Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Happy New Year to all. Its 'Bula' to 2010 & 'Moce' to 2009 while 'Fiji Political Space' slips into oblivion.

Here s hoping you have all had a wonderful & inspiring Festive Seasons with your loved ones. Upon reflections, one can easily forget the mundane everyday worries and get absorbed into the spirit of festivities & indulgence in the last few weeks.

It is almost utopia when you think about it. We soak in & rejoice over the meaning of Christmas & welcoming 'Na Yabaki vou' with loved ones & families and friends. For those like us that believe earnestly in Divine Providence, it becomes a fulfilling Spiritual journey. We remember those of our loved in Fiji and in other parts of the world and those that have passed on.
Reality checks reminds some of us, as we cringe at the thoughts of how our families in Fiji are trying to make ends meet this Christmas. How hard do they have to work to ensure the families have abundance of food on the Christmas table? What about those families that lost their jobs prior Christmas in Fiji? How will they survive? What about those children who did not receive a gift for Christmas? These are some of the things that runs through our minds when we take time to reflect.

Indeed, New Year is here. The question on our lips, what happens to Fiji's Political Space with the current regime so dead set with their agendas? Rumour-mongers has it that, its all quiet now. Fiji people are just going about their business almost at the point of acceptance. Have they all become numbed to the fact that Fiji is ruled by a group of elite few who attain power through 'point of guns'. Will those wielding power in Fiji say 'Fijians are stupid, they will not pick up on what we are doing to Fiji'. Can they comfortably explain to the people of Fiji the relationship between army style governance, politics, and individual rationality? Are they listening to the important voices of the people, their political affliations and what really matters to them?What are they [current regime] doing about the connections on all this as well as the question with foci on culture & power?

Gauging from events after December 2006 coup-de-tat led by Voreqe Bainimarama, Fiji's regime has severely limited the powers of all political institutions in Fiji. One can comfortably say, the regime has forced specified conditions of stress, constraint and uncertainty on political institutions where the only conclusion will be a model of a 'puppet state' in Fiji. Political experts notes, Fiji current regime's basic premise will be that the emergence, continuation, or alteration of social forms can be traced back to some self interested decisions by certain individuals. One only needs to identify the causal mechanisms and causability can only be determined by moving from social to an individual level of analysis as Elster 1989 had once wrote. If this is so, why is it Fiji's regime is determined to reconfig Fiji's society?

Fiji people will have to now deal with the obvious this new year. The fact of the matter, there are no 'Political Space' for Fiji's political parties or institutions. Not for a while anyway until 2014 as stipulated when the next election will 'supposedly' take place if the dictator does not once again shift the 'goal post'. It is evident that 'Fiji's Political Spaces' has been compromised in a big way as a result of the 2006 coup-de-tat. This has indeed frustrated both Fiji citizens & international communities as the rational of a free & constitutional democracy in Fiji is non existent. Political Space has been compromised in a big way. State behaviour is determined by the elite few and there are no constraints. It is dictatorial governance at its peak for Fiji and its people for year 2010 & beyond unless there is break to the vicious coup cycle.
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This site is administered by Fiji Truth Commission Movement, a group of Fiji people worldwide that believes that we can make a Better Fiji for its people & the younger generations by unearthing the Real Authentic Truths about Fiji. Too much have happened since after the first coup in 1987 and for the last 20 years our children born on the eve of 1987 and thereafter have never really known the Free Fiji we use to know.

Fiji in our view have been inundated with twisted stories, corrupt personnals over time who wielded & abused their positions entrusted to them by the people and abused power while in high office. The outcome Fiji has slid back in its developments, the economy, loss of jobs, nepotism, militarization, abrogation for the Rule of Law & Constitution. Fiji has been in Public Emergency Regulation since the last coup of 2006 led by Voreqe Bainimarama. It has been suspended from the, Pacific Forum and the Commonwealth. Super Powers have withheld Aids to Fiji due this.

It is our intention to advocate for the people of Fiji to try and make sense of this and assist the people and the country bring itself out of the difficult situation Fiji is now in.

Our hope and vision is for a Better Fiji for its citizens and for the future generation. Do feel free to share your thoughts and contribute positively to building a Better Fiji.


  1. from Mr S. Daunitutu's desk.
    As the year begins with the populace thinking of school and the basic family maintenance, the Illega Interim Government has shot its foot (again) with the remarks uttered by Brig.Gen. Driti, warning Shameem Ali for her comments about extended liqour hours.

    I must say, that these army officers,just cannot differentiate between what their obligations to the Nation is, and what isn't.

    Shameem's comments were well founded as they fell categorically into her legislative responsibility as an advocate for womens' rights. There is nothing wrong with that as the IIG's representative, she would have the government's support and trust in her ability to oversee the department in accordance to the law by decrees that surrounds its policing duties.

    Driti's utterances showed the unproffesional attitude of this officer in trying to threaten a government official in his capacity as the Land Force Commander.

    What I am trying to say is this, Bainimarama has said on TV that the army has returned to the barracks, the police are doing their jobs and there is a government in place, so why is Driti threatening Ms Ali, better still, on what capacity is he making those comments against Shameem. Is he just angry that by shortening the nightclub hours he will not better his skills as a musician, because as an army officer, he is out of order and out of context.

    I say out of context because of a few reasons, but I'll simply put them in these comprehensible terms.

    They have defeated the purpose of extending the liqour hours with these reasons : to stop binge drinking and to minimise diturbances in urban settings.

    To eradicate those problems, they have promoted (1) drink till morning in nightclubs, (2) use money that could be for the family, (3) promote violence and maybe hospitalisation, (4) promoting divorce or family disruptions due to alchohol related behaviours, (4) realistic possibility of tragic consequences, (5) criminal intent that can be sparked by over drinking - and I can go on. So I can see where Ms Ali was coming from, and she was well within her limitations and capacity.

    Maybe I should ask this simple questions, aren't the above problems, the very ones that cause women to be violated - liqour and over consumption ???

    Driti went on to show hypocrisy by telling Ms Ali to be care ful of what she says about the government, because it was the one that pays her. What a load of rubbish !!

    He is implying in my view, that Ms. Shameem can do her job, but if it involves the government, then she should be careful. That is hypocrissy

    Shameem should have asked him, are you the government? or a government official ? or a soldier ? which one are you, if you are a solidier, then talk to your troops not to me, because I answer to the PM and the minister that my department comes under...they (military) have moulded their thinking into one arrogant ruling unit, they think that they run the country - even ordinary soldiers think like this.

    As for Driti and all in the military, the sooner they can fathom that their actions and participation in the running of our Nation is contributing directly and immensly to the negative economic growth - the better for all of us.

    If they return to barracks and leave the running of the government to the Illegal cabinet ministers and the Illegal President, maybe, they will save themselves the embarrasement of hypocritical utterances such as the ones Driti is guilty of, first thing this year.

  2. Bula fellow bloggers

    This is to let you know that, in response to the military dictatorship's efforts to block Fiji freedom blogs, including Fiji Democracy Now, we have launched a new blogsite.

    It's a blog version of our website and carries all the same news, views and comments as the original FDN, which continues.

    If family or friends in Fiji cannot access FDN's website due to blocking, tell them to look up:


    To all other blogs: please link to our new blog.

    Long live democracy and long live freedom of speech!

    Fiji Democracy Now

  3. Vinaka FDN,
    we will check up your new site as it looks similar to what happened to FTCM Team at Mavavule.com.

    Seems like the double dealers or those that sits on the fence like MVVL Admin George Sale needs to be exposed for what they are doing whitewashing & axing any stodies that reveals the real news & truth in Fiji.

    We wish you well and for sure will spread the word around to our contacts too.

  4. EU To Consult Fiji Over Human Rights Concernfrom Fiji Coup 2006 by frm(Sai Lealea)'s blog

    The Commission today proposed the opening of Consultations under Article 96 of the Cotonou Agreement, the Agreement between the EU and 76 countries in Africa, the Caribbean and the Pacific. This move reflects continuing concern about the situation in Fiji regarding human rights, democratic principles and the rule of law, and could ultimately lead to the suspension of EU cooperation with Fiji.

    The Commission today proposed the opening of Consultations under the Agreement between the EU and 76 countries in Africa, the Caribbean and the Pacific (Article 96 of the Cotonou Agreement). This move reflects continuing concern about the situation in Fiji regarding human rights, democratic principles and the rule of law, and could ultimately lead to the suspension of EU cooperation with Fiji. The proposal will now be discussed by the 27 Member States of the European Union.

    Commissioner responsible for Development, Humanitarian Aid and Relations with Africa, the Caribbean and Pacific States, Louis Michel i, said: "I have proposed to the EU Member States to take this step because of human rights abuses, breach of democratic principles and lack of respect for the rule of law. With the welfare of the people of Fiji in mind, we hope that the situation can be remedied through consultations and that we can avoid suspension of our cooperation."

    Fiji suffered a military take-over on 5 th December 2006. The military take-over was neither legal nor constitutional and represents a major backward step for democracy in Fiji. It is damaging to its institutions, its economy, its social situation and its international standing.

    It has been universally condemned, including by the EU which on 11 December 2006 stated: "The Council condemns the military takeover in Fiji and the removal of the democratically elected Government. It deplores the actions by Commodore Bainimarama and the Republic of Fiji Military Forces (RFMF) in deposing the Prime Minister and assuming executive control of the country. The Council calls for the urgent and full restoration of democracy as well as return of civilian rule as soon as possible."

    Fiji is a signatory to the Cotonou Agreement between the African, Caribbean and Pacific countries and the European Union. Article 9(2) of this Agreement lays down the essential elements of our partnership. They are respect for human rights, democratic principles and the rule of law. Following the military take-over Fiji is in serious breach of the essential elements of the Cotonou Agreement.

    Art 96 of the Cotonou Agrement notably foresees that if a Party considers that the other Party fails to fulfil an obligation stemming from respect for human rights, democratic principles and the rule of law, the situation is to be thoroughly examined with a view to seeking solution acceptable to the Parties. To this end, it shall invite the other Party to hold consultations that focus on the measures taken or to be taken by the Party concerned to remedy the situation.

    In case eventual consultations do not lead to an acceptable solution, appropriate measures may be taken. These could include partial or even full suspension of cooperation. Before the military take-over took place, EC aid to Fiji was due to increase very significantly in order to support the sugar sector reform.

    The EU remains firmly committed to the welfare of the people of Fiji, and even more so in this dark hour. In case of a convincingly positive outcome of the coming consultations regarding early restoration of democracy, human rights and the rule of law, suspension of cooperation may be avoided, and support for remedial measures could be considered.

  5. (..hmmm qori kina, sa qai yadra beka mai na maqe ni kiuva!! lol)
    Its high time Fiji comes to the table with some real commonsense as the current military regime cannot go on forever keep the Fiji people under PER & ONE-TRACK LEADERSHIP STYLE!!
    posted by Bera na Liva(Phantom).

    The governments of Fiji and New Zealand have agreed to improve diplomatic relations following talks between their Foreign Ministers last week.

    Foreign Minister Murray McCully met his Fijian counterpart, Ratu Inoke Kubuabola, in Nadi on Friday and Saturday.

    McCully says a number of issues of bilateral interest to both countries were discussed in a positive and constructive atmosphere.

    The face-to-face meeting followed ongoing communications between the two ministers over recent months.

    The governments have agreed to an additional Counsellor position being established for Fiji in Wellington, and for New Zealand in Suva, with approval in principle for Deputy Head of Mission appointments in each capital to follow soon.

    The two Foreign Ministers agreed to keep in close contact and to meet as necessary in future.

    Fiji and New Zealand expelled the head of each other's diplomatic missions last November after a row over a Fijian judge wanting medical assistance in New Zealand.

    It was the latest development in the spat over the 2006 coup in Fiji.

    Relations between the countries have been frosty since the head of the Fijian military forces, Commodore Frank Bainimarama overthrew prime minister Laisenia Qarase in a coup in December 2006.



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