide Forum Planning
Tuesday 14th SeptJoe from the PCN and I are busy preparing for the Lautoka city-wide meeting of members of squatter settlements, which is planned for Saturday the 25th of September. We visited the Lautoka District Officer today, who is very positive about the role the PCN is playing the city. She's giving support in helping to organise the city hall as a venue which is centrally located for the meeting, and in putting us in touch with community advisers already involved in some of the communities.
So Joe and I will spend the rest of this week and the beginning of next week visiting all 31 of Lautoka's identified informal settlements, inviting women and youths as well as men to join the meeting. We've prepared a flier with the venue, time, date and information about the meeting in Fijian and English, and hopefully we'll get it translated into Hindi as well.While we're doing this, the rest of the PCN, including new volunteers from Navutu, Nasoata, Nasinu and Natabua seaside, are surveying and mapping in Tomuka settlement, where there are more than 500 houses.Here is the flier we've made to give the details of the meeting to community members:
Read more of PCN's work;

Lautoka Citywide Forum
Networking and working together on common issues
Saturday 25th September 2010
10am – 3:30pm (lunch included)
Sugar Cane Growers Hall
1st floor, 75 Drasa Avenue, Lautoka
Men, women and youths of Lautoka squatter settlements welcome
Share information about –
· Land issues
· Problems
· Projects
· Ideas
Build a citywide network –
Work together, support each other, and face issues together
Participate with the People’s Community Network of Fiji
Stand up and walk, stand up and talk
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