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Oh Blimey: Theres Too Much Images of Island-Boy Dictator in Uniform in News Media!! For Goodness-sake Its Time To Free up The PRESS IN FIJI.

Ok, I am hungry for news from my homeland Fiji and I search the webs, only to constantly being showed images of coup master clad in his uniform. What does this tells us?

The dictator must love seeing himself and reading about himself each time he reads the newspaper. Thats probably why he has strongly gagged media outlets in Fiji to only write about him and take as many images of him doing his rounds pretending he is doing some work and most of all parading in his uniforms which is becoming an EYESORE!!

Interestingly, in the search for Fiji news I found this interesting story by Michael Field who has a very grip on Fiji saga. In his piece written for last year around 17/04/2009, Bainimarama, the worst Island-Boy Dictator had declared himself, quote, "Bainimarama says he is the future." unquote. When I saw this article, the thoughts that ran through my minds were one of shock, disgusted, angry, sad, and more as heres a half bred Fijian man who grew up in urban Suva, married to another like him and may have chosen a pathway to have little or no contact with his [Fijian] roots and which would have resulted in such an arrogant stance on where Fiji and its people should be heading towards.

I am disgusted that Bainimarama has the nerve to act in a way as if Fiji was his toy to play with and destroy as he wills. Because I do not wish to give him too much 'sound-bytes' I will conclude on one level, thats its no wonder he acts in such a way because he may either have chosen the pathway perhaps because he has been 'vakaqumi' or given $$$ with you know what or his chosen paths may have been dictated by the choices he made earlier in his life as to what sets of values he will aspire to and live by. Each day now are revealing those very details.
A Concern Fijian
[name with-held]
Read more of what Michael Field had so well articulated;

Fiji dictator Voreqe Bainimarama has claimed his new "legal order" is the future of the island nation.

In an extraordinary speech to civil servants this morning he said that with the abrogation of the constitution "a new Legal Order has been created.

In speech notes provided by his office, he said: "A new Legal Order means there is no longer the old. "There is no need to speculate as to what happened, how it happened, what should have happened or what should not have happened.

"What is, is now, and the future," Bainimarama said.
He said his government is not an interim one or a caretaker one – it is in office until September 2014.

Speaking as the self-proclaimed Public Service Minister, Bainimarama told a gathering of civil servants that there was "down-right abuse" in the civil service.

He would clean it up.

"As a first up, from next week, all government vehicles being driven after hours will need to carry permits."

Police and soldiers would check government vehicles.
Meanwhile Samoa's Prime Minister Tuilaepa Sailele said Bainimarama was a puppet master and his "favourite hand puppet" is President Josefa Iloilo.

"But one day soon the puppets will grow a brain and see Frank for the evil puppeteer he really is. It is then the curtains will fall on Frank," Tuilaepa told the Samoan Government newspaper Savali.

"The whole thing is a political charade and the whole world is watching. Nobody is fooled and no one is laughing. Frank is only fooling himself.
"It’s a political stick-up and Frank has all the guns."
Read some News in Brief by courtside in Fiji:
The Best of Fiji News Emnating From Fiji's Best Newspaper FIJI TIMES.

[Fiji] Court briefs
Friday, June 25, 2010
Briefs from court

Trial date set
A MAN charged with murder of his eight year old son will go to trial in September. Mahendra Sharma is alleged to have killed his son last year in the Serua hills and hid in the bushes for almost two months. The court heard that a psychiatric evaluation of Sharma was yet to be done as the appropriate doctor was out of the country.

Bail conditions
TWO Methodist executives want the court to vary their bail conditions so they can travel abroad. The court heard that Reverend Kalivati Ravoka and Reverend Musuwai who were charged for meeting without a permit wanted to go to USA and New Zealand respectively. The court has adjourned the matter to next week to allow the defence counsel to provide the exact date of travel.

Youth's fate
A YOUTH who went on a violent robbery spree in 2006 will know his fate next week. Mataiasi Bulivou pleaded guilty to the crimes and in mitigation his father told Justice Daniel Goundar that his son had always been a good person who finished school and was studying at a tertiary school. Defence has asked the court to give a suspended sentence. Bulivou will be sentenced on July 2.

Jail time
A GOVERNMENT employee who attempted to sneak Gillette Mach 3 cartridges and shaving gears out of the MHCC Supermarket has been sent to jail for 12 months. Salacieli Lawanakula, 39, was jailed by the Magistrates Court after he pleaded guilty. Prosecutor Sergeant Yasin Ali told the court that the incident happened on March 31 and the accused was caught by a store security officer.

Vocea trial
IT will be a trial in October for the former Permanent Secretary for Infrastructure and Public Utilities Anasa Vocea. He is charged with eight counts of fraudulent conversion. Trial has been fixed for October 20.

A FULL day has been allowed for lawyers to make submissions in the Ratu Sakiusa Tuisolia and Imrana Jalal case. The two have been charged for breach of business licences and other public health acts by the DPP. The couples' lawyer Devanesh Sharma had made applications that some of the charges are out of time and need to be withdrawn while one of the charges is wrong in accordance to the Food and Safety Act. State has argued otherwise. Lawyers will make submissions next week.

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  1. Does Bainimarama FEAR new leadership ideas because of his LACK of leadership skills?
    Bainimarama has truly taken onboard the dictatorship and one-party mentality of his Chinese counterparts, now DIRECTING civil servants to not participate in a program such as this LFP one. We don't know much about the LFP, but we know of wonderful and smart young people who have been part of this program. Is this the FEAR in Bainimarama? That the young people or intelligent Fijians are being educated and exposed to leadership ways that clearly exposes his DICTATORSHIP style ruling.

    And what serious questions has Bainimarama got about this program? This is why his dictatorship style and lack of education himself, will stifle the CREATIVITY and OPENMINDEDNESS we want to build in our future's workforce and leaders. But, no, Bainimarama wants to keep them in the dark ages because he is NOT CAPABLE of handling OPPOSITION that is based on respect, tolerance, goodwill and NO GUNS!

    ILLEGAL PM bars Civil Servants from Leadership Program Publish date/time: 18/06/2010 [17:18] Fiji Village
    ILLEGAL Prime Minister and Minister for Public Service, Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama has issued a directive to all civil servants that there will be no participation by any civil servant in the training activities, seminars, workshops or conferences organized under the Leadership Fiji program.

    Commodore Bainimarama has raised serious questions about what is being discussed in the Leadership Fiji workshops.

    There is an audio file attached to this story. Please login to listen.

    The Chairman of Leadership Fiji is currently out of the country and is expected to comment later.
    Posted by Tears for Fiji


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