Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Is Militarization in Fiji causing the Upsurge of Social ills in Fiji. Check out More Marijuana Farming!!

As one would expect of a Nation torn under militarization, adding to its long list of social ills, Fiji Police are out again trying to curb the increase in underground farming of the most popular weed, marijuana.
No matter how hard the current regime wants to curb this new found money source for some 'underground marijuana farmers', Fiji will need its neighbors, New Zealand, Australia & the smaller Pacific Island Nations to try and work out a way to eradicate this upsurge. The security of the Oceania rims will be the main concern for our Fiji neighbors. They will not want large scale drug hauls & drug trafficking happening in their 'ocean-backyards'.
Oceania has been known for its majestic and pristine ocean and loads of sunshine. These Fiji coups have just become one too many for everyone that once lived in this part of the world. Who enjoys watching these army-cowboys walking around in full army attire drenching with sweats & with guns hauled over their shoulders. Its just utter madness. Fiji is a peaceful nation and will always remain one minus the army thugs that promotes coup-de tats for their own selfish gains.
Besides the struggle for 'power & bureaucracy', underground deals are made. 'Coconut wireless' & whispers amongst local people of Fiji who are in the know, has it that exchange of money & information passes between key army personnel, group of Fiji business men & Government offices in Suva pre-coups. This is what we call corruption. Its not the work of Intelligence Unit but one thats conniving, calculating & cunning. It can be likened to that of a 'serpent in the grass'.
As for Fiji's Interim Regime's new found long-haul friends & China, will they bothered by this additional problem or will they turn a blind-eye?
Luvei Viti Think Tank @myvuw
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Sunday, December 13, 2009

A FARMER is in custody after Lautoka police raided his cane farm and uprooted what's believed to be 100 marijuana plants.
Sergeant Atunaisa Sokomuri said the raid was conducted on Friday evening after a tip-off.He said the 31-year-old farm owner was taken into custody and would be charged soon.The plants, which were four to five feet tall, had a street value of more than $200,000.

He said they managed to confiscate some dried leaves which have been sent to Koronivia for tests.Earlier in the week, members of the drug unit uprooted 2613 marijuana plants worth $26.13million on the streets.Sgt Sokomuri, who was part of the team, said the people of Navosa were helping the police fight drugs in their province."It's been a great combined effort," he said.

"The people have come forward to help the Drug Unit and the Ready Action Unit."This campaign to rid Navosa of marijuana will continue. This is probably the first time we've had a prolonged campaign against drugs."It was a sentiment echoed by the head of the Drug Unit, Inspector Rajeshni Mala."It's all about being proactive now," she said.

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► Reply by kunalawaki mataibau 1 day ago
Na cava beka na kena vinaka kei na kena ca na mariwana...vei ira na dau vakayagataka? kevaka e sega ni rawa ni muduki na prostitution,na homosexual kei na vei mataqali cala sa vakadonui tu me donu vua na tamata nikua...era na oca na tarova na ovisa na tei mariwana sa caka tu qo...na macawa sa oti e tobo mai kadavu,seaqaqa kei navosa na mariwana...au kaya,sega ni macala na tei mariwana e na oti rawa se sega?
► Reply by Mike 1 day ago
Eso beka e jiko qori? Ka me qai so mai na ka ni Kirisimasi.....hahahahaha!!!!!
► Reply by kunalawaki mataibau 1 day ago
haule muru cola vina...na qai vakavodoki yani na bulou ni ceva...
► Reply by Mike 1 day ago
Oi, me kena i kuri okoya sa vodo rawa tu mai loma....hahahaha!!! Voleka sara na qito nikua, sa na qai mai rawa beka i Wellington?
► Reply by kunalawaki mataibau 1 day ago
io ka dina haule!...se bera sara ni se yacova na level ni fiti sa tu vei ratou nomu timi...qai laurai mada i Weligitoni...de lakolako sa veikau yani a manidia ni timi ni Nadi...
► Reply by Zed Thorn 1 day ago
Sa tam tara rewa na levu ni mariwana. Eri vakuvukuvu koto muni na ovisa...haha!!!
► Reply by kunalawaki mataibau 1 day ago
Zed cola vina....kwa djina o iko....na ovisa sa ra tarai lavo koto na gauna okwe...tam kyawa rewa na vadani lavo kei kuri na kea vayagataki...
► Reply Reply by Zed Thorn 1 day ago
Aule!! Cola vina maheki!!! Eri lai cavulakinia na vuni mariwana, oti ru qei volitakinia vai lo koto...kea vo ru lai vakuvukuvutaki....na dredre ni cola ni gauna kwe!!!
► Reply by Sarge 1 day ago
Io dina tiko qori sa keitou raica tale tiko ga na yasana oqori....but bottom line....somebody has to do something......io sa malo.....levu tiko na cavucavu .... levu era sikaluto tiko...baleta beka ni levu tiko beka na qakilo dredre tiko na kenagauni sala...eratou tatadiri ka sisi tiko eso vei iratou....io sa laurai tiko......
► Reply by Fiji Truth Commission Movement 1 day ago
Posted below is a blog that Raw Fiji News had run in May 28, 2009 about the problems of Marijuana in Fiji. Whether we like or not Fiji is fast becoming a drug haven.
As 'kunalawaki mataibau' has rightfully posted, there are already Social Diseases existing like HIV/Aids, Prostitutions etc and now this additional one.
Such are the affects of Militarization and the abolishment of a proper democractically elected government to cater for the needs of the growing population as well as the impact of social ills as what is now evident in Fiji.
Marijuana, will be hard to eradicate now as Fiji is in dire strait and people will go to any lengths to put food on their table and this the regime will have to deal with more so now that the bigger nations or super powers are not there readily to assist with eradicating such problems.
It is the outcome of Militarization of Fiji. Thats the bottom line. If for anthing the regime needs to return Fiji to normalcy ASAPO & all these problems can then be discussed and with right assistance it can be eradicated.
from Raw Fiji News
Fiji becomes a drug haven as people find illegal ways like their military government to survive
May 28, 2009$US100 million drug raid in FijiPolice found more than 15,000 marijuana plants in the raids on Fiji’s main island. [ABC]
Police in Fiji have raided farms and found a marijuana crop with an estimated sale value of almost $US100 million.
A police spokesman told Fiji media that 26 farms in the Navosa hills, on Viti Levu, were raided by the drugs unit.Officers discovered more than 15,000 plants.Eleven farmers are being questioned.It is the second major drug raid involving police and soldiers in Navosa this year.http://www.radioaustralianews.net.au/story.htm?id=18167
Posted by rawfijinews
2 Comments »2 Responses to “Fiji becomes a drug haven as people find illegal ways like their military government to survive”

semimeo03 saidMay 28, 2009 at 4:54 am

….phew!….thanks to God almighty for this timely discovery before this evil “ganja” hits the streets creating untold social and spiritual havoc to our people.
Due credit must go to our hard working Police and Military personal who may to manoeuvre through rugged and torturous terrain to reach these well concealed farms. 26 farmers, OMG must be a village or community project.
Hopefully, no Bank set a precedent and accepts collateral of land with “standing crop’ from their neck of the woods with that kinda “value”.Seriously, Commissioner Teleni should set up a fully fledged and manned Police Station of District credential up Navosa way. Why not? It may be just in time for the construction of the Chinese funded across Vitilevu High to open up the interiors natural and mineral resources and smoke these…eh…well, smokers out!
..also..are these plants taken to Koronivia for analysis and destroyed or..eh..new lab and incinerator at Delainabua..better evacuate lower cunnigham road
Reply seru saidMay 29, 2009 at 11:52 pm
I wonder what the Police would do with such a haul…maybe hand them over to their Commissioner..to get more visions… like dis ” I have vision that one day….i might be able to clear my bad debt”…LOL!
► Reply by kunalawaki mataibau 1 day ago
sarge....cola vina haule....somebody has to do something...hahahaha!!!! na levu ga ni cavucavu na levu ni tamata era sa na tei mariwana e na veiyasai Viti...io sa dina na veivakatovolei eda dau sikalutu totolo kina na tamata lala...sega ni vakabulai mo rawa ni taqeya kina na cagi ni veivakatovolei e dau liwavi keda ena veigauna eso...kalougata tiko kemudrau.
► Reply by bavia 1 day ago
[insert image of Frank Bainimarama on Christmas card].
Reply by LOne rAnger aka StRYka 17 hours ago
bavia vakatale dua na rairai ni drug lord na gauna i liu na kemu i rairai hahahaha!!
There was an earlier posting about the hard facts of farming marijuana in Fiji but which has been since removed however we have images which is being posted here.
Luvei Viti Think Tank Team @ myvuw

1 comment:

  1. Reply by LOne rAnger aka StRYka on December 7, 2009 at 6:53pm
    .......Government should serve the citizen irrespective of their belief or colour. This illegal incompetent gov is holding the helpless citizens at ransom.
    ► Reply by Samuela Tawakilai on December 8, 2009 at 7:20pm

    The Fiji Indians (In the form of the later AD.Patel, S.M. Koya and other Faderation party leaders) were very vocal, and accused the British government of "devide and rule" policy before and after Fiji Independence. The British were accused of favouring the Fijians, by giving them more power in the formation of the new Fiji. It was a political ploy of course to win more concession for the Indian voters.It was strictly on racial lines.

    Frank has better idea by helping ONLY those Fijian Provinces who supports his illegal regime! I believe that in his perveted mind, he believes that the village Fijian are stupid, and he is showing them which side of the bread is buttered...to lick and "toni" in his cup of tea!

    I would support Frank by lengthening the rope to hang himself!
    ► Reply by Uncle Matt on December 7, 2009 at 6:17pm
    We all agree with elected Government,I appreciate your opinion, but for the record, what can we do now, give them time to work it out for themselves, 85% military personal agree with proper elected Government, but remember they're there to follow orders.
    ► Reply by Uncle Matt on December 11, 2009 at 2:32am
    The Nation is split virtually 50/50 in terms of Indigenous Fijians and Indians and that makes a conclusive election almost impossible.
    ► Reply by Motoka. on December 12, 2009 at 4:49pm
    Wrong Matt.....!! My vote as a Fijian is always being dictated by the Fijianess in me.When I vote I think of me,my family,my culture,my religion,my people,my land,my country and the future of all of this!

    You see Matt.......our forefathers used to tell us when we were small ''When you eat don't headbowed,always raise your head and if you see someone walked passed your door,call him to come for there might someone in need out there and by your call...blessed!''
    Indigineous Fijians with the intricacy of our culture that runs through and bound us together won't be able to be understood by non fijians like you Matt!
    You will continue to see us wrong because you don't understand. Our forefathers had instilled in us from our early childhood upbringing that we are for our family,we are for our culture,we are for our religion,we are for our people,for our land,for our country and for our future!! Though we are slow in advancing but we are...together!

    Any non fijian like you Matt looking from outside will always assume we are being dictated by when in fact .....WE ARE NOT!!

    You just don't understand!!


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