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Regional PIF Leaders & UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon: Please Exert More Pressure to current Illegal Regime in Fiji.

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No doubt the article written by RealFijiNews below echoes unsaid thoughts by many civilians and grassroot people in Fiji right now. Though it may be said, the article boasts tone of legalese thinking almost at its best. Educated Fijians are just not sitting back, they are now claiming their 'pound of flesh' too!!
We applaud RealFijiNews for such a well written piece. Indeed, all that you have outlined will be ideal for the people of Fiji. At the very least, theres a ray of Hope out there.

Thinking election 2014 is the biggest joke the island dictator has gifted to the Nation & its people in Fiji. While some of us are clearly articulating our disgust, pro-illegal regime are lapping up the 'Purgatory time' being dished out to all Fiji people including tourists and those with vested interests.

Go on, Regional PIF Leaders, The Commonwealth, United Nations & other International Leaders, we earnestly need your Positive Intervention to free the Nation Fiji & its people.
Bera Na Liva

The military led government of Fiji are under an obligation to respect international human rights and humanitarian law notwithstanding the purported abrogation of the 1997 Constitution, nor the imposition and continued extension of emergency rule, as certain rights are non derogable.
The military junta has willfully ignored these warnings by the United Nations, all leading Democracies, International Human Rights Organizations and most importantly the PEOPLE OF FIJI.

The junta has continued to systematically repress unarmed civilians who are suffering serious irreparable harm as a result.

The repressive deliberate actions of the junta against the people will lead to the large scale loss of life of the most vulnerable, more than 400,000 people who are living below the poverty line.
The international community has exhausted all peaceful avenues to prevent the inevitable, including the imposition of smart targeted sanctions, the extension in good faith of a wiliness to engage in dialogue, to commit substantial human and financial resources if it saw credible steps to return our country to civilian rule.

This has failed, only because the military junta wish it to fail and we may add that the failure is attributable solely to the ineffective leadership in Frank Bainimarama, a high school drop out, chronic liar, murderer and corrupt naval officer.

Proactive steps must be taken to securitize the Fijian Dilemma to avert the human suffering of our most vulnerable. Coercive and intrusive measures need to be thought of, mooted and implemented as soon as possible.

The Secretary General of the United Nations Ban Ki-moon has expressly raised the issue of Fiji in his address to the Pacific Islands Forum Leaders meeting in Port Vila Vanuatu.
The United States, Australia, New-Zealand and Japan with the endorsement of the Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat must agree to a limited multilateral military intervention in Fiji after seeking reconfirmation of continuing deteriorating human rights conditions that seeks to achieve the following purpose:

1. To protect the human security of the Fijian people by bringing an end to the systematic repressive actions of the State under the Bainimarama leadership.

2. To oversee the return to civilian democratic rule after a free and fair election and to hand over the internal security of the country to the Police subsequent to the swearing in of parliament.

Endorsement by the UN Security Council may be obtained subsequently pursuant to Cap VIII of the UN Charter. As the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon has stated in his speech in Port Vila, the Pacific Islands Forum IS the preeminent recognized regional organization of the Pacific and his call for a return to democratic rule in Fiji AS SOON AS POSSIBLE may be taken to be an invocation of Art 99 on the UN Charter and hence a Regional Protection Mission to the Fiji Islands is in order.

To minimize the loss of life by unarmed civilians in the transition, it is suggested that an immediate leadership change be vigorously supported to replace as a bare minimum Frank Bainimarama as the Commander of the Fiji Military Forces with Ului Mara in return for the assurance from him and Pita Driti that all military personnel will return to barracks or resign their commissions and continue with their respective portfolios as civilians.

The President of Fiji must also restore the 1997 Constitution to pave the way for free fair inclusive democratic elections within 12 months. He can then obtain the affirmation or otherwise of his appointment by the Great Council of Chiefs.

That Constitution can be amended any which way that the PEOPLES REPRESENTATIVES who have their mandate WISH, that is none of our concern.


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  1. Thanks for your support should you wish to delve into the details to further the call when the time comes when our children are hungry homeless and we start thinking with our hearts instead of our mind of the real human impact on our own people as a result of the repression then this link will provide the roapmap to make that call loud and clear to the international community.


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