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[Fiji Club]Stealing Fijian Identity from Indigenous Fijians by a Group of Fiji Indians at Fiji Club as publicised in NZ Scoop website.

To: Scoop Management [As listed below]

We wish to forward you discussions with regards to your Scoop website which is running alot of
articles by the Fiji Club based in Auckland and which is run by a group of Fiji Indians who are now claiming to be Fijians.

As a case in point, one of your articles ran a story on an Indian lady that had been recently honoured claiming that she is an Indigenous Fijians.

Our group is a multi-cultural Fiji Group and we are disappointed to note that these group of Fiji Indians [Fiji Club] are being allowed to use the Identity of Fijians and give the public of New Zealand a wrong perspective of who they really are.

Heres an excerpt of the article, quote,
Friday, 16 April 2010, 1:14 pm
Press Release:

Fiji Club New Zealander – Fijian Honored
“We are delighted to inform you all that our committee and active member Pratima Nand QSM, JP a New Zealander and an indigenous Fijian has being honored as a Kiwibank Local Hero’s Medal for the Auckland Region recently” Alton Shameem JP the Founder and President of Fiji Club of New Zealand (FCNZ) said today at Takapuna, North Shore City, Auckland the City of Compassion. unquote.

'Luvei Viti Community Voice have copied [this email to NZ] Ministry of Ethinc Affairs & Human Rights Commission as we believe the 'free claim reign[FOR INDIGENOUS FIJIAN IDENTITY' in your scoop website need to be reigned in as it is insulting the 'Vanua o Viti & Ai Taukei Dina'.[in Aotearoa & for all Fijians for that matter].

PS: Here are some comments from our Luvei Viti Think Tank Forum:
By Mere;
Why, the Indo Fijians should be proud of their over 50,000 thousand years of Indian identity and about 200 years in the Pacific.

Both the global and regional market economies, recognise diversity and empowerment, as sources of innovation from human values and aspirations to solve our problems in environmentally sustainable ways.

The old economic order of the centralised "elite" is no longer relevant. This order has been replaced by market and customer driven "supply and demand" forces that entrepreneurs world wide are driving through the growth of small to medium sized businesses. These are embedded in social network or clustering.

So, people do not need to steal identity and manipulate the system, but be proud and truthful to oneself in order to achieve and sustain success.Mere.
By Luvei Viti Think Tank,
Unfortunately, these people want more. They are not satisfied with what they have or what the modern day world offers be it the market, economy, their experise and/or know-how, the capilitistic & individual approach they live by or the amount of cash or borrowings they have against their names.

Its simple Greed thats now the driver. We can all go into self pity mode but the reality is as a Khamlesh [Fiji Indian] had been noted in his chats to have said, quote, *" we are near to our promised land"???* Did he really mean Fiji lands now that its being opened up to them as Land Laws are being relaxed to allow 'Bhaiya to have a reign on Fijian lands now that the Fijian Identity has been BLURRED!!

In earnest, what FB & KAS has done they are implementing the very model of what was done when the Momi Bay land had been given out to those overseas investors like Blue Chips etc based in Auckland. The initial documentation had been signed off by an Indian under the then Minister and not by the Minsiter himself at the tme.

Whilst this is happening some other Indian contact was the middle man sitting in Auckland. Now thats scary. These two are scots free and the landowners & Fiji people are the loosers as FNPF funds have disappeared into thin air.

Thats the irony of the claims by these segments of Indians that are pushing from Auckland. They have a piece in the Capitailist Fiji Pie!!

In reality we can articulate all the technicalities but we cannot change the 'greed and want' thats coming through from these segments. It is how do we counter their approach? Vinaka Luvei Viti Think Tank Team
By Verebalavu,
Okay since she's now a Kiwi local hero can the Founder please bestow on her this indigenous middle name, Pratima CARAWAI Nand or PCN. I'm sure she'll be proud of it....sa dri yani.

In our research we discovered that this club is run by a group of Indian businessmen. Here are the details;

Alton A Shameem JP [An Indian] - Founder & President of Fiji Club of New Zealand & New Zealand Association of Accountants Inc

12 October 2006
lton A Shameem is a dynamic member of the Fiji Club of New Zealand (FCNZ), of which he is President, and a valuable member of his North Shore community as, among many things, a Justice of Peace. [of all people one would think this man should be upholding the integrity of each Ethnic Races from Fiji living in Aotearoa & not deceiving people!!]

He is also Founder and President of New Zealand Association of Accountants (NZAA).
Fiji Club of New Zealand

A group for all Fijians [mostly Indians now claiming to be Fijians] started on the North Shore, Auckland to promote the cultural, social, educational, community, settlement issues, sports, music, arts, crafts, drama, business, employment, leisure and networking activities.

For more information contact: Alton Shameem JP [Indian], Founder & President, Ph: (09) 488 7808, Mob 027 324 6106
Committee Members:
???Samuela Barakuta Vodo [perhaps this man, with a Fijian name, has been blinded or wool pulled over his eyes or he does not know whether he is a Fijian or bananaman], Ph:09 940 9230(W), Mob 027 534 9156
Johnny Ali [Indian], Mob:021 147 8976
David Reddy [Indian], Ph:09 478 8064
Abdul Satar, [Indian]Ph: 09 414 7319 (W), Mob 021 683 786
Abdul Rauf, [Indian] Ph: 09 276 6670 (W), Mob: 021 416 443


[More] Articles by these [Fiji Club] group claiming to be Fijians are also visible in their Facebook page
Complaint Email sent to these listed Scoop Management:
General Manager - Alastair Thompson
alastair@scoop.co.nz+64 4 910 1844+64 21 707 044
Business Development Manager - Steven Wood
steven@scoop.co.nz+64 4 910 1844+64 21 841 186
Editorial StaffEditor
editor@scoop.co.nz+64 4 910 1844
Wellington Editorial BureauWellington Office +64 4 910 1844Co-Editor - Alastair Thompson
alastair@scoop.co.nz+64 21 707 044
Reporter - Lyndon Hood
Auckland Editorial BureauCo-Editor - Selwyn Manning
selwyn@scoop.co.nz+64 21 664 286
TechnicalTechnical Leader - Finlay Thompson
finlay@scoop.co.nz+64 21 426 878 Wellington OfficePhone+64 4 910 1844


  1. Interesting how some hackers and we know who they are have quickly added [Luvei Viti] onto the header of this blog. What a bunch of loosers these Kulinas who are hacking away...just go & find your real identity instead of stealing others.

  2. @Prodding the hornet's nest May 5, 2010 7:35:00 AM

    I like your explanation as it is one of those that touches the core of the Fijian people not the wannabe Fijians which includes those echoing their racial preferences here to called such. In essence to be a Fijian in the ethnic sense one would need to look the type i.e fuzzy hair, speaks the Fijian language or mother tongue & for those that don't their mothers or fathers can fluently, be written in the 'Vola Ni Kawa Bula', and can name their links to their genrational Communal lands etc.

    All those that falls outside this can all go to blazes for all Fijians care.
    Prodding the hornet's nest said...
    Aiyaz is a bloody fool. By raising this issue publicly without any formal consultation, he's raised the hackles of the very people the regime needs to win over to its multi racial agenda. The truth is many indigenous Fijians - and probably an overwhelming majority - regard the term Fijian as theirs. And many non-indigenous Fiji citizens agree. What is wrong with the term "Fiji islander" for everyone else or "Fiji citizen" for that matter? We don't need a national brawl over this issue, especially at this delicate time. And it's certainly not something to be imposed by dictatorial decree. Surely it can only happen, if it ever does, through consensus. Some would argue it can only happen if the Fijian people themselves bestow the moniker on others in a formal process vakaturaga. IF they're so inclined. In any event, this is hardly a way to move things forward. Aiyaz doesn't seem to realise that he has no real mandate whatsoever for anything he does, aside from his formal appointment by an illegal regime. Yet he tours the country like an eastern potentate and is garlanded at a host of openings and other public events as if he's an elected leader.
    His sole legitimacy comes from a decree from Government House and his star status in the eyes of his patron, the dictator. He doesn't even have the backing of all members of the Military Council, notably Pita Driti. The Brigadier is apt to launch into a tirade of expletives whenever the AG's name is mentioned. So to provoke the indigenous population any further than he's already done is utter folly. It's not just Aiyaz's standing at stake but the interests of other races and especially Indo-Fijians. We've always had a hornet's nest in our backyard. Why go out and wilfully prod it? [as noted in CW blog]


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