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Is it Litanny of Sins or Just Blurring Indigenous Fijian Rights of Enjoying their Age-Old Identity : Check Internal Fiji Government Memo.

Below is an internal memo that has been circulated to all Permament Secretaries in Fiji Government stipulating changes of Fijians identity. We have included some threads of emails and conversations that are currently taking place at this point in time. We know here in Aotearoa tonight on the Fijian Radio Program PI531 there will be a talk-back to gauge Fijian people's reaction on this new change. It has not gone down well with the Fijian people as they have been known by this name 'Fijian' for many many generations as far back to the first contact and even the signing of Deed of Cession with Great Britain in 1874 confirmed that Fijians were Fijians in their own Native Right.

Some Fijians who have chosen to take the back seat are now saying its only a label change. Yeah right!! To some of us Fijians means more than just a label. It is who we are and what we have been born into & baptised with by those that were before us historically. So why the name change all of sudden? Could not the current Fiji regime have founded another name for Nationahood or citizenship for its Fiji wider community rather than Stealing from Fijians, the First Nation People? Why has Khaiyum Aiarse Saiyed & his mate Frank Bainimarama taken the backrow and get this Fijian man who has signed the memo to look like a traitor to his own people.

One can only see the ugliness of Bainimarama & Khaiyum's intent to further destroy what Fijians value dear i.e their identity & land. Elected Fiji Prime Minsiter Laisenia Qarase once said, that he would NOT like to see this change if ever if does comes around.

PM Qarase being an elected Fijian leader echoes what matters most to the Fijian people who are now suffering the brunt of their very identity being blurred before their very eyes. In Wellington, the Acting High Commissioner Mere Tora is organising meetings of Fiji Church groups here to try and appease them perhaps or do a marketing selling point for this new branding that Bainimarama & his cohorts are on about. The question we are now asking in Wellington, " E mai caka tale eke?" Why is there an attempt to try and divide the Fiji Community here in Aotearoa? Some comments coming from certain religous member here in Wellington states, that they do not wish to get involve in the politics of Fiji. It is then ironic that they are now agreeing to play a role in the campaign for Fiji religious group in Wellington to be the Fiji government mouthpiece to the Fiji people in Wellington.

Anyway, for those of us that will not bite into this branding game being played by Bainimarama & Khaiyum, as Fiji people living in Aotearoa, we will still work towards celebrating Fiji Day come 10 October 2010, as Fijians, Part Europeans, Europeans, Indians, Chinese, Rotumans, Melanesians, Polynesians, Banabans etc.
Long Live Fiji & its People.
A Fijian...[Indigenous]

The Slow & Sure Destruction of Indigenous Fijian Identity -

Bula & hullo Peter,

Further to my email to you with regards to 'Blurring of Fijian Identity' I attach here some recent conversation we are now having amongst our Fijian people. The reactions is one of shock as you can see for your self. Also attach in this email is a copy of the actual letter [note not a decree as initial told] signed by a Fijian man authorising the name change of that of a Fijian person or the use of Fijian as has been for over many hundreds of years. This is the heart of the matter that the illegal regime has been noted to conduct its affairs based around Deconstructing the Fijianess' of Fijian people or Ai Taukei. We now wish to formally lodge the concerns and what aspects have been breached by this illegal Fiji regime for such a traumatic shift in the name that Fijian people have identified with for several hundred of years.

We request your urgent attention and seek your advise from the perspective of Indigenous People under the United Nations Declaration of Indigenous Rights as to what position whould we take as Indigenous People of Fiji. We are also requesting those law experts also copied in this email to give us some thoughts they may have to assist our Fijian People hold on to their 'Yau Mareqeti' or Identity.


Admin Team

'Na Dina' Fiji Truth will Prevail in the end. FCTM Team
subjectRE: Indigenous Peoples Issues & Resources: Updates


Thank you for contacting us about this very important issue. This is horrible and must be stopped. I would like to suggest a couple things to help bring awareness to this issue...........

Hopefully, we can help spread the word and some of our readers may be able to help in a more direct way.

Likewise, I will also help spread the word via our Facebook and Twitter pages, which also receive a fair amount of traffic. Another way to bring this message to a wider audience.

Let me know your thoughts on this. I will also think of other ways that we may be able to help. If you have suggestions, please do not hesitate.


Indigenous Peoples Issues and Resources
Subject: Fwd: Fijian Ethnicity Classification

Ni sa bula vinaka Nemai [Program Manager for Fijian Radio Program PI531]

Further to our telephone discussion heres a copy of the email & also copy of the official instruction by the illegal regime to change the label 'Fijian' to Ai Taukei'. The email [not the letter] has been sent to Statistics New Zealand with regards to 'Blurring of Fijian Identity. We are also aware that Mere Tora, Acting Fiji High Commission has called an initial meeting with all Church leaders here in Wellington to bring them upto speed with the changes being effected in Fiji. The direction that is now been taken is clearly indicative of the 'Deconstructive tactics' being taken to almost absolve Fijian identity. Though some are saying its only a label change and does not really affect Fijian Ethnicity.

Thats the worry now, if Bainimarama & Khaiyum can bring about these changes in a very subtle way using those Fijians within the fold to sign the letters as in this case what next will happen to the Fijian Race. They are doomed for extinction. A comment from one of the Fijian man, quoted below is adequate to tell all. Anyway, we have copied others in this email so they can be brought upto speed with the cunning way the changes are taking place and it is not looking good for the Indigenous Fijians. We hope the talkback radio show tonight where we can gauge the reactions of Fijians living in New Zealand to come forward and tell us their thoughts. We are also engaging with other Key Fijian leaders in Wellington within the Indigenous Fijians to have a conversation and discuss the perils of being a Fijian i.e Ai Taukei.

Luvei Viti Think Tank Team.

► Reply by Loruama Tawawili

K..this shows the directness of the illegal regimes stupidity. On one hand Bainimarama is dismantling everything sacred to the Taukeis and on the other hand he is trying to suck up by mere manes that means nothing but disenchantments to the taukeis of Fiji.

It would be better if the PS for ITaukei Affairs retires and get someone who can do the job better to take over.But then again this is the kind of corruption that Bainimarama couped the govt for.Too much Nepotism. What about his brother? Maybe it does not count. What dfo you think?

Posted by Fiji Truth [Na Dina]. at 9:18 PM

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