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Dear Head of States within Regional Pacific Nations: In The Spirit of the Pacific Way.

Letter To Heads of State, Regional Pacific Island Forum on its 41st PIF Forum:

From Fiji Truth Commission Movement Task Team.
26 July, 2010All Leaders of PIF Forum
c/- The Secretary General
Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat
Private Mail Bag
Suva, Fiji

41st Regional Pacific Leaders Forum

Ni sa bula vinaka, ‘Heads of States’ for Pacific Region,

In the Spirit of the Pacific Way, the Fiji Truth Commission Movement Task Team extends a warm greetings to all of you for your upcoming meeting to be hosted by Vanuatu in their Capital City of Port Vila commencing on 4th August 2010. It is a sad occasion for all Fiji citizens & Fiji seeing that the Nation will be excluded once again due to the ongoing Fiji saga which we all are now familiar with. Nevertheless, as Fiji citizens in Fiji and Globally, we wish you all the very best for the tasks and important planning you have put together to lift the region’s performances be it Security, Inter-Relations/Foreign Affairs & Trade, Economic, Social & Cultural Development, meeting MDG goals, Poverty alleviation and more. May your upcoming deliberations at the 41st Pacific Island Forum be a source of Hope, Peace & Prosperity for all of us in the Pacific Region.

Whilst we are fully aware of the many Security risks currently being faced within the Region, in particular the seeding of coup-de-tat culture in Fiji, its most recent being 5 December, 2006 at which Fiji and its people were subjected to abrogation of its Rule of Law and Constitution as well as imposing Public Emergency Regulation which is still in place today, three years & eight months after that fateful day.

Fiji as you all are aware have taken a nose dive in its performance economically, socially, culturally. In short the country is in dire strait, the people are suffering, Indigenous Fijians face enormous losses as to their identity, their land, their cultural values and more. The risks Fiji poses at this point in time to itself, its people and the Region are clearly evident in the current regime’s recent announcement of its ‘look north policy’. Will we be expecting boatloads and planeloads of questionable characters crossing the Regional Pacific borders? Will Fiji be used as a military stronghold for some other nations outside the Pacific Regions? How long will Nations within the Region and the Super Powers allow Fiji’s interim regime to run Fiji aground? Is there hope of some sort of Regional and/or International intervention to end the agony of the Fiji people who are suffering under the current dictatorship. These are some questions we would like you to consider when you are looking at Security in the region.

Each year to 2014 when Fiji is expected to go to the polls seems to be the longest ‘desert experience’ for Fiji and its people. We are even told that 2014 election may not be happen. We are aware that your PIF agenda has been set to discuss many important aspects of development in the region with Fiji’s needs perhaps blurred. It is on this note we would like to urge you to reconsider your position and give the people of Fiji a chance to be heard, not the current regime and its dictator. There is an urgent need to free Fiji & its people from the ‘shackles or bondage of almost slave-like obedience’ imposed on them by the current Fiji’s regime. Ordinary Fiji people in Fiji and abroad are afraid to speak out for fear their families and loved ones will be hauled to the Fiji military camps for beatings and interrogations. Media have suffered a great deal from the recent decree issued to gag them. Our families get to hear stories of Fiji from their family members offshore. The people are kept in the dark.

Foreign Diplomats working in Fiji work under duress not knowing when they will be hauled out of Fiji. A case in point the recent expelling of Ms Sara Roberts, Australia's top diplomat to Fiji. This does nothing but creates a deeper festing wound and sours international relations with Fiji even more. This dictatorship in Fiji will go one day and it will be the people and its nation that will have to work harder to repair the damages being done. It is for this reason we ask you as Heads of your different States to co-ordinate your efforts together with support from the Super Powers and other International Nations to fast-track Fiji’s return to democracy and a duly elected government for the people of Fiji so that they at the very least can once again enjoy what is theirs in the Pacific Way.

As you may be aware several calls for interventions have been articulated in petitions, blogs and radio talk-back show, as these are the only way to alert leaders and the people within the Pacific Region and the rest of the world of the difficult situation Fiji and its people are in. Why has the Regional leaders and the Super Powers allow the regime in Fiji to have a free reign on Fiji? We quote here Article 1 from the United Nation Charter;

“The Purposes of the United Nations are:
1. To maintain international peace and security, and to that end: to take effective collective measures for the prevention and removal of threats to the peace, and for the suppression of acts of aggression or other breaches of the peace, and to bring about by peaceful means, and in conformity with the principles of justice and international law, adjustment or settlement of international disputes or situations which might lead to a breach of the peace;.." (unquote).

It is apparent that the above UN Article has not been met and it is for this reason we now seek your assistance in taking a much more firmer and robust position with regards to the security of the people of Fiji and the Nation of Fiji. For too long, the current regime have used excuses stating their line of actions have been made in the interest of the Nation Fiji when in essence it has driven Fiji into a financial and economic and social bubble State. Already the money gurus are predicting Fiji is well on its way into the huge debt bubble and its debt will steadily increase forcing this regime to look north for financial trade-offs. Who will then deflate this bubble before its too late?

Last but not least, we seek an urgent attention to the situation affecting the Indigenous Fijians who stands to loose their land, their Fijian or First Nation identity, their Chiefly system, Cultural & Traditional values, evident by the dissolving of Great Council of Chiefs, back door policy on land reforms, blurring of Fijian Identity, joblessness of many professional Indigenous Fijians who are teachers, police, nurses, administrators, some of which are noted to be picking fruits overseas if visa are granted.

The Fiji regime in its manipulative way, are very much aware that Indigenous Fijians are slow to develop the art of business entrepreneur as it has never been their way of life. This fact is now being used against them as can be seen in their mass redundancy from government held jobs. Their hard earned pension scheme savings held by Fiji National Provident Fund has been frozen and most of these Indigenous Fijians had depended on these FNPF savings for their retirement. As Fiji people, we firmly believe that as Heads of States within the Region you have the power to examine and make judgment calls as to how the plight and pains of these Indigenous people in Fiji can be alleviated. As you may be aware, the ousted elected Prime Minister Laisenia Qarase, one of those rare Indigenous Fijian to enter into the business world had big plans to introduce and educate the Indigenous Fijian people on how to be in business. His plans as we all know were cut short by the December 2006 Coup. The rest is history. When we reflect on the above issues, the main points that comes to mind, are there attempts to sabotage or dismantle the very essence of moving forward for these Indigenous Fijians? Our Traditional Fijian Chiefs and the Indigenous Fijian population are being treated badly in their own Native Motherland, Fiji.

We have a wishlist detailed below and we urge all Heads of State participating at this 41st Pacific Islands Forum:
  1. to include the plight of Fiji people in Fiji in the PIF agenda for this 41st meeting & future meetings as a matter of National & Regional interest until Fiji has a democratically elected government is in place.

  2. United Nation Special Rapporteur with specific mandate to be sent to Fiji on behalf of the Region & United Nations to examine and report back its finding on how the Indigenous Fijians are being treated. This will also apply to other areas of Human Rights, Poverty, Child labour and sex trade and other areas deemed necessary by the Head of States. It must be emphasised that Fiji’s representative to United Nations must not have any influence on this visits.

  3. The current regime must be held accountable for all decrees and reforms effected and the ongoing issuance of Public Emergency Regulations that has caused Fiji and its people to have no voice on matters that are relevant to their citizenship.

  4. Military involvement in the United Nations Peace Keeping to be examined even more closely and numbers drastically reduced.

  5. To halt attempts by current regime to dismantle traditional and cultural values for the Indigenous Fijians who have suffered enough already and be given the ability to exercise their right to self-determination.
We trust that as Head of States, you will take this opportunity to review your position with regards to where Fiji and its people sit and how you as Regional leaders can exercise your authorities to end Fiji saga.Cordially,

Adi Elisapeci Samanunu
For Task Team- Fiji Truth Commission Movement.
Suite 4L/154 The Terrace
Wellington CBD
New Zealand.


  1. To contact Fiji Truth Commission Movement, please call 022610550 [New Zealand].

    As a point of interest, a signed copy of letter had been forwarded to the office of both, Hon. John Key, NZ Prime Minister & copies to other relevant authorities as well as most Fiji Community contacts or leaders in NZ & Globally.

    A copy has also been sent to the Secretary General, Pacific Island Forum, Suva, Fiji.

    Last but not least, we urge those that were copied to delete the word 'new' in article 1 of our wish list as this had been inserted by a hacker at the time of scanning & forwading same to the NZ Prime Minsiter's office.

    Fiji Truth Commission Movement Team.

  2. Pacific leaders gather for talks
    Elenoa Baselala
    Tuesday, August 03, 2010

    THE Forum Ministerial Contact Group is expected to be tabled at the Pacific Islands Forum Leaders meeting in Vanuatu this week.

    This as the Biketawa Declaration celebrates its 10th anniversary.

    The Port Villa meeting, which begins tomorrow, will also discuss several reports on activities carried out under this regional security mechanism. The declaration adopted by Forum Leaders at their meeting in 2000 outlines guiding principles for good governance, democracy and respect for the rule of law and human rights.

    It provides for collective action by the Forum in the event of crises in the region.

    "The Biketawa Declaration also provided the mechanism for the Forum's responses to developments in Fiji since late 2006, including Fiji's eventual suspension of its participation in the Forum," Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat secretary general, Tuiloma Neroni Slade said.

    The leaders are also expected to discuss the Pacific Plan, Cairns Compact, climate change and security issues when they meet over four days from Wednesday.

    A progress on the Cairns Compact on Strengthening Development Coordination in the Pacific adopted by the leaders last year is also expected to be tabled at the Port Villa meeting.

    The Cairns Compact was developed to bring about new determination and invigorated commitment to lift the economic and development performance of the region.

    On climate change, the leaders will discuss the mid-term review of the Pacific Islands Framework for Action on Climate Change and its accompanying action plan, which provides an over-arching strategy to ensure that national and regional climate change initiatives are relevant and coherent.


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