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Re Posting Tumeke's blog: Fiji coup "new legal order" repercussions.[Update]

ThanksTumeke for again being right on point with this article which really ties in what Raw Fiji News ran on its blog titled "Army still wants Adolf Khaiyum out : Coup Four Point Five".

These regime seems to be ducking for cover and looking for ways to 'right their wrongs' it appears. Its lets wait and see says the resilient Fiji people who patiently watches these regime play on centre stage. But for how long is on evryone's lips now? The clock ticks while Fiji & people wait for that doom's day which is not so far away as predicted by those veteran bloggers monitoring Fiji's saga.
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read more from Tumeke's:

This is a thug regime run by witless bullies and a treacherous, rogue Attorney-General behind the scenes conducting it all - with a Christchurch lawyer as his right-hand man. And this is all part of what they are signing off on. Arbitrary arrests, disappearances, incommunicado detention, the list goes on. --]

The Attorney-General is the one behind the coup and the "new legal order" that has purportedly superseded the constitution.

He's the one making it all happen. Unfortunately his right-hand man, the Solicitor-General, is a NZ lawyer and is collaborating with this military junta and the string-pulling Attorney-General.

It's incredibly sordid. Some of the old judges who sold out and have sworn their treasonous oaths to a junta that has as it's defining centre piece policy never having an election again are now bleating that the anarchy they have enabled is having personal costs to them. They are complaining.

They are lucky the NZ authorities don't arrest them. They are lucky they are all not struck off the law society's lists - but , oh, that's right - they abolished that in Fiji too. They can manipulate things inside Fiji, but there's no reason the NZ government should let them get away with it when they come back here and pretend they aren't part of an illegal and anti-democratic military government who have torn up the constitution.

They are part of the problem. It is their decision to join the regime - plenty haven't.

Ideally, they should be arrested on Fijian warrants for treason or swearing an illegal oath or whatever the relevant Fijian crimes are - signed by the appropriate judiciary still sworn under the Fijian constitution - and acted upon in NZ. NZ should hold these treasonous suspects for the future constitutional government of Fiji to deal with when it is restored - they can be repatriated to face the constitutional judicial process of Fiji once one has been re-established.

Via: wires yesterday. Lectures on media freedom from the Attorney-General.
Note the huge difference between the censored and self-censoring above .fj article and the tone of the context of the .org report:

The absurdity of this thuggery. From an rss feed at the time of the latest coup (Fiji's fifth?):

From a Fiji news report a month or so back when they had men from the military over their shoulders and couldn't report on anything at all with any perceived potential political connotation or suggestion:
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  1. Dear Bloggers,
    Please find better things to do, because all that is happening now in Fiji is the dawn of the new World Order.
    We at home are getting first hand experience of how the countries all over the world will be compelled to submit to Men in Uniform. The Men in Uniform in this region of the world will eventually come under the headship of the leadership of the kings of the South to whom Australia & New Zealand whose men in uniform will eventually submit to and join the march to the Valley of Meggido.
    The look North policy, is not a man made one, it is all part of the "lead up" to the end times .
    Patriotism at this point in time will only lead to self pity and bitterness which is not good for your physical well being and more important, the salvation of your soul. Surrender to the lordship of Jesus Christ once again, humble yourselves once again befor Him and repent from your sins. His coming very soon BELOVED. To take us home to our permanent abode with Him where the streets are made of Gold. That's where our patriotism should be directed to. We show our patriotism by preaching God's salvation plan through His only begotten Son Jesus Christ.
    The Word of God speaks and warns us of these days. Spend and make time to read the Bible, find a Bible believing Church, ask Holy Spirit to lead you to a Godly Bible Study Group.
    God still loves you, you are very special to Him, and that's why He sent His Son Jesus to suffer on your behalf.
    Stop despising one another because all this strife and bullying will come to an end BELOVED, and we'll stand as individuals before Him. On that day He will separate the "goats from the sheep". Forgive and pray for those who let you down. It's not easy BELOVED, but trust God and ask Him to give you His Holy Spirit in order to forgive and forget. Because on that glorius day, only those who have learned and obeyed to forgive and forget will pass as the "sheep".
    Love and Prayers Always.
    Your Brother Sevu.


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