Thursday, September 30, 2010

Against All Odds in Fiji.

Informal Settlements Upgrading and Network Building in Fiji

The following is a record of upgrading work done together by dwellers in informal settlements in Fiji, the PCN (People's Community Network) in Fiji, and ACHR (the Asian Coalition for Housing Rights), alongside network building with local architects, academics and students.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Preparation for the Lautoka City-wide Forum
It was a busy week in preparation for the Lautoka city-wide forum working with the PCN in visiting settlements, organising sound system, food and stationary ready for the day. There was great support from the communities already involved with the PCN, with members from Navutu helping out in the hall setup, sound system hireage, and many other aspects of the day, while members from Tomuka cooked goat and vegetarian palau for the lunch. Hugo, Heidi and I got maps from the Lands Department of the wider Lautoka area, enlarged them and then printed and put them together as a whole. We identified all the known settlements and what kind of land they're on (by colour, state green and matagali orange), and left space for more details to be added on the day of the forum.

Hugo, Loata and Bui sharpening pencils for the forum participants Photo by Anna

Preparing the map of Lautoka squatter settlements Photo by Anna
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Sunday, September 19, 2010

City-wide Forum Planning
Tuesday 14th SeptJoe from the PCN and I are busy preparing for the Lautoka city-wide meeting of members of squatter settlements, which is planned for Saturday the 25th of September. We visited the Lautoka District Officer today, who is very positive about the role the PCN is playing the city. She's giving support in helping to organise the city hall as a venue which is centrally located for the meeting, and in putting us in touch with community advisers already involved in some of the communities.
So Joe and I will spend the rest of this week and the beginning of next week visiting all 31 of Lautoka's identified informal settlements, inviting women and youths as well as men to join the meeting. We've prepared a flier with the venue, time, date and information about the meeting in Fijian and English, and hopefully we'll get it translated into Hindi as well.While we're doing this, the rest of the PCN, including new volunteers from Navutu, Nasoata, Nasinu and Natabua seaside, are surveying and mapping in Tomuka settlement, where there are more than 500 houses.Here is the flier we've made to give the details of the meeting to community members:
Read more of PCN's work;

Lautoka Citywide Forum
Networking and working together on common issues
Saturday 25th September 2010
10am – 3:30pm (lunch included)
Sugar Cane Growers Hall
1st floor, 75 Drasa Avenue, Lautoka
Men, women and youths of Lautoka squatter settlements welcome
Share information about –
· Land issues
· Problems
· Projects
· Ideas
Build a citywide network –
Work together, support each other, and face issues together
Participate with the People’s Community Network of Fiji
Stand up and walk, stand up and talk
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Monday, September 27, 2010

News from New York: Commonwealth Ministerial Action Group's Views on Fiji's State of Affairs.

Below are specifc articles 6, 7, 8, 9 of CMAG Concluding Statement during CMAG 's recent meeting in New York. It is important to highlight these as it clearly gives us a snapshot view of what the big powers are saying or thinking about the current situation in Fiji.
Whilst it is great that CMAG reiterates its firm position with regards to the lack of progress towards restoration of civilian constitutional democracy it does not however stipulate what line of actions it is planning towards to this end.
Ideally, Fiji citizens would like to see and experience a drastic change from the current stalemate the nation is in. The question though, how will these be achieved?
Over the last week, there had been much talk that the dictator and his side kick had been taken under arrest by the Fiji Military Council. Later news from the ground stated that it appeared alot of power have been stripped from these two key figures i.e Komada Bainibarama & Khaiyum A Saiyed. What does that tells the rest of Fiji and the world? Those closely monitoring the situation will say, theres stirrings on the ground which smells of unrest that has been brewing for a while. Fiji's so-called melting pot is a corner away from bursting.

by Bera Na Liva

Read more;
Commonwealth Ministerial Action Group - Concluding Statement
25 September 2010

The Commonwealth Ministerial Action Group (CMAG) held its thirty-fourth regular meeting in New York on 25 September 2010

6. The Group reiterated its serious concern about the lack of progress made toward the restoration of civilian constitutional democracy in Fiji. CMAG agreed, with regret, that Fiji’s suspension from the Commonwealth remained necessary in order to protect the fundamental values of the Commonwealth. The Group reaffirmed its solidarity with the people of Fiji. It expressed its sincere hope that Fiji would take the necessary steps to enable the restoration of its full participation in the Commonwealth as soon as possible.

7. The Group emphasised the Commonwealth’s continued readiness to assist Fiji in appropriate ways on its path back to constitutional democracy, consistent with Commonwealth values and principles. The Group welcomed the Commonwealth’s continued efforts to engage in constructive dialogue with the interim government of Fiji and other stakeholders, particularly through the Secretary-General’s Special Representative, and encouraged such engagement in good faith to continue.

8. CMAG noted the statement made on Fiji by the Leaders of the Pacific Islands Forum at their recent summit in Vanuatu, and reaffirmed the importance of the Commonwealth continuing to work in close cooperation and consultation with other regional and international partners in relation to the Fiji situation.

9. CMAG also reiterated the importance of paragraph 10 of the 2009 Affirmation of Commonwealth Values and Principles, in which Commonwealth Heads of Government called on all Commonwealth organisations to adhere to Commonwealth values and principles in every possible way, including by acting in conformity with the letter and spirit of the decisions of CMAG. The Group requested the Secretary-General to convey its recommendations on this matter to the Accreditation Committee of the Commonwealth Secretariat’s Board of Governors.
New York25 September 2010

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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Giving False Hope To Innocent People: Murti an Indian National Charged with Trafficking:

Indian Nationals case transferred to Suva.
Publish date/time: 24/09/2010 [17:11]

The Indian national charged with trafficking in person has had his case transferred to the Suva high Court after an application by the State that the matter be transferred.

DPP lawyer Salote Tagivakatini made the application stating that the offense Kadali Murti was charged with was an indictable offense under the Crimes Decree and therefore needed to be transferred to the High Court.

Murti who appeared in Court in the last hour, is charged with one count of trafficking in person where it is alleged that he facilitated the entry of seven other Indian nationals telling them that were going to work on farms in New Zealand.

It is alleged that Murti allegedly obtained four thousand New Zealand dollars each from seven people to take them to New Zealand however as soon as they reached the Nadi International Airport, Murti told them that they were in New Zealand.

The Court heard that they were arrested on the 10th of this month by Customs officers just before entering the arrival terminal at the Nadi International Airport.

The seven are currently in the custody of the Police Special taskforce while Murti has been remanded in custody awaiting transfer to Suva.

The matter has been set for mention next Wednesday, 29th September in the Suva High Court.Story by:
Paradise Tabucala.

Fijian Soldiers spying in Australia and Politicisation of JRaluni's Death.

FDFM News: Fijian Soldiers spying in Australia and Politicisation of JRaluni's Death.

Subject: Fijian Soldiers spying in Australia and Politicisation of Josevata Rauluni's Death.
The Fiji Democracy and Freedom Movement strongly object to claims made recently by the illegal Permanent Secretary in the Prime Minister's Office of the Republic of Fiji. The official said that we have started to make claims that there are Fijian soldiers in Australia who are spying on the Fijian Community here.

The Movement would like to ask the illegal permanent secretary to indicate where or in which news article we have made such claims.

As far as the Movement is concerned, the claim was made by one Livai Leone to Radio Australian journalist Bruce Hill.

As for politicising the death of Josevata Raukuni, it is the illegal mouthpiece and opportunist Sharon Smith-Johns who has politicise the matter with certain wild claims she has made in a recent Fiji Dictatorship media release.

The President of the Fiji Democracy Movement has never met Josevata Rauluni but only got to know him through his plea for help via telephone while detained at Villawood. That did not stop our President from going all out to try and help him without any political grandstanding; something the Fiji illegal regime is now guilty of.

The truth will set us free and their (illegal Fiji Regime's) lies will implicate them in a Fijian Criminal Court very soon.
FDFM Secretariat.

Fiji Democracy and Freedom Movement

ABN 5614 4956 413

P.O. Box 3194,

Bankstown Square. NSW 2200.


P: +61-2-8078 4546

Read more from Fiji Times Online;

Death before deportation
Mary RautoTuesday, September 21, 2010

A bit of imagination ... St Marcellin Primary School Class One students Adi Laite Maidden, Macui Suku and Asenaca Senikau during the school's art exhibition in Vatuwaqa, Suva, yesterday.
A FIJI man died in Australia hours before he was to be deported home.

The death of Josefa Rauluni, 36, has sparked a protest at Sydney's Villawood detention centre.
According to The Australian, immigration authorities were investigating Rauluni's death.
Refugee advocate Sara Nathan said three Tamils had climbed on to a roof at Villawood early yesterday afternoon to protest against their looming deportation.

Earlier, immigration officials said Rauluni had been held in Villawood since August 17.
On Sunday, Rauluni wrote to the New South Wales Ministerial Intervention Unit after receiving notice that he was to be deported. The letter was a plea to delay his return to Fiji and said if he was to be deported to Fiji "then send my dead body".

Ms Nathan said he had been due to be deported to Fiji yesterday but climbed on a roof at the detention centre.

"He was given deportation papers (yesterday)," she said.
"About 15 minutes before he was due to be handcuffed, he climbed the building where he pleaded to be allowed to stay in Australia, even if it is in detention."

Ms Nathan said the incident had upset other asylum-seekers in the facility.
"It is time Australia processed asylum-seeker applications and gave asylum to genuine refugees rather than rejecting them for political gains," she said.
"We cannot afford to play with people's lives."

Refugee Action Coalition spokesman Ian Rintoul said three Tamils were on the roof top of stage 3 at the Villawood complex.

Emergency fire crews were at the site and the Department of Immigration and Citizenship detention services provider Serco had laid mattresses on the ground below the Tamils.
Rauluni's death follows a string of suicide attempts and hunger strikes in Australian detention centres this year.

In March, up to 100 detainees went on a hunger strike in the Villawood centre following the suicide attempt of a Chinese detainee.

NSW Greens senator-elect Lee Rhiannon said the incident proved the federal government needed to "immediately revisit" its refugee policy.

"The tragic death this morning of a young man from Fiji underlines the suffering many asylum- seekers are experiencing because of the inhumane handling of refugee applications by the federal government," Ms Rhiannon said.

"I have spoken to a Villawood inmate this morning (yesterday) and the situation inside sounds tense and distressing."

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Is Fiji faced with Structural Adjustments by Coup Leader? Remember Dictator Pinochet in Chile!!

It is timely that by this time tomorrow MDG Summit in New York to discuss the Millineum Goals by Heads of States will be underway. We are told that Komada Vore Bainimarama will be attendance from Fiji and we just hope that the United Nations Forum leaders get to see the damage this man has done to Fiji.

As can be deduced that it is ironic that he is representing the Nation Fiji as someone who rose to power at the point of gun just like what Pinochet and other dictators had done earlier.

What has happened in Fiji in 2006 Coup is no different. Komada Vore Bainimarama and some elements hiding behind 'coconut-fronds' are instrumental in driving the Nation Fiji to where it is today.

Fiji has suffered economically, socially, politically and culturally. It is therefore fitting to be writing this article to alert those leaders at the MDG Summit that Fiji is no longer a 'bed of roses' that once boasted of 'Paradise'.

It is becoming a drug-haven, and a country now littered with Asian migrants mostly from China mainland all now holding Fiji blue passports with little or no English let alone Fijian language. Fiji passports are now being marketed as a commodity. Shame, shame!!

Coconut wireless reports that instead of giving jobs to Fiji people, these Asians Fiji-passport holder COME-LATELY are now being given jobs making roads and infrustructures and more. Is this the plans aligned to decrease Poverty in Fiji as stipulated by MDG goals or these elements are stealing jobs away from Fiji people?

Fiji Nation and its people have witnessed combination of factors such as major economic, social and political ramifications in a big way. By now if one was to measure GNP for Fiji, it will be hitting a low-low as anyone with commonsense can predict.

To sum up. there appears to be a massive drive by the current dictator to carry out 'Structural Adjustments' at the expense of Fiji and the people.

Economically – Fiji has plunged alongside most Third World countries into negative growth and lowered exports.

Socially – Fiji's income Inequality increased as can be seen with the regime re-organising via massive redundancy exercise for all those reaching the age of 50s. A change from retirement age of 55 as earlier been in place before the 2006 Coup by Vore Bainimarama. Government spending was cut and other social programmes pulled back

Politically – Fiji's unstable government as currently led by military dictator continues to ensue social instability by the military intervening in Fiji's political affairs. Fiji as a case in point is now entirely governed by dictatorships with its people trapped in a time capsule that seem to have no end.

Komada Bainimarama is lobbying for massive financial loans from IMF/World Bank. Will these two global money gurus extend monetray aid to Fiji indirectly supporting these structural adjustments as the case were during Pinochet's hold of Chile? Remember how the people of Chile suffered for 17 years while Pinochet enjoyed his reign as a dictator. We now pray that World Bank and IMF together with Commonwealth Secretariat, USA and United Nations Leaders will take heed of the voices of Fiji people worldwide and come to their aid by not agreeing with the mandate of People's Charter which Bainimarama has been preaching since he tok over after the 2006 coup.Luvei Viti Think Tank Team.

Read and article sent from someone in Fiji most recently.

Ni Bula Vinaka,

Through your communications channels may I request the following messages/actions/initiatives conveyed as appropriate for Fiji Day activities.

The transmission frequencies and schedules of the radio station are not being widely distributed on the ground in Fiji and not many of us at ground level DO NOT know its happening.
Can you please tell us how the broadcasts are being marketed and how we can assist in spreading the word?

Can the Freedom movement please write to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth, the Commonwealth Secretariat and the governments of PNG, Australia and NewZealand requesting Jim Ah Koy be stripped of his knighthood, for activelysupporting an illegal Commonwealth government.
This would be a big blow to Jim and the regime.

Through Matavuvale and all other websites can you please start sending messages out to boycott the Fiji Sun. This is not to support the FijiTimes or Motibhai but as a sign of protest against the government’smisinformation arm.

Last but not least can you disseminate in NZ and Oz not to buy land atNaisoso. The land has been alienated from the native landowners andconverted to freehold land. All permits and environmental impact studiesand regulation waived by Khaiyum [Khayum Aiyas SAIYED is currently holding (illegal)Attorney General Post and who is instrumental with all the decress being put out in Fiji under the regime. See the image below where he and Bainimarama are pictured with Arab prince].

You can determine this by digging andfinding that Khaiyum’s mother’s sister, Nur Bano Ali is the financial advisor to Naisoso.

Please use the NZ media reports about the Hilton time shares going bellyup to support democracy and freedom arguments with economic non-viability.

Find out where Khaiyum’s mother lives in New Zealand and stage legal protests, get it on the media and go loud and long to make their positionuntenable.

Nautosolo is going to BNE for Fiji Day to entertain. Oz freedom fightersshould petition the Oz government to deny visas. They are ardentsupporters of the regime and have been praising the passage of decreespublicly from the stage and on television.

If they do come, please isolate and protest against them. In all theirconcerts they praise the government lavishly and some of our people whogo along get so easily swayed.
Vinaka Vakalevu
Edua na cauravou ni Viti, ka mosita tu na veika baleti keda na lewe ni Vanua o Viti.

Read more about the rally in Aussie:

From: FDFM Secretariat <

Date: Fri, Sep 17, 2010 at 10:28 PM

Subject: FW: An Update on Fiji Event

Please refer attached poster on FDFM's next Sydney Activity.

Please pass on to those who you may think should now and attend.



Fiji Democracy and Freedom Movement

ABN 5614 4956 413

P.O. Box 3194,

Bankstown Square. NSW 2200.


P: +61-2-8078 4546

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Wellington City Council Pacific Forum Updates: Remember to Vote for your New Mayor & Councillors!!

Ni bula,

A quick update to you all on what happened at the Pacific Forum at Te Papa last night. The forum started at 5.30pm - 8.30pm. At the event were members of the Management of Wellington Council i.e 'Lady' Mayor KP, Deputy Mayor Ian McKinnon and his wife,
Celia Wade-Brown, CEO for WCC who chaired the forum and many other senior WCC staff.
It was well attended by the Polynesian Community as always with only 03 from the Melanesian Community i.e 03 ladies from various Fiji Community Group in Wellington.
  • Represented were;
Sally Bialas - Manager -Hutt Valley Luvei Viti (Children of Fiji) Community
Tuni Vavataga - Wellington Fiji Trust
Adi Elisapeci Samanunu - Co-ordinator, Wellington Council of Fiji Communities

  • Highlights - Winning Barber singers 'St Patrick College Boys [Wellington] who sang beautifully. They deserve to win Ever seen a young talented conductor?? We just did last night
  • Pacific Arts presentation then followed by those that received grants. The best speaker was the young man who spearheaded the Newlands College Complex. That took alot of planning, thinking & actual artwork. Well done.
  • Rugby World Cup was also in the agenda and we got to know that the grants for World Cup closes tomorrow Fridat 17/9/10. Andy [WCC lady RWC boss lady] gave a brief on whats being planned for 2011. Fiji will be based in Wellington as many of you will have already know. Watch this SPACE for developments on this and NEWS UPDATE!!
  • Reports by the Pacific Rep Group in WCC - Well articulated by the spokesperson from Samoa. Whilst the report indicated past activities the group had been involved in, it is disappointing to note that within our Fiji rep we do not get to see any information on all these important happenings in Wellington except when we sometime receive the odd ones from Bessie or Marie (WCC). This bit really needs to be examined so everyone from the Fiji Communities here in Greater Wellington gets to receive first hand info. Recommendations: Perhaps a more transparent process for the next one who will be representing Fiji people in Wellington. That said - the incumbent must take into account all relevant groups that exist within our Fiji Communities in Wellington and not just one segment.
  • NB: We do encourage all those of you that can make it to such meetings to please attend as we are always the minority at these meetings and it will be good if you all can keep an eye when news of next meeting comes to attend as alot of good comes out of being there.
  • Elections for Wellington City Council members - As you know elections for Wellington City Council members is around the corner. Check at your Post Office if you have not enrol. For those that have already enrolled - well done!!
  • Grants - Grants deadlinesl Creative NZ website; WCC Grants website;

For other News:

Fiji Day is on 10th October 2010. Due to uncertainities surrounding the effort we had discussed at the Race Relations Day Forum on 26 March 2010 for a unified Wellington Fiji Communities todate we have decided that we have pulled all plans to go ahead with the celebrations that was initially mooted. We will however run a kids drop in program from 3pm - 5pm Saturday 9/10/2010. More details will be announced later.

We have also been invited by the Sacred Heart Cathedral at Hill Street, opposite Beehive for 10am service followed by shared morning tea.
Date- 10 October 2010.
" Sa ni kerei na marama o ni via gole mai moni vaka ligaliga mai ena so na coi ni ti se kakana mamada"


Core Team
Wellington Council of Fiji Communities
Sai Lealea, Lawrence Nair
Semiti Leqakowailutu, Sr Josefa, Valencia Mar Melesia
Sr Sarto, Adi Elisapeci Samanunu

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Remembering Kiwis in Christchurch Due Recent Earthquake.

NZ TV Herald gives us an inside view of what happened when the eathquake struck last week. "Damage to Christchurch city after the 7.1 earthquake struck Sept 4th 2010". It is sad indeed to watch daily updates on the extent of the damages. The people who are at the moment without clean water, electricity, inability to drive because their car has been damaged. Importantly, those who lost their houses and their businesses and more.

It was great to see the Prime Minister of New Zealand being one of those visiting the area and feeling what the people in Christchurch are feeling right now.

To all of you Christchurch, we wish you all the very best and we will hold you all in our thoughts and prayers.

Tena Koto Tena Koto Tena Koto Katoa.
Luvei Viti Team.

Raw Video: Earthquake in Christchurch , footage of damage to city and roads

Read more from The Economist
Facing disaster, like a Kiwi
Sep 7th 2010, 6:42 by C.H. LONDON

WHEN an earthquake of 7.1 magnitude struck Christchurch, New Zealand’s second-largest city, in the early hours of September 4th, a long-held national nightmare came true. Citizens have long worried that one of the country’s few cities will be devastated by a tremblor. Positioned as it is at the southern end of the Pacific "ring of fire", and at the convergence of the Indo-Australian and Pacific plates, New Zealand is a pretty seismic place. Earthquakes are frequent (around 14,000 a year, in fact) but they are usually quite small. And a sparse human population, just 4m, means severe damage and loss of life are rare: not since 1931 has a quake there killed significant numbers.

Christchurch (population 386,000) could easily have seen a repeat of that disaster (one local surprise was that it was Christchurch that was hit—most locals had long expected Wellington, New Zealand’s capital, which sits directly atop a fault line, to be the victim). With the epicentre only 20km from the central city and the quake only 10km deep, the whole city got a mighty shaking. Christchurch was founded in the 19th century by Anglican migrants from Britain and ranks as the most “English” of all New Zealand’s towns. The city centre is dominated by old brick buildings, many of which collapsed: damage is conservatively estimated at around NZ$2 billion ($1.4 billion). Thankfully, no Samoa-style tsunami followed (ironically, New Zealand's government recently announced it would fund a Pacific tsunami-warning system). That no fatalities resulted is nothing short of a miracle.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Fijian Chiefs Speaking Up:Dr & I delivered a letter to PM's Office [Fiji].

Friday the 3rd of September will be a day to remember.

At 10:15 am, Dr. and I delivered a letter to the PM’s office at the New Wing Building of Government House. The letter was received by Corporal Sakeo the only Police Officer on duty at the desk by the lift. I requested that I sign the receiving book but there was none as opposed to the last time I went there,when there were at least a dozen military and police personnel on duty providing security.

I told M. afterwards that it was a different atmosphere this time. Corporal Sakeo smiled and greeted me as a welcome visitor. I joked to M. that when I was there last April, it was as though I just jumped into a cage with a dozen Rottweilers, looking a bit peeved-off with my sudden intrusion into their otherwise uneventful morning. Yesterday, we forwarded a copy to Suli and I hope he will publish the letter here soon.

What is significant is that two of our paramount chiefs, have finally got together, to speak on our behalf, raising our concerns to the authorities running Fiji today.This a great moment for us in Fiji and we must seize the moment and continue the struggle with vigour and with great hope for the future.

Each one of us must play our part with that extra zest in our step, for we know we have chiefs who are not afraid to speak the truth.

Ratu Naiqama has spoken as the Tui Cakau, and paramount chief of the Tovata, Confederacy.

The Gone Marama Bale, Na Roko Tui Dreketi has spoken on behalf of the Burebasaga Confederacy.

While Kubuna is not represented, I will leave that for my chiefs to have the last say. I can only say I am deeply saddened that we are so fragmented and disillusioned.It is in our moment of weakness that we have allowed the regime to rule over us.

M. had earlier asked me on Wednesday who was going to take the letter to Voreqe, I replied I will. As a Kai Kubuna, I will be the messenger for my two chiefs, I will serve as a blood and vanua relative to both Ratu Naiqama and Ro Teimumu.

There are still Kai Kubuna people fighting for truth, justice and the rule of law in Fiji today!Friends, this letter must be distributed to as many people as possible.To our families back in the villages and all over the world.Those who can translate, must translate it for the sake of our Fijian families who don’t read or speak English.Copies have been sent to the Australian, New Zealand and US Embassy. Also to the Fiji Military Council, EU and the NLTB.

We hope to have it delivered to the UN in New York, otherwise it will be sent to their office here.The letter raises genuine concerns for the Land Decree and Reforms touted by the regime and is excellent food for thought. We have a duty now to alert our people of the dangers that await them if these land decrees are fully implemented.

These two chiefs have spoken after being silenced, ridiculed treated with the utmost disrespect form our own Fijian and non-Fijian people.To put it simply, it is as if a visitor came home one day and ordered you on how to arrange things inside the house. That is how I see it anyway.I am not in this for the riches of the world. I love my work. It has allowed me to travel to parts of the Pacific not many people will ever have a chance of travelling to. I have met amazing people like Ratu Tevita Uluilakeba, who related how he was sent to the Solomons by Ratu Sukuna.I have taken part in customary rituals, sharing their food and kava , I would never change this job for another one.People ask why ‘bother V., just look after your work and family.’

Friends something triggered my soul in 2008 during the Fiji Day Celebration at my work place.I looked at the people standing there like lifeless robots. I was crying because it hurt me so much. We had allowed this evil to take over our thoughts and actions and here we were celebrating and singing the national anthem which is about Freedom, Hope and Glory! Ana said yesterday, “you know you could be arrested again for doing this.”I said, if they arrest me for fighting for justice, for truth, freedom and democracy, for fighting for a better Fiji where people will not live in fear, where our children will grow up knowing there land is still there for them, unspoilt and undamaged by greedy ruthless foreigners, then so be it. I have nothing to loose sleep over or have bodyguards 24/7.

Only cowards and weaklings have bodyguards. Jiovah is my strength and my refuge. I’m not the one with guns, I’m not the one with a battalion to back me up, I’m just your average Gone Ni Viti from Tailevu with a pen, or keyboard to be precise!We must continue the struggle, and we must win! For democracy, for liberty, and for freedom.

God Bless You All, and God Bless Fiji.

Naisausau Village

Namara, Bau, Tailevu.Fiji Islands.

Bula, No'oia, Kia Ora, Warm Greetings, Namaste

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