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Dear Head of States within Regional Pacific Nations: In The Spirit of the Pacific Way.

Letter To Heads of State, Regional Pacific Island Forum on its 41st PIF Forum:

From Fiji Truth Commission Movement Task Team.
26 July, 2010All Leaders of PIF Forum
c/- The Secretary General
Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat
Private Mail Bag
Suva, Fiji

41st Regional Pacific Leaders Forum

Ni sa bula vinaka, ‘Heads of States’ for Pacific Region,

In the Spirit of the Pacific Way, the Fiji Truth Commission Movement Task Team extends a warm greetings to all of you for your upcoming meeting to be hosted by Vanuatu in their Capital City of Port Vila commencing on 4th August 2010. It is a sad occasion for all Fiji citizens & Fiji seeing that the Nation will be excluded once again due to the ongoing Fiji saga which we all are now familiar with. Nevertheless, as Fiji citizens in Fiji and Globally, we wish you all the very best for the tasks and important planning you have put together to lift the region’s performances be it Security, Inter-Relations/Foreign Affairs & Trade, Economic, Social & Cultural Development, meeting MDG goals, Poverty alleviation and more. May your upcoming deliberations at the 41st Pacific Island Forum be a source of Hope, Peace & Prosperity for all of us in the Pacific Region.

Whilst we are fully aware of the many Security risks currently being faced within the Region, in particular the seeding of coup-de-tat culture in Fiji, its most recent being 5 December, 2006 at which Fiji and its people were subjected to abrogation of its Rule of Law and Constitution as well as imposing Public Emergency Regulation which is still in place today, three years & eight months after that fateful day.

Fiji as you all are aware have taken a nose dive in its performance economically, socially, culturally. In short the country is in dire strait, the people are suffering, Indigenous Fijians face enormous losses as to their identity, their land, their cultural values and more. The risks Fiji poses at this point in time to itself, its people and the Region are clearly evident in the current regime’s recent announcement of its ‘look north policy’. Will we be expecting boatloads and planeloads of questionable characters crossing the Regional Pacific borders? Will Fiji be used as a military stronghold for some other nations outside the Pacific Regions? How long will Nations within the Region and the Super Powers allow Fiji’s interim regime to run Fiji aground? Is there hope of some sort of Regional and/or International intervention to end the agony of the Fiji people who are suffering under the current dictatorship. These are some questions we would like you to consider when you are looking at Security in the region.

Each year to 2014 when Fiji is expected to go to the polls seems to be the longest ‘desert experience’ for Fiji and its people. We are even told that 2014 election may not be happen. We are aware that your PIF agenda has been set to discuss many important aspects of development in the region with Fiji’s needs perhaps blurred. It is on this note we would like to urge you to reconsider your position and give the people of Fiji a chance to be heard, not the current regime and its dictator. There is an urgent need to free Fiji & its people from the ‘shackles or bondage of almost slave-like obedience’ imposed on them by the current Fiji’s regime. Ordinary Fiji people in Fiji and abroad are afraid to speak out for fear their families and loved ones will be hauled to the Fiji military camps for beatings and interrogations. Media have suffered a great deal from the recent decree issued to gag them. Our families get to hear stories of Fiji from their family members offshore. The people are kept in the dark.

Foreign Diplomats working in Fiji work under duress not knowing when they will be hauled out of Fiji. A case in point the recent expelling of Ms Sara Roberts, Australia's top diplomat to Fiji. This does nothing but creates a deeper festing wound and sours international relations with Fiji even more. This dictatorship in Fiji will go one day and it will be the people and its nation that will have to work harder to repair the damages being done. It is for this reason we ask you as Heads of your different States to co-ordinate your efforts together with support from the Super Powers and other International Nations to fast-track Fiji’s return to democracy and a duly elected government for the people of Fiji so that they at the very least can once again enjoy what is theirs in the Pacific Way.

As you may be aware several calls for interventions have been articulated in petitions, blogs and radio talk-back show, as these are the only way to alert leaders and the people within the Pacific Region and the rest of the world of the difficult situation Fiji and its people are in. Why has the Regional leaders and the Super Powers allow the regime in Fiji to have a free reign on Fiji? We quote here Article 1 from the United Nation Charter;

“The Purposes of the United Nations are:
1. To maintain international peace and security, and to that end: to take effective collective measures for the prevention and removal of threats to the peace, and for the suppression of acts of aggression or other breaches of the peace, and to bring about by peaceful means, and in conformity with the principles of justice and international law, adjustment or settlement of international disputes or situations which might lead to a breach of the peace;.." (unquote).

It is apparent that the above UN Article has not been met and it is for this reason we now seek your assistance in taking a much more firmer and robust position with regards to the security of the people of Fiji and the Nation of Fiji. For too long, the current regime have used excuses stating their line of actions have been made in the interest of the Nation Fiji when in essence it has driven Fiji into a financial and economic and social bubble State. Already the money gurus are predicting Fiji is well on its way into the huge debt bubble and its debt will steadily increase forcing this regime to look north for financial trade-offs. Who will then deflate this bubble before its too late?

Last but not least, we seek an urgent attention to the situation affecting the Indigenous Fijians who stands to loose their land, their Fijian or First Nation identity, their Chiefly system, Cultural & Traditional values, evident by the dissolving of Great Council of Chiefs, back door policy on land reforms, blurring of Fijian Identity, joblessness of many professional Indigenous Fijians who are teachers, police, nurses, administrators, some of which are noted to be picking fruits overseas if visa are granted.

The Fiji regime in its manipulative way, are very much aware that Indigenous Fijians are slow to develop the art of business entrepreneur as it has never been their way of life. This fact is now being used against them as can be seen in their mass redundancy from government held jobs. Their hard earned pension scheme savings held by Fiji National Provident Fund has been frozen and most of these Indigenous Fijians had depended on these FNPF savings for their retirement. As Fiji people, we firmly believe that as Heads of States within the Region you have the power to examine and make judgment calls as to how the plight and pains of these Indigenous people in Fiji can be alleviated. As you may be aware, the ousted elected Prime Minister Laisenia Qarase, one of those rare Indigenous Fijian to enter into the business world had big plans to introduce and educate the Indigenous Fijian people on how to be in business. His plans as we all know were cut short by the December 2006 Coup. The rest is history. When we reflect on the above issues, the main points that comes to mind, are there attempts to sabotage or dismantle the very essence of moving forward for these Indigenous Fijians? Our Traditional Fijian Chiefs and the Indigenous Fijian population are being treated badly in their own Native Motherland, Fiji.

We have a wishlist detailed below and we urge all Heads of State participating at this 41st Pacific Islands Forum:
  1. to include the plight of Fiji people in Fiji in the PIF agenda for this 41st meeting & future meetings as a matter of National & Regional interest until Fiji has a democratically elected government is in place.

  2. United Nation Special Rapporteur with specific mandate to be sent to Fiji on behalf of the Region & United Nations to examine and report back its finding on how the Indigenous Fijians are being treated. This will also apply to other areas of Human Rights, Poverty, Child labour and sex trade and other areas deemed necessary by the Head of States. It must be emphasised that Fiji’s representative to United Nations must not have any influence on this visits.

  3. The current regime must be held accountable for all decrees and reforms effected and the ongoing issuance of Public Emergency Regulations that has caused Fiji and its people to have no voice on matters that are relevant to their citizenship.

  4. Military involvement in the United Nations Peace Keeping to be examined even more closely and numbers drastically reduced.

  5. To halt attempts by current regime to dismantle traditional and cultural values for the Indigenous Fijians who have suffered enough already and be given the ability to exercise their right to self-determination.
We trust that as Head of States, you will take this opportunity to review your position with regards to where Fiji and its people sit and how you as Regional leaders can exercise your authorities to end Fiji saga.Cordially,

Adi Elisapeci Samanunu
For Task Team- Fiji Truth Commission Movement.
Suite 4L/154 The Terrace
Wellington CBD
New Zealand.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Is it Litanny of Sins or Just Blurring Indigenous Fijian Rights of Enjoying their Age-Old Identity : Check Internal Fiji Government Memo.

Below is an internal memo that has been circulated to all Permament Secretaries in Fiji Government stipulating changes of Fijians identity. We have included some threads of emails and conversations that are currently taking place at this point in time. We know here in Aotearoa tonight on the Fijian Radio Program PI531 there will be a talk-back to gauge Fijian people's reaction on this new change. It has not gone down well with the Fijian people as they have been known by this name 'Fijian' for many many generations as far back to the first contact and even the signing of Deed of Cession with Great Britain in 1874 confirmed that Fijians were Fijians in their own Native Right.

Some Fijians who have chosen to take the back seat are now saying its only a label change. Yeah right!! To some of us Fijians means more than just a label. It is who we are and what we have been born into & baptised with by those that were before us historically. So why the name change all of sudden? Could not the current Fiji regime have founded another name for Nationahood or citizenship for its Fiji wider community rather than Stealing from Fijians, the First Nation People? Why has Khaiyum Aiarse Saiyed & his mate Frank Bainimarama taken the backrow and get this Fijian man who has signed the memo to look like a traitor to his own people.

One can only see the ugliness of Bainimarama & Khaiyum's intent to further destroy what Fijians value dear i.e their identity & land. Elected Fiji Prime Minsiter Laisenia Qarase once said, that he would NOT like to see this change if ever if does comes around.

PM Qarase being an elected Fijian leader echoes what matters most to the Fijian people who are now suffering the brunt of their very identity being blurred before their very eyes. In Wellington, the Acting High Commissioner Mere Tora is organising meetings of Fiji Church groups here to try and appease them perhaps or do a marketing selling point for this new branding that Bainimarama & his cohorts are on about. The question we are now asking in Wellington, " E mai caka tale eke?" Why is there an attempt to try and divide the Fiji Community here in Aotearoa? Some comments coming from certain religous member here in Wellington states, that they do not wish to get involve in the politics of Fiji. It is then ironic that they are now agreeing to play a role in the campaign for Fiji religious group in Wellington to be the Fiji government mouthpiece to the Fiji people in Wellington.

Anyway, for those of us that will not bite into this branding game being played by Bainimarama & Khaiyum, as Fiji people living in Aotearoa, we will still work towards celebrating Fiji Day come 10 October 2010, as Fijians, Part Europeans, Europeans, Indians, Chinese, Rotumans, Melanesians, Polynesians, Banabans etc.
Long Live Fiji & its People.
A Fijian...[Indigenous]

The Slow & Sure Destruction of Indigenous Fijian Identity -

Bula & hullo Peter,

Further to my email to you with regards to 'Blurring of Fijian Identity' I attach here some recent conversation we are now having amongst our Fijian people. The reactions is one of shock as you can see for your self. Also attach in this email is a copy of the actual letter [note not a decree as initial told] signed by a Fijian man authorising the name change of that of a Fijian person or the use of Fijian as has been for over many hundreds of years. This is the heart of the matter that the illegal regime has been noted to conduct its affairs based around Deconstructing the Fijianess' of Fijian people or Ai Taukei. We now wish to formally lodge the concerns and what aspects have been breached by this illegal Fiji regime for such a traumatic shift in the name that Fijian people have identified with for several hundred of years.

We request your urgent attention and seek your advise from the perspective of Indigenous People under the United Nations Declaration of Indigenous Rights as to what position whould we take as Indigenous People of Fiji. We are also requesting those law experts also copied in this email to give us some thoughts they may have to assist our Fijian People hold on to their 'Yau Mareqeti' or Identity.


Admin Team

'Na Dina' Fiji Truth will Prevail in the end. FCTM Team
subjectRE: Indigenous Peoples Issues & Resources: Updates


Thank you for contacting us about this very important issue. This is horrible and must be stopped. I would like to suggest a couple things to help bring awareness to this issue...........

Hopefully, we can help spread the word and some of our readers may be able to help in a more direct way.

Likewise, I will also help spread the word via our Facebook and Twitter pages, which also receive a fair amount of traffic. Another way to bring this message to a wider audience.

Let me know your thoughts on this. I will also think of other ways that we may be able to help. If you have suggestions, please do not hesitate.


Indigenous Peoples Issues and Resources
Subject: Fwd: Fijian Ethnicity Classification

Ni sa bula vinaka Nemai [Program Manager for Fijian Radio Program PI531]

Further to our telephone discussion heres a copy of the email & also copy of the official instruction by the illegal regime to change the label 'Fijian' to Ai Taukei'. The email [not the letter] has been sent to Statistics New Zealand with regards to 'Blurring of Fijian Identity. We are also aware that Mere Tora, Acting Fiji High Commission has called an initial meeting with all Church leaders here in Wellington to bring them upto speed with the changes being effected in Fiji. The direction that is now been taken is clearly indicative of the 'Deconstructive tactics' being taken to almost absolve Fijian identity. Though some are saying its only a label change and does not really affect Fijian Ethnicity.

Thats the worry now, if Bainimarama & Khaiyum can bring about these changes in a very subtle way using those Fijians within the fold to sign the letters as in this case what next will happen to the Fijian Race. They are doomed for extinction. A comment from one of the Fijian man, quoted below is adequate to tell all. Anyway, we have copied others in this email so they can be brought upto speed with the cunning way the changes are taking place and it is not looking good for the Indigenous Fijians. We hope the talkback radio show tonight where we can gauge the reactions of Fijians living in New Zealand to come forward and tell us their thoughts. We are also engaging with other Key Fijian leaders in Wellington within the Indigenous Fijians to have a conversation and discuss the perils of being a Fijian i.e Ai Taukei.

Luvei Viti Think Tank Team.

► Reply by Loruama Tawawili

K..this shows the directness of the illegal regimes stupidity. On one hand Bainimarama is dismantling everything sacred to the Taukeis and on the other hand he is trying to suck up by mere manes that means nothing but disenchantments to the taukeis of Fiji.

It would be better if the PS for ITaukei Affairs retires and get someone who can do the job better to take over.But then again this is the kind of corruption that Bainimarama couped the govt for.Too much Nepotism. What about his brother? Maybe it does not count. What dfo you think?

Posted by Fiji Truth [Na Dina]. at 9:18 PM

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Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Great Pacific Way: Great Teamwork by MSG & PIF Leaders.

Following the much recently publicised decision of the Vanuatu Prime Minister, Edward Natapei, when he aborted MSG meeting that would have seen current Fiji coup master, Frank Bainimarama take the Chair for MSG. It was indeed a timely decision made and people of Fiji can at least have a sigh of relief knowing that fellow Melanesian leaders have looked through to what matters to the ordinary people in Fiji.

In essence, there are alot of joblessness in Fiji now. Take for instance, many professional Indigenous Fijians who have been driven out of their Government jobs in droves, i.e teachers, nurses, police, administrators etc. This has resulted in many of these Fijians, as noted by FDFM President Usaia Waqatairawai, taking up alternative jobs like picking fruits overseas if they are able to obtain required visas. Otherwise, its back to their islands to work the subsistence farming in their home village. Meanwhile, other segments of Fiji population who are able to continue with their businesses are doing so under duress considering the adverse business environment they are working in. Fiji people stand to loose in a big way, while Bainimarama, Khaiyum and their illegal regime continue to live a life of luxury in Suva, driving around in flash four-wheel drives and government vehicles. The gaps of 'haves & have-nots' have widen even more.  Is this the master plan Bainimarama & Khaiyum has mapped out for Fiji & its people?  

As a point of interest, one of the veteran bloggers recently commented on Bainimarama's radio interview with his favourite 'mouthpiece' radio tarana where he claims that the Aussies had given funds to Vanuatu thereby resulting in Natapei's call to withdraw MSG meet. Is it a sign of desperation, one wonders? When we examine some historical pieces of information on the formation of the Melanesian Spearhead Group, the initial signing of Trade Agreement as shown on its Preamble, refer , quoting excerpts,



The Government of the Independent State of Papua New Guinea, the Government of the Solomon Islands and the Government of the Republic of Vanuatu (hereafter referred to as "the Parties");

Conscious of the overriding need to foster, accelerate and encourage the economic and social development of their States in order to improve the living standards of their peoples;

Convinced that the promotion of harmonious economic development of their States calls for effective economic cooperation largely through a determined and concerted policy of greater self-reliance;

Recalling the Agreed Principles of Co-operation Among Independent States of Melanesia signed by the Parties in Port Vila on 14 March 1988, wherein the Parties undertake inter alia to promote economic co-operation between States;

Determined to foster closer economic and other relationships among their States and to contribute to the progress and development of their three countries as well as the South Pacific Islands region; and Bearing in mind the principles of international law governing relations between nations, such as principles as sovereignty, equality and independence of all States and non-interference in the domestic affairs of States." unquote.
Fiji joined only in 2007, several years later and it is ironic that the new agreement of which Fiji is a signatory included the excerpt quoted here, "Determined to have a region that is respected for the quality of its governance, the sustainable management of its resources, the respect for and promotion of its Melanesian cultures, traditions and values and for its defence and promotion of independence as the  inalienable right of indigenous peoples of Melanesia and the promotion of their human rights;..." unquote.

One only need to take a step back in time to 05 December, 2006 when Bainimarama executed the coup up till now and run a comparative analysis on the before and after of Fiji's economy, citizens & their jobs, job losses, poverty, Human Rights abuses, Indigenous Fijian Rights to determine who they are & their Fijian Identity, 'back-door' policy on Communal Land issues done in the name of freeing up Native Lands, gagging of Great Council of Chiefs, gagging of Media, Rule of Law & Constitution abolished etc. Fiji is deep economic & social trouble.

In conclusion, we take our hats off the strong stance by MSG, PIF Forum and the Regional Nations within the Pacific rim. To name them Vanuatu, Solomons, Papua New Guinea, New Caledonia, New Zealand & Australia. Great teamwork indeed.
Read more from Mr Daunitutu,

Answers needed from the Melanesian Spearhead Group

Opinion piece by Suliasi Daunitutu

The U-turn by the Vanuatu Prime Minister over the Melanesian Spearhead Group summit in Nadi has been a heavy blow to Voreqe Bainimarama’s confidence in his last Pacific line of support.

Edward Natapei said that “Fiji hosting the meeting and allowing Bainimarama to chair the meeting is a threat to the organization's values”.

What he failed to say was that Bainimarama’s inclusion in the group shows they condone his dictatorship which is the biggest threat to democratic values, in the Pacific or anywhere in the world where democracy is the steadiness of purpose and good and fair governance.

This is a great victory for everyone who is vigorously campaigning for an election and a return to democratic governance. However, I would like to ask a few hypothetical questions regarding the sudden change of heart.

We are now familiar with the fact that the MSG in July 2009 agreed that the Strategic framework for change had key components for Constitutional change. That led them to believe there were indeed visionary contents to Bainimarama’s reforms ..... or was there?

I would like to know how did the Melanesian Spearhead Group come to that conclusion in 2009 but have found the same principle behind those reforms to be a threat to the MSG values now? I think that we the people of the Pacific would like to know how the structural reforms that would lead Fiji to a sustainable democracy in 2009, aren’t the same a year later.

I would also like to know what Michael Somare’s stance is on the sudden back flips of the group, as he was on record as saying the rest of the world “don’t understand the Pacific way.” Has he also realized the Melanesian way is a threat to our democratic values?

I would also like to know if the MSG is contemplating a push for Bainimarama to legalize his government, so Fiji’s inclusion is not a hindrance to their democratic belief. Because that's what we are now led to believe after Natapei’s comments, that “the MSG has a more critical role in assisting Fiji.”

There’s a lot of questions but as we know, when a person is shunned by his friends there is a bitter taste in his mouth and an unmistakable embarrassment that could lead one to either isolate himself or on the other hand, do something drastic that can have negative, critical or even tragic consequences.

In Fiji’s case, it should not come as a surprise that Bainimarama will do both. He is sure to isolate Fiji from everyone and the tragic consequences will be felt by the people and the economy.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Fiji Interim Regime Bites the Dust : Check out Responses from Super Powers on Fiji's Interim Government as noted in RealFijiNews Blog.

Friday, 16 July 2010
UK Government Express Disappointment with Fiji Regime

15 July 2010
UK Government News

LONDON, July 13 -- The United Kindom Foreign & Commonwealth Office issued the following press release:

Foreign Office Minister Jeremy Browne has spoken about the expulsion of the Australian High Commissioner to Fiji.
On hearing of the expulsion, Mr Browne said:

"I am extremely disappointed that the Australian Acting High Commissioner has been expelled by the regime in Fiji. The UK Government believes this action will increase further Fiji's isolation from the international community. The expulsion will hamper the dialogue that the international community has been calling for in order to assist Fiji in its return to democracy. The UK welcomes Australia's measured response to this unfortunate situation

The Honourable Lawrence Cannon, Minister of Foreign Affairs, today issued the following statement regarding Fiji’s expulsion of Australia’s Acting High Commissioner on July 14:
“Canada is disappointed by the decision of the Interim Government of Fiji to expel the Acting High Commissioner of Australia, Sarah Roberts. This decision is unjustified and will only further isolate Fiji from the international community and from its regional partners.

“Canada is a vigorous defender of freedom, democracy, human rights and the rule of law. We call once again on the Interim Government of Fiji to re-establish the democratic rights of the people of Fiji by taking immediate steps to restore the constitution, reinstate the judiciary and hold early elections.”
7/17/2010 1:30 PM
US condemns expulsion of Australian envoy to Fiji

By KIRSTY NEEDHAM,  16 July 2010. © 2010 Copyright John Fairfax Holdings Limited.

THE United States has condemned Fiji's expulsion of Australia's top diplomat as "deplorable", saying the timing, shortly before the next Pacific Islands Forum meeting, had undermined an opportunity to re-engage with its neighbours.

"Fiji's pattern of expelling diplomats runs contrary to accepted diplomatic practice. This act is unwarranted and harmful to potential dialogue in the Pacific region regarding Fiji's eventual return to democracy," a US State Department spokesman said yesterday.

But as the United States joined the diplomatic pressure on Fiji's interim Prime Minister, Frank Bainimarama, to hold free elections, the military leader sought to again bypass meaningful regional dialogue.

A decision by Vanuatu to cancel a meeting of Melanesian leaders in Fiji, designed to rival the Pacific Islands Forum, but exclude Australia and New Zealand, had triggered the expulsion of Australian diplomat Sarah Roberts on Wednesday. Fiji had blamed Australian lobbying.

The Fiji interim government announced yesterday that a new meeting, called Engaging Fiji, would be held in the same place on the same day.
Fiji Radio reported eight countries would attend the meeting, but the Fiji government would not identify which ones. Solomon Islands Prime Minister Derek Sikua was the only leader to publicly confirm he would attend and said the Solomon Islands had an "open-door policy to Fiji".

An Australian foreign affairs department spokesman said attendance at the Engaging Fiji meeting was a matter for individual countries to decide, but added that Australia looked to all Pacific Islands Forum leaders to support the forum's position on Fiji.
"These meetings are unrelated to the Pacific Islands Forum, which is the pre-eminent body in the region," the spokesman said. The US State Department spokesman said the US government had supported the decision by the Melanesia Spearhead Group to defer its summit.

New Zealand Prime Minister John Key said Commodore Bainimarama would need to answer to the people of Fiji if he did not honour election commitments.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

An illegal Self Appointed Leader who has Proven to the People of Fiji that he speaks with a Forked tongue says FDFM President.


ABN No. 5614 4956 413

P.O. Box 3194, Bankstown Square. NSW. 2200. Australia. PH: (02) 8078 4546 Email:

Website: www.Media Release

SUBJECT: FDFM Appeals to Forum Island Leaders not to attend “Engaging Fiji Meeting”

The Fiji Democracy and Freedom Movement (FDFM) would like to openly appeal to Pacific Islands Forum leaders not to attend the so called „Engaging Fiji Meeting’ because it is the desperate action of an out of touch pariah dictatorship.

The meeting has been hastily set up as an alternative to the now differed Melanesian Spearhead Groups meeting to be hosted in Fiji and was cancelled at the eleventh hour by its present chairman, Prime Minster Edward Natapei of Vanuatu.

Pacific Island leaders must be reminded that to do so is to give legitimacy to an illegal regime that has been proven in Fiji‟s Court of Appeal as illegal. The legitimacy that Bainimarama so desperately craves and Forum Island Leaders should not allow.

FDFM strongly appeal to Pacific Islands Forum leaders that given they all gained their status of leadership through legal means, they must not taint themselves by associating with a self appointed leader who illegally grab leadership for himself and will one day be made answerable for his treasonous actions.

As national leaders of you sovereign nation, please ask yourselves how would you like history to judge you?

Secondly, as Pacific Island Leaders, please do not be deceived by an illegal self appointed leader who has proven to the people of Fiji that he speaks with a forked tongue. Let not that forked tongue also deceive you.

Lastly, the Good Book quotes the Lord Jesus warning the people “do not cast your pearls among swine for lest they trample them under their feet, and turn again and rend you”.2

Bainimarama has rend Melanesian solidarity by first trying to hijack the meeting as an alternative to the Pacific Islands Forum and when that failed, he has continuous to do so by calling an alternative meeting which now has the Solomon Islands Prime Minister confirmed as attending.

We hope you will all look through this deception.

Usaia P. Waqatairewa



Tuesday, July 13, 2010

[Fiji Club]Stealing Fijian Identity from Indigenous Fijians by a Group of Fiji Indians at Fiji Club as publicised in NZ Scoop website.

To: Scoop Management [As listed below]

We wish to forward you discussions with regards to your Scoop website which is running alot of
articles by the Fiji Club based in Auckland and which is run by a group of Fiji Indians who are now claiming to be Fijians.

As a case in point, one of your articles ran a story on an Indian lady that had been recently honoured claiming that she is an Indigenous Fijians.

Our group is a multi-cultural Fiji Group and we are disappointed to note that these group of Fiji Indians [Fiji Club] are being allowed to use the Identity of Fijians and give the public of New Zealand a wrong perspective of who they really are.

Heres an excerpt of the article, quote,
Friday, 16 April 2010, 1:14 pm
Press Release:

Fiji Club New Zealander – Fijian Honored
“We are delighted to inform you all that our committee and active member Pratima Nand QSM, JP a New Zealander and an indigenous Fijian has being honored as a Kiwibank Local Hero’s Medal for the Auckland Region recently” Alton Shameem JP the Founder and President of Fiji Club of New Zealand (FCNZ) said today at Takapuna, North Shore City, Auckland the City of Compassion. unquote.

'Luvei Viti Community Voice have copied [this email to NZ] Ministry of Ethinc Affairs & Human Rights Commission as we believe the 'free claim reign[FOR INDIGENOUS FIJIAN IDENTITY' in your scoop website need to be reigned in as it is insulting the 'Vanua o Viti & Ai Taukei Dina'.[in Aotearoa & for all Fijians for that matter].

PS: Here are some comments from our Luvei Viti Think Tank Forum:
By Mere;
Why, the Indo Fijians should be proud of their over 50,000 thousand years of Indian identity and about 200 years in the Pacific.

Both the global and regional market economies, recognise diversity and empowerment, as sources of innovation from human values and aspirations to solve our problems in environmentally sustainable ways.

The old economic order of the centralised "elite" is no longer relevant. This order has been replaced by market and customer driven "supply and demand" forces that entrepreneurs world wide are driving through the growth of small to medium sized businesses. These are embedded in social network or clustering.

So, people do not need to steal identity and manipulate the system, but be proud and truthful to oneself in order to achieve and sustain success.Mere.
By Luvei Viti Think Tank,
Unfortunately, these people want more. They are not satisfied with what they have or what the modern day world offers be it the market, economy, their experise and/or know-how, the capilitistic & individual approach they live by or the amount of cash or borrowings they have against their names.

Its simple Greed thats now the driver. We can all go into self pity mode but the reality is as a Khamlesh [Fiji Indian] had been noted in his chats to have said, quote, *" we are near to our promised land"???* Did he really mean Fiji lands now that its being opened up to them as Land Laws are being relaxed to allow 'Bhaiya to have a reign on Fijian lands now that the Fijian Identity has been BLURRED!!

In earnest, what FB & KAS has done they are implementing the very model of what was done when the Momi Bay land had been given out to those overseas investors like Blue Chips etc based in Auckland. The initial documentation had been signed off by an Indian under the then Minister and not by the Minsiter himself at the tme.

Whilst this is happening some other Indian contact was the middle man sitting in Auckland. Now thats scary. These two are scots free and the landowners & Fiji people are the loosers as FNPF funds have disappeared into thin air.

Thats the irony of the claims by these segments of Indians that are pushing from Auckland. They have a piece in the Capitailist Fiji Pie!!

In reality we can articulate all the technicalities but we cannot change the 'greed and want' thats coming through from these segments. It is how do we counter their approach? Vinaka Luvei Viti Think Tank Team
By Verebalavu,
Okay since she's now a Kiwi local hero can the Founder please bestow on her this indigenous middle name, Pratima CARAWAI Nand or PCN. I'm sure she'll be proud of dri yani.

In our research we discovered that this club is run by a group of Indian businessmen. Here are the details;

Alton A Shameem JP [An Indian] - Founder & President of Fiji Club of New Zealand & New Zealand Association of Accountants Inc

12 October 2006
lton A Shameem is a dynamic member of the Fiji Club of New Zealand (FCNZ), of which he is President, and a valuable member of his North Shore community as, among many things, a Justice of Peace. [of all people one would think this man should be upholding the integrity of each Ethnic Races from Fiji living in Aotearoa & not deceiving people!!]

He is also Founder and President of New Zealand Association of Accountants (NZAA).
Fiji Club of New Zealand

A group for all Fijians [mostly Indians now claiming to be Fijians] started on the North Shore, Auckland to promote the cultural, social, educational, community, settlement issues, sports, music, arts, crafts, drama, business, employment, leisure and networking activities.

For more information contact: Alton Shameem JP [Indian], Founder & President, Ph: (09) 488 7808, Mob 027 324 6106
Committee Members:
???Samuela Barakuta Vodo [perhaps this man, with a Fijian name, has been blinded or wool pulled over his eyes or he does not know whether he is a Fijian or bananaman], Ph:09 940 9230(W), Mob 027 534 9156
Johnny Ali [Indian], Mob:021 147 8976
David Reddy [Indian], Ph:09 478 8064
Abdul Satar, [Indian]Ph: 09 414 7319 (W), Mob 021 683 786
Abdul Rauf, [Indian] Ph: 09 276 6670 (W), Mob: 021 416 443


[More] Articles by these [Fiji Club] group claiming to be Fijians are also visible in their Facebook page
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Friday, July 9, 2010

How long is a Piece of String Frank B & Co? Read Some News Updates from RealFiji News.

Latest Updates from realfijinews

Moronic Frank Bai Runs Out of Money Ideas and Time Begs for Mercy from ANZ PIFFiji plea for inclusion

By The Canberra Times 6 July 2010

Fiji coup leader Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama says his country wants to be part of the Pacific Islands Forum again, but Australia and New Zealand have not acknowledged the military government's efforts for reform.

Commodore Bainimarama said his government remained open to dialogue, though the Forum Ministerial Action Group has been banned from visiting the country for saying that the situation in Fiji has worsened, the Fiji Broadcasting Corporation reported. ''It is most unfortunate that some of the foreign countries are turning a blind eye in terms of development and the reforms that this government is carrying out,''

Commodore Bainimarama said. MP slates extremists Preachers of Islamic extremism should be barred from Australia, a federal MP says. Michael Johnson, a lower house independent, has also called for a debate on banning the burqa. He said Prime Minister Julia Gillard and his former boss, Opposition Leader Tony Abbott, needed to repudiate the leadership of Hizb ut-Tahrir, a global Islamic group which wants Australian Muslims to reject democracy. ''Join together and repudiate the extremism of this global movement and ... guarantee that none of its international preachers ever receive a visa to step on to Australian soil again,'' Mr Johnson said in a statement. The release was issued in response to an article in The Australian which reported Hizb ut-Tahrir leaders urging participants in a western Sydney conference to join the struggle for a transnational Islamic state.
Fijians Must Disconnect from Telecom

Fiji Vodafone Fiji and Connect Fiji NOW

The illegal Compulsory Registration of Customers for Telephone Services Decree 2010 is a wonderful opportunity for the people of Fiji to exercise their FREEDOM as consumers to VOLUNTARILY DISCONNECT their home phone lines, mobile phones and internet for 3 months and WATCH the FUN.

Amalgamated Telecom Holdings Limited (ATH) comprises approximately 48.4% of the Total Market Capitalization of the South Pacific Stock Exchange (SPSE) equivalent to FJ $422.1m as at 30 June 2010.

The ATH recorded a net profit of $64.1m in 2008, $51.0m in 2009 (a decline of 19%) and $15.4m in 2010 (a decline of 53.3%) announced last week (July 2 2010) amidst the avalanche of illegal decrees which distracted the PEOPLE and ATH SHAREHOLDERS from the TRUTH.

This was a 53.3% decline in profit as a direct result of inter alia “falling sales revenue”.

Now under normal circumstances heads should have rolled but we are under a military government that cannot understand simple financial statements nor analyze trends.

As the good old Tomasi Vakatora Jr stated (FT 05-21-10) "Unfortunately, from where we stand at the moment, we see the same situation continuing into this current financial year ending 31 March 2011,… Consequently, we have budgeted for the same level of business as the last financial year ended 31 March 2010, in terms of profitability and dividend payments to shareholders" .

So it is time that we expedite this “falling sales revenue” and get ATH to redo their budget because there should not be the “same level of business” under an oppressive illegal military government, there should be no business unless the illegal decree is revoked by Tin Pots side kick.

Fiji Freedom Bloggers please spread the word to every Fiji Citizen that has a telephone with Telecom Fiji or a mobile with Vodafone Fiji or internet with Internet Services Fiji Ltd (t/a Connect) to DISCONNECT in PEACEFUL DEFIANCE OF THE Compulsory Registration of Customers for Telephone Services Decree 2010.POWER TO THE PEOPLE -----------------------------------------------------
New Pacific Islands Media Association Emerging

Peter Olszewski
6 July 2010Media Blab

EnglishCopyright 2010
News Bites Pty Ltd.
All Rights Reserved.
A group of independent media operators in the Pacific is setting up an alternative regional body to the Pacific Island News Association, Radio Australia reported.

The Pacific Island News Association vice president John Woods has resigned, criticising the organisation for being too politicised, and failing to advocate on behalf of journalists - particularly in Fiji.

Woods said independent publishers and broadcasters from Vanuatu, Samoa, Tonga and Cook Islands were planning to set up a new body to represent the region's media.

He said the new organisation would encompass media groups from the entire Pacific region, from Wallace and Futuna to French Polynesia.

He said, "Disillusionment has grown and spread throughout the region amongst journalists and media operators because of the inaction of Pacific Island News Association to the point of frustration.

"And the suppressed outrage is going to manifest itself with the silent transfer of support and allegiance to a new entity, which has the working title of Pacific Media Association."

But the president of Pacific Island News Association said he was not too worried by moves to set up a rival group to represent the media in the Pacific. President Moses Stevens, from Vanuatu, said the idea had been around for a while.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Condemnation of Native Land Trust Board [Fiji] Amendment Decree

Media Release by Fiji Democacry &
Freedom Movement

Condemnation of the Native Land Trust Board Amendment Decree

The Fiji Democracy and Freedom Movement strongly condemn the recently announced illegal amendments to the Native Land Trust Act.

The world must be constantly reminded that the illegal Interim Government of Commodore Bainimarama in Fiji does not have any legal power or mandate to be fiddling with land issues and the private real estate property of the indigenous people of Fiji.

Bainimarama and his sidekick attorney general Aiyaz Khaiyum can do whatever they want to do but must read very carefully what we say below.

As long as they are in power this Movement will constantly be reminding them that they are an illegal self appointed military dictatorship and no amount of dressing over, decree, announcement or statement is going to change that fact.

The decision of the Fiji High Court on the 15th of November 2001 and the 9th of April 2002 will never go away and at the right time, the Constitution of the Republic of Fiji which they have purported to have abrogated on the 10th of April 2009 will come back to legitimise their sentence to rot in a Fiji Prison. Never to be released.

Once again, as Citizens of Fiji, we the members of this Movement appeal to their sense of dignity and morality, just in case they may have any left. Bainimarama, Khaiyum and President Nailatikau please stop acting as an elected government, leave the land issue alone, start dialogue and set a clear road map to elections within six months.

The repealing and replacing of section 3(1) of the Native Land Trust Act (NLTA) indefinitely removes a major reason for the continued existence of the Great Council of Chiefs and that is the power of appointing the majority of board members (five) of the Native Land Trust Board. This section was contained in the Act to ensure that the Native Land Trust Boards control was left in the hands of indigenous Fijians via the Great Council of Chiefs.

Under NLTA the board consisted of the President of Fiji as President, the Minister for Fijians Affairs as Chair, five members appointed by the Great Council of Chiefs, three members appointed by the (line) Minister from a list of nominees submitted by the provincial council and two members of any race appointed by the President of Fiji.

The NLTA Amendment Decree 2010 shifts the power from the Great Council of Chiefs to the government via the Minster. The Native Land Trust Board is now a highly politicised trustee of communally owned indigenous land.

It removes the President of Fiji from the Board and also his power to elect two board members and gives that power to the Minister.

This submission was made by Bainimarama and approved by his illegal cabinet without any consultations what so ever with the indigenous people of Fiji. The announced amendment creates a new situation of control where one of the illegally appointed ministers, in this case the dictator himself, will have the legal authority to appoint all the ten board members, including the three from a list by the Provincial Councils.

The term coined by a high chief many years ago is now brought to reality and the Native Land Trust Board is now literally the ‘Native Land No Trust Board’

The Bainimarama dictatorship has effectively disenfranchised the indigenous Fijians from their own land and their ownership is now in name only.

This manipulation of NLTA is detrimental to the rights of the indigenous landowners as beneficiaries and will adversely affect the ability of the Trustee to perform both its statutory and fiduciary obligation to act in their best interests as the composition of the Trustee has now swayed favourably towards a third party, the illegal government

The illegal decree also removes the power of the President of Fiji under section 18 of NLTA to set aside State (formerly known as Crown) land as native reserves for a mataqali (native family unit) if the President is of the view that the said mataqali does not communally own enough land for the use, maintenance or support of its members. This power is now vested with the Minister and therefore the government.

The illegal amendment also removes any mention of the word President and replaces it with the word Minister therefore removing the power of an apolitical office and vesting it in the power of a politically motivated and influenced Minister.

Indigenous Fijians have always looked up to the office of the President of Fiji as their final custodian and protector. The holder of that office, under the Constitution, is appointed by their August Body the Great Council of Chiefs and is vested powers to protect their land and fishing rights. Past practices have always been for a very high chief with a record of distinguished public service to hold the office for five years.

The illegal Bainimarama has now crudely removed this vested power of the President over indigenous owned land without any consultation with the affected party.

Such arrogant actions provide the perfect ammunition for rightwing indigenous nationalist politicians who had in the past made claims that the 2006 coup and this dictatorship is hell bent on disenfranchising the indigenous people of their native land titles and fisheries rights.

These claims are further proven by another announcement that the government via the Minister of Tourism under another decree now controls all controls of surfing grounds around the coastal areas of Fiji.

The Movement raises its strongest concerns that such blatant, ill-conceived decisions and actions made arrogantly by this illegal regime create the right atmosphere for future race relations’ instability. It adds more spark to the current powder keg situation where the suffering population are looking for the group to finger point as the reason for the drop in living standard, rising cost of living and lack of employment opportunities in Fiji.

Bainimarama’s military will not be able to control the majority indigenous population when they awake from their present slumber to realise that the control of their ancestral land and fishing grounds has been removed from them.

Such actions by Bainimarama also beg the question as to where this illegal government is taking Fiji. Their actions are so twentieth century when one considers current global trend towards the granting of native title recognitions and rights to land and fishing grounds.

The most recent being John Key’s Government move to restore Maori Rights to fishing grounds in New Zealand.

Australia had set the trend for the last three years with the Blue Mud Bay Decisions for Aboriginal Fishing Rights in the Northern Territory and Friday’s Federal Court Decision in Cairns making more than 40,000sq km of sea, shipping lanes and fisheries to Torres Strait native title, giving indigenous locals various rights of access and use of the teeming maritime resources.

The Fiji Democracy and Freedom Movement campaigns and fights for the peaceful restoration of self-determination and freedom to the people of Fiji. It strives to achieve this via dialogue and passive resistance.

The Movement does not condone bloodshed and violence and will not stand idly by while the illegal administration of Commodore Bainimarama arrogantly creates the kind of atmosphere that will instigate interracial conflict and a violent uprising in our much love homeland.

Therefore the Fiji Democracy and Freedom Movement objects very strongly to the latest illegal actions of Bainimara’s regime decreeing the legislative erosion of indigenous Fijian control over what legally and rightfully is their real estate property.

Usaia P. Waqatairewa.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Signs of Failing Times in Fiji: FJ GM Commercial Boss Quits

Air Pac boss quits

Friday, July 02, 2010

Air Pacific's general manager commercial Martin White resigned last Friday.
His sudden departure was made known in an announcement to staff but the reason behind the resignation could not be established by the Fiji Times.

Managing director and chief executive David Pflieger could not be reached for comment because he is away in Auckland.

Executive general manager corporate support Josephine Yee Joy said she could not comment because she had been away from the office all week.

Mr White joined the national carrier in May last year bringing with him extensive experience from years spent in the industry as manager marketing programs with Continental Airlines, vice president marketing for US Airways and Delta Air Lines and Senior vice president marketing for United Airlines.
by Margaret Wise

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