Monday, March 29, 2010

The Voice of the People & Return Fiji to Elections.

Date: Fri, Mar 26, 2010 at 7:45 AM

Subject: Letter to all in the Interim Regime
This letter has been sent to all those in the Interim government as a petition/warning/request for them to consider the voice of the people and return Fiji to elections. The letter is being circulated internally by a few people on the ground, and they will try to send copies to all that are directly involved and also those who are indirectly participating in the illegal adminstration.

After this, we will await their response before we launch our second plan that we have promised to deliver this year. and I will encourage all those who are behind the movement to commit now as Fiji is sinking into economic, political, spiritual and social quicksand.

Me da yadra mai ragone, sa davo na Matanitu, davo na Lotu, davo na vanua, me da duri na Kai Viti.
Canberra, ACT. 15th March 2010

This letter serves as a reminder of your untenable position in this illegal regime. As such it is also a request for you to reconsider your position by taking into account the ramifications of your contribution to our Nation.

It has been three years and two months since the Regime took over the democratically elected SDL government. In that time, a lot of things have happened with most bearing negative results. As you might be aware, a petition was handed over to the Interim Prime Minister by the Nadaku family, demanding a return to the polls this year. That petition was accompanied by a letter with representation of more than 600,000 citizens and friends of Fiji who endorsed the idea.

The recent UN Human Rights Council in Geneva was also of the idea that Fiji’s human rights violations has to stop, and that a democratically elected government was in the best interest of the people and the economy of the country.

There was unanimous vote from the council that Fiji lacked basic human rights and the need for the restoration of democracy was extensive.

The Commonwealth, PIF, EU, Australia, NZ have isolated themselves from Fiji as a result of the takeover and will only fully commit to Fiji’s recovery if the requested election took place this year.

This letter serves as a follow up to the petition, and the peoples’ voice has been heard.
If you ignore this request than it could be used against you later in a court of law, as you have been advised and forewarned about the illegal administration you are serving.I am requesting that you forfeit your position in this administration and refrain from taking part in further activities proposed by this interim government. Your participation does not assist our country in any way but rather confirms your position as a coup apologist.

The state of the country’s economy, the world’s concern, increasing isolation from our Pacific Island neighbours, the sugar industry and EU funding are but just a few of these reasons for an election that the Regime is ignoring, choosing to upgrade infrastructure which has seen them go on a borrowing spree.

Their request for a $1billion loan from the IMF compounds this. The Nation cannot afford to be like this any longer. The longer we have this Regime running the government the longer the people will suffer and our state of affairs deteriorate
Colonel D

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