Thursday, April 8, 2010

A Call for Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum to Stand down as ILLEGAL Interim AG in Fiji.

Heres your Panic Button Khaiyum!!
Below we have quoted an excerpt from TVNZ's blurp on what Khaiyum said with regards to a the new decree cracking down Media in Fiji if & when they criticize the current regime. Khiayum has done nothing more than to cover his tracks as he is the brain behind all these legalese thinking .

News will still leak out and Fiji Media will be supported by connections worldwide and news about what this regime is doing to Fiji and its people will surface and the world will get to hear about them one way or another. This is just the beginning and its not the end. We will consoldiate our efforts and expose you Khaiyum, and your inner circle. Time to start thinking of an exit plan if I were you.

Fiji has been under PER since December 2006 whe Bainimarama forcefully took the reign from elected Prime Minister Laisenia Qarase, who Khaiyum et al are still working so hard to try and find some loop hole in the law to lay charges. [& which they have'nt yet!! Lol}
Heres our message to Khaiyum et al...
"Shame on you Khaiyum!! You are more of an embarrassment to Fiji than anything else.
Attacking the media and taking away their freedom to report on whats going on in Fiji will not make you any greater. In fact it just reveals to the world how cunning and manipulative you are by using your position of power to articulate & issue decree
as you see fit.
In essence, one wonders how long will the Military Council hold out on your ever chopping & changing of Fiji laws to cover your tracks.. Its time you stop prosecuting Innocent People and return Fiji to Normalcy!! Lets hope you will share this story with your mate FB.
Time will come when we get to see you answering for your follies and likewise your mate Bainimarama. That day of reckoning will come & we will get to have the last laugh.
We also hear you have switched the National Bank of Fiji to be aligned with the PNG Bank instead of the Commonwealth Bank. Fijians are a patient bunch and they will sit it out. Just bear in mind we are watching your moves Khaiyum and we cannot wait to see you take the stand in time to come.

Its time that Khaiyum steps down. We, the people of Fiji wants him out as he is not representing our FIJIAN VOICES. We want to see someone who is a reputable Fijian within the Law Fraternity making judgement calls about what matters to the Indigenous Fijians and those like us. Khaiyum is only interested in the capitali gains he get from all this. How can Khaiyum claim that he is speaking on behalf of the Fijians? His JUDICIARY INNER CIRCLE are made up of a group of likeminded people who does not give two hoots about what matters to the Indigenous Fijians and the likes.
We are here ready to tell the Fiji stories, decree or no decree!!
An Indigenous Fijian.
Fiji media digests tough crackdown

"The emphasis here should be what is good for Fiji. Are we going to have media organisations that have a sense of loyalty to Fiji?" says Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum, Fiji Attorney General."
'We Say To You Khaiyum- Enough is Enough"
By Gone i Taukei Dina.


  1. An overseas view of the Media Decree.
    by fijitoday on April 8, 2010
    Thursday, April 08, 2010

    Fiji: Ending press freedom

    Yesterday Fiji’s military regime released its draft media decree [PDF]. As expected from a bunch of thuggish soldiers, it is aimed primarily at controlling and silencing the media than ensuring proper standards. Under the decree, “media organisations” – and that includes bloggers or anyone that “create [sic] an internet website capable of being accessed by the public” – will be forbidden to publish anything which is “against the public interest or order” or “against national interest”, on pain of 5 years imprisonment and a whopping fine. What’s “the national interest”? That’s up to the new media authority to decide on a case-by-case basis. And if they get it wrong, tough – as is common with the decrees of the military government, its decisions will not be able to be challenged in court. And so Fiji will get dictatorial, unreviewable censorship, even worse than that permitted by the current emergency regulations.

    (Media organisations will also be forbidden from portraying exorcism or hypnotism. Yes, seriously. What a bunch of bumpkins)

    The result of this is clearly intended to be a silent, complaint press, which parrots the government line unquestioningly. And that is incompatible with democratic values. But then, if the military cared about them, they’d still be in their barracks, rather than running the country.

    Thank to


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  2. Russell Hunter comments.
    by Pacific in the Media

    An early victim of the hardline media policies of Fiji's illegal government, says the proposed media decree is worse than expected.

    Russell Hunter was the first of three Australian publishers to be deported by the junta in 2008, with the illegal government claiming he was conducting himself in a manner "prejudicial to the peace, defence, public safety, public order, security and stability of the sovereign state of the Fiji Islands."

    An Australian citizen, he was taken from his home and kept in custody until he was placed on a flight out of Nadi to Sydney. He had only $20 in his pocket and the clothes on his back at the time.

    With Hunter at the helm, the Fiji Sun had published a number of investigative stories deemed anti-government, including accounts of the failure by then Finance Minister, Mahendra Chaudry, to pay his taxes on time.

    Now working for the Samoa Observer, Hunter says the worse provision in the proposed decree is the one that sanctions journalists and editors to be imprisoned for up to five years and media organisations to be fined up to half a million Fijian dollars if they breach the code.

    Hunter says the Fiji media is a shadow of its former self thanks to the censorship imposed under the Public Emergency Regulations and that the proposed decree will put it completely under the control of the illegal government.

    He believes the decree will cause the industry to contract, with people going out of business and even more of Fiji's brightest talent heading overseas.

    Hunter says the planned Media Industry Development Authority is very dangerous because journalists and editors will not be able to challenge any of its decisions in any court.

    And he says the intent to have media organisations owned at least 90 per cent by locals, sends a bad message to investors (that there's no security in Fiji if the junta doesn't like you) and that aid donors will not be impressed.

    Hunter believes the interim government already has someone lined up to take over the Australian owned Fiji Times. He says there's a good chance it will be a local but the regime could also venture outside of the industry to find the person who will toe the line.

    He says the Fiji Times, the country's oldest paper, has essentially been expropriated by the junta and that while Rupert Murdoch would put up a fight, he's unlikely to move to Suva.

    Rupert Murdoch's News Ltd issued a statement yesterday, after the decree was revealed at the first public consultation in Suva, saying it was 100 per cent behind the people of Fiji and was making representation to the interim government.

    Two other publishers have been deported by the junta - Australians Evan Hannah and Rex Gardner from the Fiji Times.

    Picture: Russell Hunter talking to media after he arrived back in Sydney

  3. NZ govt concerned about Fiji media moves

    The Government would be concerned is there is a crackdown on the Fijian media and is seeking more information, Acting Prime Minister Bill English said today (file pic)

    Thu, 08 Apr 2010 8:11p.m.
    The Government would be concerned is there is a crackdown on the Fijian media and is seeking more information, Acting Prime Minister Bill English said today.

    The regime of self-appointed Prime Minister Frank Bainimarama yesterday issued a new media decree which Newspaper Publishers' Association chief executive and New Zealand Media Freedom Committee secretary Tim Pankhurst described as "highly oppressive".

    It was clearly aimed at totally muzzling an already repressed media, he said.

    Mr English said he was worried about the reports

    "We would be concerned about a media crackdown in Fiji... it does look a bit consistent with how the regime does business, but we would like to get a clearer idea of what they have actually decided before we make too much more comment," Mr English said.

    Mr Pankhurst said the regime was cementing in place emergency regulations imposed a year ago that have seen censors installed in newsrooms.

    "It not only targets editors and their journalists. Any members of the public brave enough to express dissenting views are also in line for crippling fines, ill treatment and jail."

    Media outlets could be fined up to $F500,000 (about $NZ344,000) and individual journalists up to $F100,000 ($NZ69,000) and be jailed for up to five years if they failed to comply with the decree's dictates.

    Offences included such "crimes" as criticising the government and even failing to run bylines, Mr Pankhurst said. Foreign media ownership was also restricted.

    Officers were empowered to enter newsrooms and seize any notes, documents, or equipment.

    "Soldiers overseeing the media is a characteristic of a dictatorship," Mr Pankhurst said.

    "There doesn't seem to be any reasoning with an increasingly unsavoury regime that deserves to be isolated and condemned.

    "Far from restoring democracy, it is heading in the opposite direction."

    Read more;


  5. hahaha Voreqe lai lade sara i na loma ni qara ni vei tavioka mai Dela Nabua!!
    Treason charges is waiting for you & Khaiyum [immunity or no immunity]!!

  6. Fiji is ours the Fijians, not yours nor FB.
    You are illegally taking something away from us, and that is our Land - it is ours legally documented. Take that away and you are dead very very soon.
    Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum in all of your attempts, it is so obvious, you're out to take all Fijian Land- then warning... Warning you must leave Fiji, and set sail to the land where your fore fathers came from. I am an indigenous Fijian, and guess what I am a Fijian and a Female. Know this, in my heart, I have a gut full of your cunning tactics, and I can see that some Fijians are out to kill you and Baigani- remember Fijians kill because of their Land. Fijians because of their belief in God do not kill, some of us are destined by God to do the unthinkable and that is to eliminate the likes of you, Bai, Shameems,Aziz Mohammed, Sada Reddy, Dr. Sahu Khan to name a few. You are the root of evils in the Fijian Land.

    No more academic talks is good enough for you, you know all, you are the all and be all, you are probably suited for a Fijian Bush Talk in the name of our Vu.
    They also shoot from nowhere and hit.
    I advise you to get ready and leave Fijian Land asap.

    Na Baromita kei Viti.

  7. Na Baromita kei Viti,

    Me dua ga vei Bhaiya na ba dogo!!

    Pacific Scoop:
    Report – By Tupuola Terry Tavita

    Samoan Prime Minister Tuilaepa Sailele Malielegaoi is not surprised with the recent turn of events in Fiji.

    He describes as “astoundingly predictable” the attempt by the Fiji military regime to curb media freedom by decree and give itself immunity – also by decree.

    “It comes straight out of the I-want-to-be-a-dictator rulebook. First you silence your critics, you then appoint your yes-men to positions of power then you issue outlandish decrees to, well, save your skin.” He laughs.

    “The two decrees sum add up to political, legal and criticism immunity. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if his next decree is to change the Fiji national anthem. Instead of God Bless will be God Bless Bani… For Bani instead of For Fiji… the all-knowing, the all-enlightening God-sent Bani… all hail Bani!” He breaks out laughing.

    “But seriously, they may come in many faces, but dictators are all the same. Bani is no different. He’s digging in now like they all do when they come into power. The two decrees are just the latest in a long string of events to gain absolute, unchallenged and unfettered power.

    “We’ve seen it with the abrogation of the constitution, the disbanding of Parliament, the takeover of Police, the sacking of the judiciary, the dismissing of the council of chiefs and even the bullying and sidelining of the Methodist Church. Now with the silencing of critics and the declaration of legal immunity, it’s all very predictable. The regime is digging in for the long haul.

    “He (Bainimarama) has entrenched the public service with the military, appointing his army top brass to heads of government ministries and corporations. I wouldn’t be surprised if come 2014 he declares there’s no need for elections as his CEO colonels have become ‘experienced’.”

    Read more;


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