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Countdown to Delivery of the Petition from Likeminded Fijians to Frank Bainimarama

The countdown to the delivery of the petition from likeminded Fijians to Bainimarama has started, I probably should deliver summations of my analysis on the current state of our nation, based on events, literature, opinions/views, submissions and other related fixtures that contributed to our being caught in a cul-de-sac since 2006. In retrospect, we should cast a cautious and educated glance at where it all started, which was 1987. [insert image of Mr S.Daunitutu].

What I am posting is also a question as to whether the approach has already been contemplated or implemented.Paulo Freire, the most influential thinker about education in the 20th century, has been popular with informal educators with his emphasis on dialogue and his concern for the oppressed(physically,mentally,literally and emotionally).
His "Pedagogy of the Oppressed" is currently the most quoted educational text(especially in Latin America, Asia and Africa)

In his text, I caught a glimpse of opportunity, which in my view has not been expressed or practised to its maximum capacity to convince or reform one's thinking in regard to preventative, diagnostic or remedial steps in regard to coups and its effects.
Paulo Freire's status might have been exagerated and academics may disagree with me, and credit others like John Dewes with that honour,however there are aspects of Freire's theoretical motivations that could answer questions of " how to stop the coup culture" which all Fijians are asking and evidently begging for a solution.

I particularly like and can relate to his idea of "informal education" which I think can have considerable impact on the populace. Informed or popular education,are teaching methodology that would attract the oppressed Indeginous Fijian, because of its more comfortable and familliar setting - instead of the more formal and controlled enclosure that will restrict and bore.

The atmosphere is to be dialogical or converstional rather than curricular. That in my view is a Fijian setting.

The educators approach to the engagement must be something I would call "delicate harpoon tragectory method" meaning that we can get to the point directly with respect and humility, employing the informal way of working with each other rather than acting on another. Since 1987, I am of the view that we are guilty of what Freire termed as "banking" - too much education, the educator making too much deposit on the educatee.

With informal education - metaphor(bible) and relevent adage like"sega ni ura me damu nikua" or "dua ga na siga ni cola sele" can be freely used in the digesting and the understanding to dissolve rhetorics and propaganda that has imprisoned ones thinking. When those comfortable surroundings are established, points can be driven with persistence embedded in them but eloquently dressed with respect and humility which will in turn draw concrete and positive results.

When we take this role of an educator, we must teach with an aim to achieve the best possible results. "It is developing consciuosness, but consciousness that is understood to have power to transform reality(Taylor 1993;52)

Informal encounters is the Fijian pastime, men do it, the womenfolk thrive on it, so relieving one's stress about the current situation, be it financial, emotional, political or social, the best platform is to engage in informal and popular dialogue.
I once posted that we like to hear of anything in a "talanoa" environment as opposed to the boring "educational" or curricular presentation. You can see which takes centre stage when politics, economics, investments or the Dubai Sevens are introduced. That is because of the informality involved with the topic, and the participation of all regardless of interlect or academic achievements.

Since 1987, we have been finger pointing, predicting the past ( Brij Lal-09) and mostly banking (Paul Freire) A good point to ponder for our future leaders, that my above thoughts with related quotations could help immensely. If it has already been implemented than my apologies for bringing it up again, but I cannot help but think that one of the favourite Fijian pastimes could hold the answer to the educating of the Fijian public. Issues that are indirectly related to your subject could also be introduced and moulded into the informal engagement if not already part of the harpoon trajectorised issue.

A young boy joking with his friends would remember everything they were laughing about for a long time, but would easily forget half the things he learned in school, in fact by the time he boards the bus, most, if not all is forgotten until he next opens his books.

That is just a Kai Veikau's thinking, but if implemented correctly, it would justify the popularity of Paulo Freire's methodoligy which educators approve of and I can relate to. What do you think ?

This is the first of a few summations I will post for your consumption and analysis, I will try to look at a few areas broadly and deliberate. I will appreciate feedback and opinions.
By Suliasi Daunitutu


  1. how to end fijians coup culture??? have them executed, that's how, apparently you can just make a up any decree these days, so do just that , agree to whatever these thugs want then send around some boys to gun them down should only take a couple of stops, then the rest will flee. If this is the penalty , it is amazing how disinclined army thugs would be to lay their life on the line to hold their countrymen to ransom.

  2. [letter to Fijian members worldwide]


    Na levu taucoko ni tamata era sa petition taka na matanitu nei Bainimarama me caka na veidigidigi ena yabaki qo esa yacove na 685,936.

    Eda sa wili aua tikoga qo, me laki soli nai vola, au vakabauta ni sega ni ka ni vakacalaka, na kena veidonui, na nodratou laki vakatarogi ki Geneva na i lawalawa nei Bainimarama, na bose mai Vanuatu ka'a sega ni lako kina o Voreqe kei na kena vakarau soli nai i vola. E tolu na ka e caka veitarataravi ka sa dua nai wiliwili Vakalou.

    Sa kerei na veimasulaki ena weekend qo, ena kena laki soli nai vola, sa na noqu i tavi me ra sa na tiko kece mai Viti ena loma ni vica na aua nai wiliwili kei nai vola eso me baleta na kena laki soli na noda vakatutu.

    Au sa loloma yani vei kemuni kece, ka vakanuinui ni na totaki keda na Kalou bula ena sasaga qo.

    Nomuni tamata,

  3. wow, are you suggesting we bring back the death penalty in Fiji?


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