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Fijians are the Natives of Fiji: Fijiners for Others Perhaps as Citizen of Fiji. Why Have Khaiyum Destructed what Fijians Hold Dear?"[Click 'Avatar']

We have decided to run the article blogged by Na Dina:Fiji Truth as it posit some thought provoking challenges on 'Historical' wounds. Theres has been long drawn out TALKS
In a nutshell, below are few areas which sums up what we think.
  1. Fijians for being shafted-off their 'once-upon a time' home tuft [click header to view: refer Avatar Movie as a model!!]

  2. Europeans/Crown for being the First Contact & introducing Western ideologies at many levels. In December 1959, these Europeans were targetted by thugs and almost faced expulsion due to Trade Unionist Riots alledgedly led by James Anthony, a product of Indian Diaspora. European businesses/cars/houses etc were targetted. After evaluating damages after the Suva Riot, very little damage were done to Indian businesses as reported by Intelligence Unit at the time in Suva, experts said. The irony to this, urbanised Fijian like Apisai Tora jumped on the 'riot-bandwagon' influencing many Fijians who ended up in the Police cell. Who gets to be blamed: Fijians whilst the key perpertrators went home laughing!!
  3. Indian Diaspora Group that were brought in via the Indentured Labour system from their Motherland India. They are probably asking the Brits, 'why on earth were we brought to this little corner of the world so far from our Motherland? The Indians no doubt were targetted post Rabuka coup in 1987. [hey, some of us who were not Indians got our houses thrown, at with bottles & stones by thugs but we did not beg for refugee status overseas.Yet we survived the onslaught just like the Europeans did in the riot of 1959!!]

Banabans for being displaced from Ocean Island

Rotumans - Polynesian by nature, taken under Fiji's wings for its close location.

Others including - Melanesians, Pacific Islanders, Part Europeans etc

Whilst we try and argue the pros & cons of whats best for Fiji, the reality is the answer lies with the people and their values. Fijians, Banabans, Rotumans, Chinese, Europeans, Part Europeans, Melanesians, Pacific Islands, Indians and any other we have missed from the type of people that now make up Fiji's 'melting pot' population.

Certainly not the way Khaiyum et al [his unbalance representations at Council of Fiji Judiciary]. It is noted out of the 10 people [as can be seen in this image] that made the Judiciary in 2009, 05 are Indians, 03 Fijians, one looks Polynesian or Part European & 01 Rotuman or PI. Where then is a balance representation? This must be the biggest joke the regime can give to the people of Fiji.
Luvei Viti Think Tank @VUW. []

Read more;
Population Introduction to Fiji & Its Aftermath: Was it a Good Idea after all or A Bad Call?
Fiji's population has become a topic of interest for some experts/academics writing about Fiji. Here we have decided to run a ships log as captured by wikipedia on the movements of Indentured labourers from Indian betwen 1879 to 1916. It is interesting to note the numbers each trip makes are over the 800 mark with very few below 300.

As a Fijian, upon reflection on these hard facts, a thought that springs to mind, why so many Indians to a little island nation? What about the people that existed there? Who was orchestrating all these movements of people to and from India? Did someone realise that one day, these mix of people from two different end of the spectrum may not get along and clash badly at some point?

Fiji Democracy Now said...
We at Fiji Democracy Now wonder what your point is in this article. Blaming the colonial government for our present problems is the game played by the illegal regime.What we ought to focus our attention on is the damage being done to everyone in Fiji by the current regime. They're destroying the sugar industry and the tourism industry. The hardship they're inflicting is not confined to one race.
April 5, 2010 10:47 PM

Na Dina Fiji said...
The population Introduction and its aftermath to Fiji is a good idea, and anywhere else in the world for that matter. Why? the answer is simple because the new market economy requires customers to be measured by their human values, that is differentiated for their choice, will and satisfaction within a system that is linked by process.

This is done laterally in the population by race, age, religion, location, access to information communication technology (ICT), education level and type, income levels, industry etc and vertically by segments. Then by margins to know you customers and potential new customers for reserach methods, strategy making, policy and management from individual, organizational, national, regional and international levels that are aligned to the World Bank Administrative Structural Reforms in the Pacific Plan 2005, Millenium Development Goals and Paris Declaration 2004, 2005.

So population differentiation or diversity, to answer your question is market information and the ICT are the tools that go with it in the 21st century digital age, making policy or affirmative action, the issue to address needs as suffered by the Girmit Indentured Labour.

But strategic marketing is a recent science that holistically evolved from the sufferings of the people in the old economic order that was controlled by the centralized "eilte' few. Similarly, the Illegal Interim Regime (IIR) is using the same "elite" model to suppress market information based on bias (Samisoni 2008) and hanging onto power away from the people, as required under the Contonou Agreement Articles 8, 25 and 26.

To demonstrate just how inappropriate these policies are by not differentiating the market in the John Samy Military Peoples Charter, I have just returned from my village in Lomaloma, to find the people in my village still had not been given tents for shelter three weeks after Tomas.

Most of them were huddled in overcrowded homes that did have at least three quarters of the roof intact. But the radio message is about Finau Tabakaucoro preaching about Pedophiles.Who is worried about abnormal sex when basic needs of shelter, food, transportation water are the issue at hand.It is no wander that people like me, who speak out against the policies, regulations and governing by decrees are targeted to NOT access the blogs for informed debates on desired change that add value not higher risks and costs.

To conclude, population introduction is a good thing for relevance, accountability and participation which has civil society "checks and balances" for Public good as it is market driven and customized based on the "hearts and minds" of the people. Dr. Mere Tuisalalo Samisoni SDL Member for Lami Open (deposed 2006).
April 6, 2010 12:45 PM

fijikiwigal said...
@Fiji Democracy Now, in response to your query, quote, "what your point is in this article. Blaming the colonial government for our present problems is the game played by the illegal regime.' unquote.

Firstly, many thanks for Dr Samisoni in leading as always, to enlighten us on some very important issues that many lay Fiji people will find hard to get a grip of. Dr Samisoni has articulated those thoughts so well indeed that theres no need to elaborate further. Vinaka Dr Samisoni for heads up on these.

To answer your question FDN, it is simple, both the Fijians & Indians are squabbling for their 'SPACES' in Fiji. Thats the core issue now hence, can be noted by the detailed analysis of population growth as far back as 1881.

The question we therefore ask, where did the extra 'Indians' appear from? Was there 'plane-loads' thereafter after IL stopped in 1920?

Experts writes, it was the 'putsch' by settler society [Indians] during this period for Common-Roll. Indians were already voting and Fijians did not have a clue how to vote until 1963 when first elections happened. Fijians stayed at the village whilst Indians educated their youngs at Community funded schools. Indians brought with them the know how of capitalism whilst Fijians were contented with their subsistence farming lifestyle. Already, we see evidence of 'imbalance' whether it was economic/population/education etc. Thats what we see that this blog is referring to.

Whats happening now is the tip of an iceberg which has been there all along since the 'boat-loads'. You get opportunists like Khaiyum et al who make up the majority of Judiciary as opposed to 3 Fijians in 2009, trying to rwrite Fiji's Rule of Law & Constitution.

Its, 'ooooillleeeiii' for the Fijians as their VOICES HAS BEEN GAGGED IN A BIG WAY here!!! Where are the AUTHENTIC COUNCIL OF CHIEFS that use to speak up and protect the Fijians...DESTRUCTED BY KHAIYUM!!! Where are the seasoned Politicians and its leaders like Elected Prime Minister Laisenia Qarase who represented the Voice of the Fijians that wanted him and his party to lead Fiji??? Gagged & forbidden to talk by this regime!!! We can write a long list but the fact is Fiji's Problem started with the 'Boat-loads' & the squabble for Power thereafter. Perhaps, in time to come when the opportunity arises, we may just revisit the dynamics of relationship between Fiji/India/Commonwealth.

To recap on what the regime is doing now, it is riding on what historians and Political Analysts & journalists, scholars and the likes have written about Fiji of which most of them are foreigners or settler societies. Very few are written from the lenses of Indigenous Fijians to tell in earnest their side of the story. You get some Fijian scholars like Dr Steve Ratuva,a who appears to sit on the fence in his views or so we think after reading his scholarly takes/pieces and does not help. Dr Samisoni on the other hand has her 'fingers on the pulse' and we applaud her for this. Dr Samisoni, seems to be the only vocal Fijian voice in earnest speaking up and trying to alert all about the ills of whats transpiring in Fiji.
April 13, 2010


  1. The Avatar Movie Sums Up The Truth the Whole Truth and Nothing but the Truth, The Question is WHO will fight the Indigenous Army that Protects the People that have are and will Exploit the Mineral Wealth of the Fijian Race.

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  3. @Anon, Thanks I agree 'Avatar it is as a Model for Fiji'!! And as for IA, your guess is as good as mine. Will it be Khaiyum or Bainimarama?? Time will tell. As a Fijian, I still prefer to see the Great Council of 'Authentic' Chiefs. [not wannabe chiefs] together with leaders representing other races in Fiji & Religious groups, NGO, Civil Societies, Activists, and anyone else that feels strongly or has a keen interest for Values of others & not purely for Capitalistic Greed & Power.

    On the other hand, one can try to look to either the Commonwealth or United Nation: which would be favoured?? The Commonwealth has kicked Bainimarama & his regime to the 'SIN BIN' & its unfortunate for the rest of 'Fijners',as quoted above will all be left behind the coconut fronds meanwhile!!

    The 'bad pair' Khaiyum & Bainimarama can be predicted to prefer the UN as they are still drip-feeding Fijian soldiers to keep the State coffers going!! [lol] or more so because the UN were the very ones that supported the drive towards Commonroll by the settler society in Fiji [Indians[ as they had the number at the time hence this angle, the gurus says.

    In earnest, between the two big players i.e Commonwealth & UN, the Commonwealth seems the likely one to cater for the needs of the people as opposed to the United Nation who is more interested in States & their wealth. People to UN seems to be an after-thought as can be seen in what was done in Ruwanda & whats happening now in Fiji where it still employs Fijian soldiers to a degree & turning a 'blind-eye' to Human Rights Abuse by the Fiji regime.

    Perhaps lets get a petition done for Cameron 'the maker of Avatar' to instil some Authentic Real Values back into Fiji more so to Khaiyum & Bainimarama who are steering Fiji's ship aground.


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