Friday, March 5, 2010

The Infamous Cassava Patch Hero from Fiji!!

One only need to google search Fiji news and instantly get loads of hit stories regarding the attemtpted 'bonoci' of Bainimarama's dash for the 'tapioka' patch. Is'nt that shameful that it has come to this level.
The regime in Fiji has indeed made sure that this story line hits the press in a big way. So what is the fuss all about? This is a well staged act by the regime to make such big sing-song about this issue. Who cares!! Fiji people will be more interested in what happens to the people being named and charged. After all the hardship Frank Bainimarama has caused the Fiji people will forever hang over Bainimarama's head now for the rest of his life.
Most Fiji people would like to just get on with their lives, put food on their table for their families, get a job, see normalcy returned to Fiji, bring back democracy, have speedy election etc etc..
It is obvious that Bainimarama & co have chosen well to put this story on centre stage in order to try and justify their actions.
by Support Fiji Democracy Now & Fiji Truth: Na Dina Movement.
P. bula, Make sure na memorial qori me qai biu toka kina nona record na Komada e a cici mai ena keba,Cassava patch Soldier.. Me gauna keda sa yali kina mera kila na nona kawa ni dua na war hero o tukadra(vb),hero dau cici(run) taudua!
► Reply by Norman 2 hours ago
Ni bula.Au varogoca tiko na gauna ni Vakribamalamala ena Viti FM.Qai ulutaga tiko na kena sa mai vakatarai tu ena gauna qo na vawati vaka tagane kei na tagane,yalewa kei na yalewa.Era qai qiri tiko yani na tamata.Na programme dau 1 hr na kena caka tiko.Ia nikua sa 30mins ga..Au kila sa tarovi beka baleta na levu ni tamata era sa qiri tiko yani baleta ni sa levu ga e saqata na vakasama ratou cakava na Matanitu qo.Sa tu na dina!!Levu era qiri yani era sa bai saqata saraga.Sa qai ca tale..
► Reply by SD 2 hours ago
Hours remain for sentencing of 8 men

In less than four hours, the eight men convicted of the charge of conspiracy to murder the Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama will be sentenced by High Court Judge, Justice Paul Madigan at the Suva High Court.

In their mitigation yesterday, the eight men asked for non-custodial sentences, saying they had played a minimal part in the meetings that were conducted. Several character witnesses were also presented, with the defence counsel and the eight convicted men hoping that non-custodial sentences are handed down today.After the mitigation yesterday, Justice Madigan stressed that he will seriously consider the degree of participation of each of the eight men when considering the appropriate sentences to be handed down.While making submissions on the sentence yesterday, DPP Lawyer David Toganivalu highlighted two previous cases on conspiracy to murder charges, and informed the court that in a case in Australia, two conspirators were sentenced to 12 years imprisonment while in another case for a similar offence, two men were sentenced to 9 and 12 years imprisonment.

Toganivalu stressed to Judge Madigan that the sentences must be a deterrent to the eight men and to others who may be thinking of committing such an act.Justice Madigan questioned Toganivalu on whether he thought there are others who may try such a thing.He replied that there may be like minded people in our struggling communities who must be deterred from trying to carry out such a crime.The eight will be sentenced at 3.30 this afternoon.

► Reply by SD 1 hour ago
Thursday, March 4, 2010

Khan hits out at Madigan commentBallu Khan and his lawyer have denied he had anything to do with the plot to assasinate Frank Banimarama and say he should should not have even been mentioned in the court case against the eight men, who have been found guilty of trying to kill the military leader.

Khan (pictured) told New Zealand media today that it was wrong for Justice Paul Madigan to have linked him to the case yesterday when he found the men guilty.

In delivering the verdict of the five assessors, Justice Madigan said: "I am satisfied beyond reasonable doubt each of you conspired with others and Ballu Khan to murder Commodore Bainimarama."
A short time ago, Khan told TV One News the claim was outrageous.

Earlier, he told other media: "We never planned anything, they [the military] came up with the plan and it was like they themselves were planning something. We were the collateral in case something went wrong."

Khan was arrested and severely beaten by authorities two years ago, but won a permanent stay of proceedings against him.

In theory, he cannot be retried, but Fiji courts are working by military decree now and Justice Madigan was appointed under those circumstances.

Justice Madigan accepted evidence from Fiji Military Intelligence that Khan was going to use arms and explosives from New Zealand.

The Fiji High Court was also told the New Zealand High Commission knew of the plot and supported it. The plotting was said to have taken place in Mr Khan's Suva home, which he denies.

Khan's New Zealand lawyer, Peter Williams, QC, travelled to Fiji to help secure Khan's release and bring him back to Auckland. Tonight, he supported Khan's comment the Fiji High Court had no legal evidence to connect him to the failed assasination plot.
Posted by Pacific in the Media

► Reply by SD 1 hour ago
This is what I mentioned before, the shamelessness displayed by the Regime in condemning people even before they are proven guilty in a "proper" court of law. The verdict handed down by the assessors was suspect, with all the wrong statements and perdjury occuring along the way.

There is the residing judge with a not too spectacular record and then there is Bainimarama behind the scene manipulating everyone like puppets on strings.

We await the sentencing by Madigon, and hope the appeal is instantaniously requested. In the meantime, the people of Fiji should be watching this drama with eyes and mind wide open as this is what they have come to accept as the right thing for Fiji now.

When they are silent, the whole world will assume that they are happy with conditions, PER and personal rights violation included.

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  1. Our bully-boy dictator starts swaggering
    By Fiji Democracy Now
    With complete muzzling of our media about to be institutionalised by yet another draconian decree, the playground bully now feels safe in the knowledge that no one can call him names any more. We are grateful to Fiji freedom blog, Real Fiji News, for running the following article by AAP correspondent, Tamara McLean. She takes a close look at the dictatorship three years on. As she reports, Bainimarama might have a swagger these days but, with evidence mounting of internal squabbling behind the scenes, how secure is his position in the longer term? We think Frank should tread (or swagger) very carefully. He has told too many lies and betrayed too many people in his quest to greedily grab absolute power over our beloved nation.


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